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I thought I was a person who kept up with the latest shenanigans, (news updates) going on in our government but when I heard about the bomb test scheduled for June 2, 2006, called of all things "DIVINE STRAKE" ... I WAS FLABBERGASTED! What is going on... ???????

I realize, that all too often, I get thrown into the TWILIGHT ZONE by the neocons who have infiltrated every aspect of our life, like a highly contagious virus which spreads through a body system until blood can be seen seeping up through the eyes. But I guess since they (the media) feed us such watered down pablum every day, things, THIS BIG, can go unnoticed. YIKES!
I've said this before and I'll say it again A BIG THANKS to all the watchdogs who spend sleepless nights trying to go after those who wish to harm us (AND I AIN'T TALKEN ABOUT THE ONES BUSH LABELS, TERRORISTS OR MORE RECENTLY SUICIDERS, they are a wicked lot but not near as evil as the NEOCONSERVATIVE BUNCH, in my opinion) WATCHDOGS like the ones listed here...


  2. Village Voice




  6. Daily Kos


  8. The Nation



  11. Fahrenheit 9/11


  13. Amnesty International

  14. Planet Out


  16. ZNet/ZMagazine

  17. Doonesbury

  18. Washington Monthly

  19. Center for American Progress

  20. Human Rights Watch

  21. DemocracyNow!


  23. Greenpeace




  27. thinkingblue (only kidding)



  30. News, Views, and Tools for Progressives



  33. Democratic Media Index


  35. Random Progressive Websites

  36. The Dissenting Internet


    (If you have any more to add to this collection please email me at )

You better believe, I'll be clicking these links more often thinkingblue



Stop The "Divine Strake" at the Nevada Test Site

Update: Government Withdraws Environmental Finding, Divine Strake Test Delayed Indefinitely
Divine Strake is the government’s latest venture into the realm of broken treaties, state-sponsored terror and the desecration of Mother Earth - a “bunker-busting” bomb which was scheduled to be detonated this June in the Nevada desert. The Shundahai Network, founded by Shoshone Elder Corbin Harney, says “this test could be a precursor” to a nuclear strike against Iran, “with massive civilian casualties.”

The Divine Strake Test, a test sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), is a detonation of a 700 ton buried heavy ammonium nitrate/fuel oil charge above a tunnel
structure. The DTRA reports that the main purpose of the test is to study ground shock effects on deeply buried tunnel structures. Environmental activists and analysists predict, however, that the test is a preparation for the development of new nuclear weapons.

This affects all of us, but especially the Shoshone People downwind of the Nevada Test Site. Oral arguments were heard on May 25th and 26th, at the Nevada District Court in Reno, Nevada.
May 28th
was declared an International Day of Action and dozens of indigenous, environmental justice and peace and disarmament organizations converged at the Peace Camp outside the Nevada Test Site near Mercury, Nevada to protest the Divine Strake test scheduled for June 2nd, but now apparently postponed indefinitely.







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SAD MEMORIAL DAY 2006 How Many More Must Die?



Today is May 29th the year of 2006. More than 3 years have transpired since this illegal, unjust, insane war in Iraq was started in the name of Iraqi Freedom by Bush and his neoconservatives. Not one of them had then or now ANY SKIN IN THE GAME AS THEY PLAYED WITH OTHER'S LIVES.

I am not just sad this memorial day, I am also MAD AS HELL for this mournful day with a count of over 2450 military casualties of this war, should have never come to pass. But we should not only blame Bush, we should be blaming ourselves as well. Bush shouldn't have been allowed to make off with the election in 2000. But mainly, the election should never have been so close that it was possible for he and his supreme court judicators to undermine our democracy.

Why couldn't those who voted for this small man see through his facade of decency? He said of his followers in 2001"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you have to concentrate on..." and concentrate and focus they did. Lionizing him as an omnipotent mythological figure, who God speaks to in real time.

To all those guilty of voting this man into the highest office, of power, in this wonderful world of ours, I ask this...Upon reading the many names below who have died because this mortal male, you took at face value, for the simple reason, he touted divineness, can you still feel proud and still praise Bush and his illegal war? If you can, we are not the Nation of goodness we once believed but a nation devoid of concern, sympathy and most of all EMPATHY for our fellow human being! thinkingblue

Word of the Day: mortal adj. 1. Liable or subject to death.

