Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let's All Wish Hertha Ayrton (Renowned Scientist) a Wonderful 162nd Birthday

Today Google honored Hertha Ayrton's entrance into existence. She, as a female human being was able to achieve recognition for her works in science, no easy task for women of the time. It's amazing how women across the globe, (especially today) are considered essential in this life, due mainly because of their reproduction capabilities. Of course, we have always known this to be true in the backward countries that cling to religious fundamentalism. But the fact that here in America, there are legislators (mostly male) still trying to keep the unenlightened, archaic laws of yesteryear alive and jam biblical writings concerning the anatomy of a women’s reproductive system, down our collective throats. (like it's the only female attribute)  It is not only stupefying it’s atrocious.
Happy Birthday Dear Hertha who paved the way for women to be unafraid to show men, they can discover, contribute and THINK!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Very Best 'Prince' EULOGY EVER... A MUST READ!

Did you ever read something and scream out (to yourself) “THAT’S IT! THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!” yet, when you try to convey this feeling using vocabulary, to others your brain waves go in all directions and you start sounding like an imbecile who cannot put two words together in order to make a coherent sentence.
Reading Mark Morford’s, magnificent attempt to eulogize the genius of Prince, is exactly this type of “BINGO”, a winner.
If I had one wish it would be, award me the talent to write words that others will say, you communicate exactly the emotions I have about dwelling in this crazy existence as an animal with too much intelligence and not enough comprehension.
 But, I don’t possess or even come near that kind of talent and neither do most clergy, psychologists, politicians, world leaders et al. who try to claim omnipotence through trickery and brutal force. Therefore, I will continue to celebrate those rare individuals (when I have the fortunate luck to come upon one of their writings) who can communicate in this manner. Thanks Mark Morford, you made my day!
Prince Eulogy Excerpt: I think it’s an appropriate sentiment, yes? One we can all share in these cruel and trying times? I’m sure you agree.
Look, I’m not trying to be greedy. I’m not – not in this particular column, anyway – asking to be granted, say, any of the impeccable ethereality/lithe genius of the late David Bowie, AKA ‘He who set the standard for creative self-expression as yet unmatched in modern popular culture’. The man even made his own death an expression of his art. I mean, come on.
Nor am I requesting, as of yet, any of the wise graciousness of the late Oliver Sacks, or the rib-cracking brilliance of Robin Williams, or the sweet blue tones of BB King, or the sly insights of Garry Shandling. Innovators, groundbreakers, icons and creative masters, all. I’m certainly in no need whatsoever of the nasty, callous gobbledygook of Antonin Scalia; such pompous intellectual bigotry does nothing to help us gather here today 2 get through this thing called life.
Verily, my request at this particular moment is simple enough: God grant me an enormous, glittering syringe of Prince-grade creative fearlessness and/or fearless creativity, slammed straight into my quivering soul like Travolta slamming adrenaline into Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Twice.
Grant me this gift, oh lord, and I shall forevermore kneel before the Princely altars of shrugging off critics, becoming arguably the best live performer in pop history, utterly destroying the Super Bowl halftime show, freely mixing musical genres (and making up a few new ones), fighting for intellectual property (and winning), destroying stereotypes and defying every norm and upending every status quo, all whilst championing girls named Nikki masturbating with magazines in various hotel lobbies.
A Prince Walk Away From Existence.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sexual Perversion Does Happen in the OR

I do NOT trust any capitalist discipline that involves profit. Therefore, this article is no surprise to me. But, it is GOD AWFUL, that we allow people who we are told to trust put our lights out temporarily and then do any perversion to our bodies just to get their kicks. SICK! 
Read More Here:

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump Spilled the GOP Beans (Again)

I just received this email from peaceteam... Too good not to pass on. thinkingblue
Dear Carolyn (aka thinkingblue),
The latest firestorm started by a certain Republican presidential candidate swirls around the suggestion the women should be "punished" for illegal abortions.
But first, since we are on the subject of choice, why not request one of our "Rape Is NO Choice" bumper stickers. You can have one of these, or any of our other progressive policy advocacy bumper stickers, for no charge, not even shipping, just by submitting this page.
Rape Is NO Choice bumper stickers:
OK, just so we are clear, our own position is that, from a secular, legal standpoint, "right" to an independent life begins when an embryo has developed to the point where it can survive apart from the womb. That was the holding of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, and that principle remains sound today.
There are people who have religious beliefs that differ from that, and they are perfectly free to practice what they preach in their OWN personal lives. What they do NOT have a right to do is impose their religious dogma by force of secular law on people of other religions or non-believers.
Some scream that abortion is murder. Oh, really? Then why are these same fanatics not calling for the death penalty
(which they love so much in other contexts)
for the women who make these difficult private, still legal, decisions? For argument's sake, how is it that the women are not themselves accessories at a minimum to this "murder?"
And what of the doctors? The religious fanatics certainly have no problem calling for the murder of the doctors. Where is their right to life when performing a legal medical procedure? Last time we checked nobody was running promotional ads, "Ask your doctor if abortion is right for you." Bandit doctors are not roaming the streets hunting for pregnant women to grab and commit an abortion crime upon.
How remarkable, therefore, that in response to Trump's logical (off the top of his head as always) admission, that presuming abortion was illegal there should be punishment for the woman as well, that the ENTIRE pro-lifer right wing came down on him like an avalanche of holy bricks, so much so he was force to repudiate the whole concept almost immediately.
The woman is a victim too they profess. Right on that ... the long standing victim of THEIR religious fundamentalism.
How pathetically hypocritical does it have to get?
Either abortion is murder or else it is not. If anybody, anywhere, anytime, committed anything even remotely resembling murder in THIS country (foreign countries excluded), these same blood thirsty zealots would be shouting for retribution against anyone involved any way. In FACT, there HAVE been proposals made in various state legislatures to punish women who have abortions, or even miscarriage, and some have actually passed already.
They just don't have the courage of their convictions to publicly admit what they actually believe. Their true doctrinaire agenda is held in the strictest secrecy from the rest us who don't hear the same dog whistles.
Trump's sin from their standpoint is that he spilt the beans.
And that is the most compelling reason why NONE of these people should be allowed anywhere near an offical position in our government. Their only problem with Sharia law controlling our government, another of their favorite paranoid pinatas, is the text of the book, not the character or the degree. We oppose ALL establishment of religion by government, one of the most basic foundations of our constitution.
In the meantime, with the nomination on the Democratic side still very much in the air, now is also the time to pick up a bumper sticker bulk pack for the candidate you like best, to really demonstrate your support.
Bulk "Money Out, BERNIE In!" Stickers:
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You may forward this message to any friends who would find it important.
From this site:

