Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bill Maher On American -Neocon- Sniper

Matt Taibbi's article hits it right smack dab on the knucklehead.

Did Chris Kyle deck Jesse Ventura?

Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in damages against Chris Kyle, slain Navy SEAL sniper

Friday, January 23, 2015

The "American Neocon Sniper" Movie

I didn’t want to see the movie The American Sniper (which should have been called The American Neocon Sniper) but again, my curiosity was piqued, after seeing the throngs of Southern moviegoers (I live in the Deep South) at the box office, clamoring to see this movie. (Which hardly occurs in this little town, movie theatres around these parts are almost always half to entirely empty)
Well, I can tell you… I was disappointedly, not disappointed, it was just what I expected! A gung-ho Iraq war flick that was the most IN YOUR FACE, Neoconservative Propagandized, hyperbole that’s been pulled over the American Unthinking Brain since Dick Cheney’s announcement in 1994, that going to war with Iraq would be a mistake and then...
unscrupulously, changing his mind in 2003, lying, cajoling, demagogging and doing everything but literally stand on his narrow-minded head to warn AMERICA that we must invade Iraq to protect American women from being forced to wear burkas after Iraq drops their non-existing nuclear bomb deep in the heartland of America.
Ta- dah, ISIS (and the many other terrorist groups that were spawned from Cheney’s war)!
How do I feel about this... facebook asked?
that’s how. thinkingblue

PS: So glad I'm not alone in this opinion, read the critique below who believes this movie to be nothing but a Neocon Crock!
Also a good question to ask... Should We Honor Service in an Unjust War?

The Success of American Sniper is a Disgrace
by lawrencegoodman
I saw this movie this weekend. It's exactly what the right craves—a way to make us feel better about Iraq.
Chris Kyle is an American good guy—loving father, devoted parent, humble servant of his country, crackerjack soldier. The movie only makes passing glances at Kyle's trauma from serving in the war. We learn nothing about the more than 150 Iraqis he kills.

So there you have it. We may have lost the war, destroyed a country, and spent billions of dollars pointlessly, but the goodness of Chris Kyle makes it all worth it. Don't focus on those other things. Focus on the grit and integrity of the American soldier.

The movie is patriotic propaganda. Yet it's raking in the dough and being celebrated by critics.
Should We Honour Service in an Unjust War?
by LiberalCanuck
I have been following the debate regarding the movie “American Sniper” and have noted the split in opinion regarding this movie generally falls along the line of “how or should we honour someone who fought in an unjust war?”

This question takes me back to the Vietnam war, the conclusion of which I still vividly remember. At that time as well, many Americans both on the Right and Left argued whether Vietnam veterans should be honoured. On the Left the feeling was they had participated in an unjust war, committed war crimes and had prolonged the fighting by agreeing to go. On the Right the feeling was veterans had dishonoured America by fragging officers, disobeying orders, showing a lack of discipline and ultimately losing.

Only two decades later was it eventually decided that the returning veteran deserved to be honoured as a person who was simply doing his duty as best he could in a very ugly war. The Right eventually embraced the Vietnam vet as an honoured colleague and forgot entirely the abuse they showered on his head when he first returned home. The Left conceded that while the war was wrong, the veteran was more often than not a poor person drafted to fight against his will. So, very belatedly, the service of the Vietnam vet was recognized and honoured.

I admit, the question of how to honour – or even if we should honour – the veteran of an unjust war has been of some interest to me ever since. I am a military history buff and have read hundreds of war diaries from both sides of many wars. A common theme in many of these diaries is the demand that the service of those in “enemy” armies be recognized as honourable.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Simple Questions To Ask Yourself In 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serpico (remember him?) Comes Out of Obscurity To Fight For Justice

I watched the fascinating Frank Serpico interview on the "Aljazeera American Tonight" Channel on January 13, 2015 and witnessed Frank Serpico, who at age 78, still has some fight left in him. His story, made into a major motion picture, acknowledged him as the embodiment of bravery and a crusader for justice. Risking his life to bring light to the criminal activity within the ranks of the NYPD who were hired as communal protectors of the public not as tyrannical oppressors, of which they had become.
He is speaking out again, telling the world that some of the best and brightest within the NYPD (and elsewhere)
 have habituated back to their old corrupt habits of 45 years ago.
(To put it mildly.)
Read the Wikipedia outline (below) on this amazing man. And watch the embedded video, Part 1 and Part 2.