This is a partial list, it contains those who died in 2006.
For entire list CLICK HERE

Jason Lee Bishop, 31, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Jan 01, 2006

Christopher J. Vanderhorn, 37, Army Staff Sergeant, Jan 01, 2006

William F. Hecker III, 37, Army Major, Jan 05, 2006

Jason Lopezreyes, 29, Army Sergeant, Jan 05, 2006

Robbie M. Mariano, 21, Army Private, Jan 05, 2006

Johnny J. Peralez Jr., 25, Army Sergeant, Jan 05, 2006

Christopher P. Petty, 33, Army Captain, Jan 05, 2006

Ryan D. Walker, 25, Army Specialist, Jan 05, 2006

Stephen J. White, 39, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Jan 05, 2006

Michael E. McLaughlin, 44, Army National Guard Lieutenant Colonel, Jan 05, 2006

Adam Leigh Cann, 23, Marine Sergeant, Jan 05, 2006

Albert Pasquale Gettings, 27, Marine Corporal, Jan 05, 2006

Ryan S. McCurdy, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 05, 2006

Radhames Camilomatos, 24, Army Sergeant, Jan 07, 2006

Joseph D. deMoors, 36, Army 1st Lieutenant, Jan 07, 2006

Douglas A. LaBouff, 36, Army Major, Jan 07, 2006

Michael R. Martinez, 43, Army Major, Jan 07, 2006

Clinton R. Upchurch, 31, Army Specialist, Jan 07, 2006

Jaime L. Campbell, 25, Army National Guard 1st Lieutenant, Jan 07, 2006

Michael I. Edwards, 26, Army National Guard Specialist, Jan 07, 2006

Jacob E. Melson, 22, Army National Guard Specialist, Jan 07, 2006

Chester W. Troxel, 45, Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer 4, Jan 07, 2006

Stuart M. Anderson, 44, Army Reserve Major, Jan 07, 2006

Nathan R. Field, 23, Army Reserve Sergeant, Jan 07, 2006

Robert T. Johnson, 20, Army Reserve Specialist, Jan 07, 2006

Darren D. Braswell, 36, Dept. of Defense Civilian, Jan 07, 2006

Kyle W. Brown, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 07, 2006

Jeriad P. Jacobs, 19, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 07, 2006

Jason T. Little, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 07, 2006

Brett L. Lundstrom, 22, Marine Corporal, Jan 07, 2006

Raul Mercado, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 07, 2006

Michael Joseph McMullen, 25, Army National Guard Sergeant, Jan 10, 2006

Mitchell K. Carver Jr., 31, Army Chief Warrant Officer 3, Jan 13, 2006

Kyle E. Jackson, 28, Army Chief Warrant Officer 2, Jan 13, 2006

Jonathan Kyle Price, 19, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 13, 2006

Michael Anthony Jordan, 35, Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Jan 13, 2006

Justin J. Watts, 20, Marine Corporal, Jan 14, 2006

Kasper Allen Dudkiewicz, 22, Army Private 1st Class, Jan 15, 2006

Dustin L. Kendall, 21, Army Specialist, Jan 15, 2006

Ruel M. Garcia, 34, Army Chief Warrant Officer 2, Jan 16, 2006

Rex C. Kenyon, 34, Army Chief Warrant Officer 3, Jan 16, 2006

Adam R. Shepherd, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Jan 17, 2006

Dennis J. Flanagan, 22, Army Sergeant, Jan 20, 2006

Matthew C. Frantz, 23, Army Specialist, Jan 20, 2006

Rickey Scott, 30, Army Staff Sergeant, Jan 20, 2006

Clifton J. Yazzie, 23, Army Specialist, Jan 20, 2006

Carlos Arrelano Pandura, 22, Marine Corporal, Jan 20, 2006

Brandon Christopher Dewey, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 20, 2006

Brian McElroy, 28, Air Force Staff Sergeant, Jan 22, 2006

Jason L. Norton, 32, Air Force Technical Sergeant, Jan 22, 2006

Lance M. Chase, 32, Army Staff Sergeant, Jan 23, 2006

Matthew D. Hunter, 31, Army Sergeant, Jan 23, 2006

Peter D. Wagler, 18, Army Private 1st Class, Jan 23, 2006

Lewis T. D. Calapini, 21, Marine Private, Jan 23, 2006

Joshua A. Scott, 24, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 23, 2006

Sean H. Miles, 28, Marine Sergeant, Jan 24, 2006

Jerry M. "Michael" Durbin Jr., 26, Army Staff Sergeant, Jan 25, 2006

Joshua Allen Johnson, 24, Army National Guard Sergeant, Jan 25, 2006

Hugo R. Lopez Lopez, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Jan 27, 2006

