Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tea Party not welcome in Wisconsin's Labor Day Celebration

Tea Party not welcome in
Wisconsin's Labor Day Celebration

"It is a time for working families to come together to celebrate
their hard work and a time where we recognize the labor movement for all they have given us -- the weekend, the 40 hour work week, child labor protection, a safe work environment."
Radtke said


I wished that everyone who fancies wearing the Tea Party Label
would read this... Maybe it would make them realize their so
called Tea Party Leaders lie to them all the time and give little
regard to anything that is in the working-class’s favor...


"Have you ever wondered why Republicans are so interested in
encouraging people to volunteer in their communities? It’s
because volunteers work for no pay. Republicans have been trying to get people to work for no pay for a long time."


Republican Politicians Banned From Labor Day Parade In Wisconsin

WASHINGTON -- A group of Wisconsin union officials has voted
to ban Republican politicians from a local Labor Day parade,
underscoring how partisan the state has become in the wake of
this year's clashes over collective bargaining rights.

The Marathon County Central Labor Council, which sponsors the
parade, includes some 30 local unions.

Council President Randy Radtke said in a statement on the
group's website that politicians are only welcome at the
festivities if they have demonstrated support for workers' rights.

"It should come as no surprise that organizers choose
not to invite elected officials who have openly attacked
worker's rights or stood idly by while their political party
fought to strip public workers of their right to collectively
bargain," Radtke said. "It is a time for working
families to come together to celebrate their hard work and a
time where we recognize the labor movement for all they have
given us -- the weekend, the 40 hour work week, child labor
protection, a safe work environment."

In February, the 14 Democratic members of the Wisconsin state
Senate left the state to deny their GOP colleagues a quorum
and prevent them from pushing forward Gov. Scott Walker's (R)
controversial budget repair bill, which stripped most of the
collective bargaining rights from public employees. Through a
last-minute budgetary maneuver, Republicans were able to pass
the measure. All but one GOP state senator voted for it.

On the federal level, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) represents
Wausau. In a statement to local ABC affiliate WAOW, Duffy's
office decried the labor council vote. "Having walked in
this parade in past years, Congressman Duffy was hoping that
for a moment, we could set our differences aside and simply
have some fun in a family-friendly event," a Duffy
spokesperson said.

"[The congressman] walks in a lot of parades, and staff
called to register a spot last week and was informed in
colorful language that no Republicans were being allowed to
participate this year," added Duffy Chief of Staff
Brandon Moody in an email to The Huffington Post.

During the winter's budget fight, the congressman praised
Walker but tried to keep his distance from the governor's
stance on collective bargaining. In February, the editorial
board of the Wausau Daily Herald called his reluctance to
weigh in "just plain lame."

Radtke said the reaction to his decision has been mixed, with
"some negative comments but mostly it has been
overwhelmingly positive."

Other politicians who won't be welcome at the parade include
state Sen. Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) and state Rep. Jerry
Petrowski (R-Marathon). MORE HERE

Where are the working class's champions?

Of course FOX NATION does not agree.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Startling Reality

A Startling Reality

There is an overabundance
of gloomy news in the world these days and because of this, we
have all gotten a bit desensitized. You open news links and you
get lingering deadly effects of two US wars that go on and on
with no end in sight or even WTF the true objective of these wars
were to begin with. Then another headline will read “Drought
and Famine in Somalia Have Killed More Than 29000 Children Under
the Age of 5” with pictures of emaciated little bodies that
hardly resemble human forms. Another click advances you to
captions like: “The World Is Watching the Carnage In
Syria… Click for video” and back home we get:
“Wall Street Banks Still Gouging U.S. Citizens After
Bailouts", with no mention on how they can be stopped or if
they will ever receive punishment for their crimes of greed.