NYPDIn September 1959, Serpico joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD) as a probationary patrolman. He became a full patrolman on March 5, 1960. He was assigned to the 81st precinct, then worked for the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) for two years. He was finally assigned to work plainclothes, where he uncovered widespread corruption.Serpico was a plainclothes police officer working in Brooklyn and the Bronx to expose vice racketeering. In 1967 he reported credible evidence of widespread systematic police corruption. Nothing happened, until he met another police officer, David Durk, who helped him. Serpico believed his partners knew about secret meetings with police investigators. Finally, Serpico contributed to an April 25, 1970, New York Times front-page story on widespread corruption in the NYPD. Mayor John V. Lindsay appointed a five-member panel to investigate charges of police corruption. The panel became the Knapp Commission, named after its chairman, Whitman Knapp.Shooting and public interestSerpico was shot during a drug arrest attempt on February 3, 1971, at 778 Driggs Avenue, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Four officers from Brooklyn North received a tip that a drug deal was about to take place.Two policemen, Gary Roteman and Arthur Cesare, stayed outside, while the third, Paul Halley, stood in front of the apartment building. Serpico climbed up the fire escape, entered by the fire escape door, went downstairs, listened for the password, then followed two suspects outside.The police arrested the young suspects, and found one had two bags of heroin. Halley stayed with the suspects, and Roteman told Serpico (who spoke Spanish), to make a fake purchase attempt to get the drug dealers to open the door. The police went to the third-floor landing. Serpico knocked on the door, keeping his hand on his revolver. The door opened a few inches, just far enough to wedge his body in. Serpico called for help, but his fellow officers ignored him.Serpico was then shot in the face with a .22 LR pistol. The bullet struck just below the eye and lodged at the top of his jaw. He fired back, fell to the floor, and began to bleed profusely. His police colleagues refused to make a "10-13", a dispatch to police headquarters indicating that an officer had been shot. An elderly man who lived in the next apartment called the emergency services and reported that a man had been shot. The stranger stayed with Serpico. A police car arrived. Unaware that Serpico was one of them, the officers took him to Greenpoint Hospital.The bullet had severed an auditory nerve, leaving him deaf in one ear, and he has suffered chronic pain from bullet fragments lodged in his brain. He was visited the day after the shooting by Mayor John V. Lindsay and Police Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy, and the police department harassed him with hourly bed checks. He survived and testified before the Knapp Commission.The circumstances surrounding Serpico's shooting quickly came into question. Serpico, who was armed during the drug raid, had been shot only after briefly turning away from the suspect when he realized that the two officers who had accompanied him to the scene were not following him into the apartment, raising the question whether Serpico had actually been brought to the apartment by his colleagues to be murdered. There was no formal investigation.On May 3, 1971, New York Metro Magazine published an article about Serpico titled "Portrait of an Honest Cop". On May 10, 1971, Serpico testified at the departmental trial of an NYPD lieutenant who was accused of taking bribes from gamblers.MORE HERE:
PS: I hope Frank Serpico can help put a stop to the brazen attitudes of those who wear a police uniform and think it entitles them to be above the law. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Madness 101 - ISIS Terrorists Executing Pigeon Breeders and Pigeons