Ladies of means will always be able to get an abortion; these harsh laws will mostly affect poor and low-income women. That means, many will die or become injured using a Back Alley or a DIY abortion technique. The GOP wants to take us back to the good old days of the 50’s and 60’s... and it appears that they (GOP and the Religious Right) are succeeding. They certainly will not stop abortions only the right to a medically safe one. thinkingblue

Saturday, March 26, 2016

RIP Women's Rights, Religion's Savagery Has Struck Again

IMHO, all this bill will do is create DIY and back alley abortions... The women injured or who will die from the forced cruelty of an unhealthy medical procedure will be the poor or low income. Women who give birth to children with egregious health disabilities’ will have to rely on government's help to pay medical costs, not to mention the appalling suffering a human life will have to endure once born. It's beyond sickening. Should we believe that religions happened, to impose infractions on human rights, especially those of women?  Since religion is behind these abhorrent laws… YOU BETCHA! thinkingblue
Excerpt: “Today is a perfect example of a bunch of middle-aged guys sitting in this room making decisions about what we think is best for women,” said Rep. Sean Eberhart, a Republican who described himself as “as pro-life as they come.” Rep. Sharon Negele, a Republican who sponsored a bill to impose restrictions on Indiana’s Planned Parenthood last year, agreed: “The bill does nothing to save innocent lives. There’s no education, there’s no funding. It’s just penalties.”The bill rolls together familiar forms of Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (known as TRAP laws) with new and creative ways to punish women. Its most ghoulish piece of symbolism is the requirement that women pay for the cremation or interment of the aborted fetus—a provision that also adds to the cost of the procedure, which is already prohibitive for many. The bill also mandates that women travel to a clinic for an ultrasound that involves listening to the fetus’s heartbeat—a measure that Salon rightly calls “pure intimidation”—and then travel back for the abortion after an 18-hour waiting period. All this is made more difficult by the fact that clinics are operating in only four of Indiana’s 92 counties. The bill would likely cause more clinics to close with its requirement that abortion providers obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals; this formality has shuttered clinics across Texas, among other states, since hospitals are usually reticent about granting privileges to anyone who performs the controversial procedure.
More Here:

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reality Thoughts Concerning the 2016 Election for President

One of my friends on Facebook shared his feeling about what is happening today... very apropos of the goings on within the campaigns to elect the president of our country.  I didn't want to lose it. thinkingblue
This was my response: The system has been broken for some time now... it just had a reprieve with the election of Barack Obama (who tried to fix the mess Dubya left in his wake)... The Party of No did nothing but try to stop him for fear he would look like the leader we needed. Waiting in the wings was the darkness of hatred, (with legs) ready to pounce, once President Obama's 8 years were over... I've overheard people (low information types-- putting it mildly) say when Obama took office. "What are we going to do, our lives are going to be ruined with the election of this uppity low-life, (used worse descriptions than that) he’ll take away our guns, he’ll make us live under Sharia law and take our bibles, he hates white people and will try to enslave us. They felt that way because they were entrenched in bigotry. Now we are feeling fear but a different fear, one based in reality because we may be getting an authoritarian bully who will all but destroy lives. We do have checks and balances but even those have become weaker due to the election of non-thinkers who wish to turn out democracy into a theocracy. What will we do if that happens, move to Canada or some other country that seems mature. No, we will just have to wait and allow common sense to return… and it will, it always does. It’s just so sad that many will suffer until it happens. thinkingblue

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Why Ted Cruz's Face Makes My Skin Crawl

Finally an answer as to WHY Ted Cruz (boogerFace) makes my skin crawl.
And when there’s a booger on that non-Duchenne smile face…
Duchenne Smile:
Excerpt: An anonymous reader writes:
Ted Cruz pitches himself as an overcomer, an underdog, an outsider who beats the odds. While the Republican candidate has won four states in this nomination race so far, a neurologist says he still faces a big obstacle with voters: 
his own face. In an interview with Quartz, George Washington University's Richard E. Cytowic said the unusual movements of Cruz's face may make him seem less sincere to the human brain than other candidates. "The normal way a face moves is what's called the Duchenne smile, named after the 19th century French neurologist. So the mouth goes up, the eyes narrow and the eyes crinkle at the outside, forming crows feet," said Cytowic, a professor of neurology. "Cruz doesn't give a Duchenne smile. His mouth goes in a tight line across or else it curves down in an anti-Duchenne smile. So he doesn't come across as sincere at all."
Visceral reactions probably drive a lot more of politics than anyone likes to admit; seeming trustworthy isn't the same as being trustworthy, but it sure helps win people over.
Why Donald Trump Reminds You of Your Drunk Neighbor:
Say What?