National Dept, Debt Ceilings and Fed Budgets, OH MY… were the Blue Plate Specials of the Day, media kept shoveling down our throats. (I almost heard a collective ho-hum; what else is new?) But with all the ongoing bleak headlines of disparity, depredation and blatant nasty behavior perpetrated by human beings upon humanity and life itself. There once in awhile will come a headline that fast bounces you back to sensibility and with it an enormous feeling of shame that you happen to belong to the human race. (A
startling bounce back to a reality that some of us are capable of
ignorance beyond comprehension). Today one such headline jumped
out at me:
10-Year-Old Dies Of Dehydration After His Parents Deny Him 5-Days Of Water.

Just one little boy but his death raises a question that we all should ask. WHY DID IT HAPPEN? What is the reason for such ignorance from a Mom and Dad and such apathy from those who had contact with this tortured child (FOR FIVE UNBEARABLE DAYS)?

Healthy normal parents try to protect their young not deliberately perpetrate torture upon them. It’s indescribably sad that this child had no one looking out for his welfare. It took 5 days and in all that time no one noticed his suffering. It seems that we homo sapiens still have a long, long evolutionary path yet to travel for when a
species stops nurturing and protecting its young it is most
likely doomed to extinction. It’s as simple as that!

10-Year-Old Dies Of Dehydration After His
Parents Deny Him 5-Days Of Water

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug 28, 2011 // Category: National

Police say that a Texas boy died of dehydration after his
parents denied him of drinking water as punishment after he
had accidentally wet the bed. The 10-year-old Dallas boy,
Jonathan James, died on July 25, according to police, after
his parents prohibited him from drinking water in the five
days leading up to his death. Temperatures in Dallas soared
to 100 degrees or more on each of those days, police say.

Michael Ray James, his father, and Tina Alberson, his
stepmother, were both charged on Thursday, August 25th and
were jailed for injury to a child due to serious bodily
injury. His twin brother, Joseph James, and his 12-year-old
stepbrother were not injured; the two are currently staying
with other family members.

According to Jonathan’s grandmother Sue Shotwell, her
grandson had contacted her in June and told her that he was
afraid of living with his parents during the month-long,
court-ordered custody visit.

“[Jonathan] called me and said, ‘Can I come to
your house instead? I know I’m going to be in trouble
while I’m there because I always am,’”
Shotwell said in an interview with the Dallas News on
Friday. “That’s the first time we ever heard that
from him. The boy, because of a court ordered custody
arrangement, were spending the summer with their biological
father, but they were not willing to stay with their
father,” Shotwell said.

Shotwell also revealed to FOX News that Jonathan’s
twin brother knew about the punishment, and she had told him
that he didn’t need to feel guilty because there was
nothing that he could have done. She notes that Joseph later
confessed to his grandmother that he had wished that he had
“snuck him some water.”

Police documents show that the 10-year-old collapsed and
hit his head on the floor after 5-days of going without
water. Joseph later told police that his brother was put in a
room without air conditioning and was told to stand near the
window with the scorching sun beating down on him. He also
notes that his brother had peanut butter stuck in his throat
on the day he died, but his parents still didn’t allow
him to drink any water.

After his parents had realized that the boy’s body was shutting down, they put him in a cold bathtub before they called paramedics, police said. He shortly died after he was rushed to the hospital. MORE HERE

Last post: Doctors' Favorite Phrase: You're Gonna Die!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doctors' Favorite Phrase - YOU'RE GONNA DIE, UNLESS...!

Saying NO WAY, to a doctor is easier said then done. But you should equip yourself with the knowledge that everything a doctor tells you to do is not always in your best interest. Live and Learn.

Amplify’d from
Doctors' Favorite Phrase - YOU'RE GONNA DIE,

For years I've believed doctors and medical
practitioners have over prescribed, over surgery-ed, over
tested and viewed patients as cash-cows, for the most part.
KA-CHING, KA-CHING. They can, because they know how to strike
fear in the hearts of us unknowing lay-people. They don't
even have to use words; it's assumed that if you don't get
this or that expensive test or procedure done... YOU'RE GONNA


PS: Hey but when you really need, and I mean
need a doctor to save your life. Thank goodness, when you can
find the right one who is capable of giving you an extension
on your expiration date. Read the article below for some

One Word Can Save Your Life: No!