When I saw this headline, ISIS Executes Pigeon and Bird Breeders in Diyala, Iraq, I thought to myself, SAY WHAT, NO… I’m not going to go there, it’s getting too asinine for anyone to try to wrap his or her brain around. But, of course the curiosity in me, won out and I clicked on it.
Reading about this latest absurdity though, did get me a-wondering. How do these inhuman bullies that proudly dub themselves Jihadists but are anything but... How do ISIS ( chieftains come up with their moronic, barbarous and bloodthirsty insults to reason? Do the fiendish thugs sit around a room and brainstorm about an even greater, more savage, cruelty that they can and will perpetrate upon their easy prey (or soft targets)?
Really, the GOP likes to throw around the word Hitler... I have a feeling that these juvenile delinquents who think of themselves as a nation of terrorists, are trying to outdo Hitler, in the realm of insanity. However, they will never reach the scale of lunacy that a monster like Hitler was able to reach because they have no other powerful and equally merciless nation to back them up (as far as we know).
Their reign of cold-blooded terror will be short but in the meantime, the pain and the rivers of tears they will leave in their wake, will be horrendous for those of us who possess normal human thinking and who feel empathy towards their victims, for us it will seem endless… 
Click Here:
PS: If you have an INQUIRING MIND then you will find this next article By Dean Obeidallah very interesting and informative.

Friday, January 16, 2015

With One Full Sweep of the Tongue, Pope Francis Punches Us Back to the Dark Ages

With One Full Sweep of the Tongue,
Pope Francis Punches Us Back to the
Dark Ages
“One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith. There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity… in freedom of expression there are limits.”
~Pope Francis~
A thinking mind would like to know: in what world does Pope Francis, reside in. It cannot be the world that freethinking minds live in; a world where we are free to try and understand each other instead of hurting one another for thinking or believing differently.
A system of forcing one’s beliefs down collective throats that have an entirely different outlook on the question of being, can never survive long term. Only a, Live and let Live society, that permits one to speak their mind without reprisal fears of prison or death.
Mr. Pope Francis, I would also like to know, what part of Freedom of Speech do you not understand and how about that Biggie, Separation of Church and State, which benefits religions (as well as individuals) by allowing followers to practice their religious beliefs without the fear of punishment by government?
If Pope Francis (by his ridiculous statements that he made after the Charlie Hebdo massacre) wholeheartedly believes in what the convoluted bible passage states, AN EYE FOR AN EYE and can somehow convince all of humanity (not just Catholics) that it should be the law of the land; then why not Bring Back the Guillotines.
--Over some 200 years of use, the guillotine claimed the heads of tens of thousands of victims ranging from common criminals to revolutionaries, aristocrats and even kings and queens. More than just a gruesomely effective killing machine, “Saint Guillotine” served as a symbol of the French Revolution and cast an infamous shadow over much of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.- More Here--
Bring Back the Dark Ages.
--The Dark Ages were a tumultuous time. Roving horse-bound invaders charged the country sides. Religious conflicts arose; Muslims conquered lands. Scarcity of sound literature and cultural achievements marked these years; barbarous practices prevailed. - See more here--
Bring Back Stoning for all.
--Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a method of execution in which an organized group throws stones or rocks at the person they wish to execute. Although it takes many different forms, stoning has been used throughout history and in many religious and cultural traditions as a kind of community justice or capital punishment. - See more--
and Burnings at the Stake
--Deliberately causing death through the effects of combustion, or effects of exposure to extreme heat, has a long history as a form of capital punishment. Many societies have employed it as an execution method for such crimes as treason, rebellious actions by slaves, heresy, witchcraft and perceived sexual deviancy, such as incest or homosexuality. More Here--
If all these (and many more) legal barbarous methods, returned from the Dark Ages and Beyond, to keep people subservient, then 'Critical Thinking' just lost the war and we who make up The Masses shall continue down our evolutionary path with a brain that will most definitely emaciate. Thus, driving us back to the caves where we will huddle and live in fear until the next catastrophic global event or mass extinction occurs.

PS: All these thinking minds lost by cowardly, infantile men who cannot Think for Themselves, therefore are doomed to follow a dogmatic course of inhuman bullying And Pope Francis can only come up with this non-thinking, one-dimensional banality…?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pocketful of Madness, Using Kids As Human Bombs and Executioners