New research shows how some common tests and procedures
aren’t just expensive, but can do more harm than good.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why I ♥ Jon Stewart & why the GOP/TP hate him so.

Jon Stewart one of the BEST OF THE BEST personalities that we Liberals can claim as our own. This clip on 'THE POORS' as Jon puts it shows how Fox (you call that news?) demonizes the POOR and tries to make their audiences believe that it is the POOR that is bringing down America with all their GREED. Say What??? Leave it to Fox "News" to turn common sense into a CONVOLUTED MANIFESTATION OF THOUGHT!

Amplify’d from

I You Jon Stewart!

This Jon Stewart video is....
UNBELIEVABLE to the HIGHEST degree. Jon Stewart can find HUMOR in
almost EVERYTHING... even poverty... so this clip will have some in it but mostly that is guaranteed to make you ...!

Watch it (many fox news clips) and weep
and chuckle too but you will probably get a bit...


I you Jon Stewart! thinkingblue


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Please sign the petition (and leave your TWO CENTS WORTH on this very important House Bill, H.R. 870, I did. thinkingblue)


Attn: President Obama and the Florida leadership in Congress,

As a concerned citizen of this country, I find it beyond reason how a nation such as ours can turn its back so easily on those who find themselves in poverty or in a working poor status due to the lack of jobs. We continue to see our elected officials, who were voted in so they could speak and make laws on our behalf but instead appear to only worry about the top one percent's, (wealthy billionaires) tax burdens.

It's actually laughable! We are fast becoming the BIGGEST JOKE on the planet.

Human suffering has always been around, take Ireland's infamous POTATO FAMINE and the unthinkable misery, starvation and cruelity brought on by wars or oligarchies but we are a new nation, united by those who escaped tyranny so that human beings could live in a land of laws that care and protect all the people not just the few.

The main purpose of our country's leaders should always be to try and eradicate the malevolence perpetrated by man upon man.

Come on, do the job we elected you to do and stop using all your energies to throw the wool over our eyes in order to make the wealthy approve of you and keep contributing to your reelections.

Pass H.R. 870 into law NOW!

CLICK HERE TO Tell the President and Congress to create jobs now.

Amplify’d from
This year's State of the Union address
was only the second since 1948 by a Democratic president that did
not mention poverty or the poor. And the President and Congress
haven't promoted a bold jobs program.
It's also illegal, say experts.
They point out that the federal
government is required by law to create jobs.
Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act
Federal Reserve Act
international law require it
A bill now in the House, H.R.
would fund job creation

Sunday, August 14, 2011

For Those Who Desire The Truth In News No Matter How Depressing.

The Mother Of All Questions: When will We-The-People start screaming ENOUGH'S ENOUGH? Sadly, I guess the answer will be blowing in the dust from the bodies of those of us who will inevitably perish.

Amplify’d from
Thom Hartmann Delivers
Real News About Real Events.

an unabashed sample of this week’s news from Thom Hartmann
who delivers the nitty-gritty in News. Real News is information
about people and how they are affected by world happenings
because of that it sometimes comes across as quite distressing
and even hopeless. But knowing the facts is the only way change
can occur. If you want to know exactly what is going on in our
world, you will appreciate Thom Hartmann’s side of the news.
If you would rather your news be tainted with misrepresentation
and deception then you will find outlets like Fox News more to
your liking. It’s as simple as that! thinkingblue

August 12,
11, 2011
10, 2011
the Rich don't Want You to Know
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Thom Hartmann Reveals Tea Party's Winning Secrets --it ain't rocket science--

Thom Hartmann Reveals Tea Party's Winning Secrets --it ain't rocket science--
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Thom Hartmann once again reveals what is going on inside the (Koch Brothers') Tea Party. Remember when he exposed their Guerrilla Warfare tactics, an eye opener for us all.

Thom Hartmann knows we had better use some of their tactics if we wish to keep America Free and maintain a healthy Democracy. We don't have to join them, just learn from them.

The Tea Party's bizarre economics - selfish morality - and destructive idealism is ruining our country and no one should turn a blind eye and allow the children to assault our nation and besiege it with ignorance that will assuredly TAKE IT DOWN.

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Thom Hartmann Reveals Tea Party's Winning Secrets --it ain't rocket science--
The Most Powerful Office In The World
Is NOT The President of the United States!

Now wait a minute. Isn't the President of the United States the leader of the Western World, the man with his hand on the nuclear trigger, the head of a ten-trillion dollar nation?
The President is, indeed, the most powerful man in the world - but the presidency is not the most powerful office in the world.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

INJUSTICE! Teen struck by Ohio campus officer's Stun Gun DIES!

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police say an 18-year-old attending summer classes at the University of Cincinnati was struck by a campus officer's stun gun and died of cardiac arrest.

Officers received a 911 call about an assault at Turner Hall early Saturday. The university's assistant police chief, Jeff Corcoran, tells The Cincinnati Enquirer ( ) that the teenage boy approached officers in the dorm hallway, appearing agitated and angry.

Corcoran says officers ordered the teen to back off, but he refused. He was then hit once by an officer's stun gun.

Afterward, the teen appeared incoherent. He went into cardiac arrest after paramedics arrived and was pronounced dead at University Hospital.

The department has suspended the use of stun guns until his cause of death is determined. Authorities are also investigating the original 911 call.
THIS IS A STORY THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. The Campus Police are there to protect students not to STUN GUN them. The kid went up to the cops for help and they zapped him and he dies... It reminds me of the time in Florida when a young man shouted DON'T TASE ME BRO!

Watching this video from the 2007 College Police brutality incident in one of our Florida colleges... (still moves me to a bawling point...)

That episode should have created a whole new training program for those people hired to uphold the laws and protect our children during their time of learning how to Critically Think.

INJUSTICE IS ALIVE AND WELL and police brutality is still a CANCER that will grow if left untreated!!!

Sad beyond comprehension!!

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Friday, August 05, 2011

HYPOCRISY 101 Keith Olbermann Special Comment August 1 2011

Countdown: Keith Olbermann's Special Comment of August 1, 2011 - To The Streets

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Once again Keith Olbermann pours out his outrage at the inequities that have become an ever growing fact and reality in America's daily life. You can hear the frustrations (something that all of us who THINK can share) in his voice as he tries to sort out the WHY’s or reasons for such inequalities, especially when they
are applauded by the groups (i.e. tea baggers) who might languish the most from such disparities.

The media seldom touches upon why ordinary downtrodden people vote for those who would take the last pittance of social safety nets away from all who may one day need them, (those who are hanging on to a proletariat existence by fingernails) leaving all HAVE NOTS out of the proverbial loop of the HAVES (forever!). You might hear a left leaning broadcast, now and then; refer to these pitifuls as Low Information Types without exuding a hint or two of what might be done about it.

Are we to accept those who chose to vote against their own Best Interests, therefore, cheering the downfall of all middle and lower classes into despair (INCLUDING THEMSELVES) as a fact of life? Well Keith Olbermann doesn’t think so but the question remains… How in the hell can we get to these pariahs and make them see what the billionaires (i.e. Koch Brothers) are up to and that is, 'USING' LOW INFORMATION TYPES to extend their insatiable driving force (by amassing enough power) to conquer the world.
Sound too farfetched? Just tune into Billionaire Murdoch’s FOX NEWS and listen to the incendiary words of one of their {the billionaires’} shills, Rush Limbaugh for your answer.