The pocketful of Terrorists is now trying to reach new heights in their quest to horrify and petrify. They just can’t seem to go far enough in their maniacal attempts for attention by killing, slaughtering and annihilating anyone who becomes easy prey for their barbarism.
And, what could be easier than using children as executioners and human bombs.
These low intelligent individuals are delusional, thinking themselves brave and machismo as they wave their weapons and shout incoherent slogans of a conquering success. The only victory they are achieving is to spread around the entire globe, that in reality their savage acts are from cowardly and chicken-hearted brats who stamp their feet and hold their breath, turning blue in an attempt to gain their fifteen minutes of fame and recognition.
Even though indoctrination, has been the only thing they seem good at, there must be some misled disciples who will start to instinctively think around the brainwashing, that using children as bombs and firing squads has just gone beyond the pale and will perhaps turn on their chieftains and say enough’s enough…
If not, (no doubt a NOT) let the rest of us human beings who believe in the perpetuation of our species, learn how to irradiate them as we would a cancer that is killing a body. (the body of Homo sapiens.)
Come on, you leaders of governments who think, scientists are planning to find another planet so our kind (which took 2 billion years to evolve) will not go extinct in the future, after we deplete Earth of its resources, (possibly never to emerge again), there must be a simple way to stop these cowards.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Free Community College For All, Not If the Republicans Have Any Say

Free Community College For All, Not If the Republicans Have Any Say
Would anyone like to wager a bet on how long it will take Republicans to nip this wonderful we-the-people idea in the bud? There is no way Republicans would pass such a bill, college and higher education should be only for the wealthy, in their book, just as it was throughout history. Only in modern times could anyone even dream of obtaining a college degree and that dream has diminished with the many years of Republican control in all or one or two of the three branches of government. It’s pathetic to say the least. Two Wars on the taxpayers dime, A-OK. Personhood status to Corporations, A-OK. Huge Tax breaks for the rich, double A-OK but free college for low to middle-income folks, not on your life. There just is not enough money for that, the Republicans warble and yet, all the while, the uninformed keep voting for them. I wonder why that is.
 Get informed, know your rights and stop Republicans from overturning our Republic so they can bring forth a Plutocracy.
We-The-People aka thinkingblue 
The Three Branches of Government Rap Style

Have you ever wondered about the three branches of our US government and the checks and balances they provide?
Well wonder no more because Flocabulary has made a fun and easy to remember rap-tune about a subject every American should know by heart. Listen and Learn, it’s good for you.

Become an Informed Voter. Don't allow anyone to propagandize you into ignorance.
Our American type Democracy can only survive if we have a balanced government. As of today, we are way out-of-balance.


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Charlie Hebdo - I Am Charlie!

Charlie Hebdo attack: the response in pictures

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great
The pen is mightier than the sword.
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!

Monday, January 05, 2015

GOP SNAP Dragons

GOP SNAP Dragons
Those old, angry, white Republican guys are at it again.  They just can’t control their worst instincts.  They see a black face, they go nuts. They see a way to step on the faces of the poor and they can’t control their glee. What is wrong with them are they really catering to their bat-shit nutty base or are they just a bunch of partisan jackals following a script? IMHO, there is only one word that can possibly desribe their calloused behavior… SOCIOPATH…

EXCERPT: In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, the Republican crusade to reward large corporations while punishing the poor has hit a snag.
A bill proposed by Republican state legislators would force recipients of food stamps to spend at least two-thirds of their benefits on items from a list of “healthy foods” while outright banning the purchase of certain ‘junk foods’ such as chips and soda. This is a great, petty, way for the state GOP to thumb their nose at the FDA, which has officially stated it has no plan to categorize foods for SNAP recipients. It’s also a wonderful way to show the poor how committed Republicans are to making their lives harder. Republicans should know that quite a lot of fast and junk food is heavily subsidized, making it much cheaper than healthy foods, leading to obesity among the poor. Taking junk food away from those living on meager food stamps allowances could be tantamount to starving them. It also arrogantly assumes that being poor means someone doesn’t know how to feed themselves and their family.
Sociopath in Psychiatry. noun,1. a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.~~~Sociopath in Medicine. n.A person affected with an antisocial personality disorder.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Fox News Is OFF the Air and the Foul Odor of Deception has Ceased

The demagogues have taken a break over at Fox News due to not wanting to pay to spread their hate and I hope for the sake of truth this remains a reality. Truth? A word Fox News has rendered useless. Fox News gives the haters what they yearn for... Lies, Distortions and Hate.
Fox News the most trusted source for bigotry and hate.