David L. Herrera, 26, Army Sergeant, Jan 28, 2006

Brian J. Schoff, 22, Army Private 1st Class, Jan 28, 2006

Felipe C. Barbosa, 21, Marine Corporal, Jan 28, 2006

Garrison C. Avery, 23, Army 1st Lieutenant, Feb 01, 2006

Marlon A. Bustamante, 25, Army Specialist, Feb 01, 2006

Anthony Chad Owens, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 01, 2006

Caesar S. Viglienzone, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 01, 2006

Sean T. Cardelli, 20, Marine Private 1st Class, Feb 01, 2006

Simon T. Cox Jr., 30, Army 1st Lieutenant, Feb 02, 2006

Walter B. Howard II, 35, Army Specialist, Feb 02, 2006

Scott A. Messer, 26, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 02, 2006

Lance S. Cornett, 33, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Feb 03, 2006

Jesse M. Zamora, 22, Army Specialist, Feb 03, 2006

Roberto L. Martinez Salazar, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 04, 2006

Jeremiah J. Boehmer, 22, Army Sergeant, Feb 05, 2006

William S. Hayes III, 23, Army Specialist, Feb 05, 2006

Sergio A. Mercedes Saez, 23, Army Specialist, Feb 05, 2006

Christopher R. Morningstar, 27, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 05, 2006

Patrick W. Herried, 29, Army Specialist, Feb 06, 2006

Orville Gerena, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

David S. Parr, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

Brandon S. Schuck, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

Jacob D. "Jake" Spann, 21, Marine Private 1st Class, Feb 06, 2006

Allen D. Kokesh Jr., 21, Army National Guard Specialist, Feb 07, 2006

teven L. Phillips, 27, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 07, 2006

Javier Chavez Jr., 19, Marine Private 1st Class, Feb 09, 2006

Ross A. Smith, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 09, 2006

Felipe J. Garcia Villareal, 26, Army Specialist, Feb 12, 2006

Andrew J. Kemple, 23, Army Corporal, Feb 12, 2006

Nicholas Wilson, 25, Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class, Feb 12, 2006

Matthew Ron Barnes, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 14, 2006

Michael S. Probst, 26, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 14, 2006

Rusty L. Washam, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 14, 2006

Anthony R. Garcia, 48, Army Captain, Feb 17, 2006

Amos C. Edwards Jr., 41, Army National Guard Sergeant 1st Class, Feb 17, 2006

Charles E. Matheny IV, 23, Army Sergeant, Feb 18, 2006

Matthew D. Conley, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 18, 2006

Jessie Davila, 29, Army National Guard Sergeant, Feb 20, 2006

Daniel J. Kuhlmeier, 30, Dept. of the Air Force Civilian, Feb 20, 2006

Jay T. Collado, 31, Marine Staff Sergeant, Feb 20, 2006

Almar L. Fitzgerald, 23, Marine 2nd Lieutenant, Feb 21, 2006

Gregson G. Gourley, 38, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 22, 2006

Curtis T. Howard II, 32, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 22, 2006

Rickey E. Jones, 21, Army Sergeant, Feb 22, 2006

Christopher L. Marion, 20, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 22, 2006

Gordon F. Misner II, 23, Army Sergeant, Feb 22, 2006

Allan A. Morr, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 22, 2006

Thomas J. Wilwerth, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 22, 2006

Dimitri Muscat, 21, Army Sergeant, Feb 24, 2006

Joshua Francis Powers, 21, Army Private, Feb 24, 2006

Benjamin C. Schuster, 21, Army National Guard Private 1st Class, Feb 25, 2006

John Joshua Thornton, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 25, 2006

Adam J. VanAlstine, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 25, 2006

Clay P. Farr, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 26, 2006

Joshua U. Humble, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 26, 2006

Joshua M. Pearce, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 26, 2006

Christopher J. Schornak, 28, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 26, 2006

Dwayne Peter R. Lewis, 26, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 27, 2006

Tina M. Priest, 20, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 01, 2006

Christopher S. Merchant, 32, Army National Guard Specialist, Mar 01, 2006

Joshua V. Youmans, 26, Army National Guard Sergeant, Mar 01, 2006

Matthew A. Snyder, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Mar 03, 2006

Kevin P. Jessen, 28, Army Staff Sergeant, Mar 05, 2006

Adam O. Zanutto, 26, Marine Corporal, Mar 06, 2006

Ricky Salas Jr., 22, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 07, 2006

Justin R. Martone, 31, Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Mar 07, 2006

John D. Fry, 28, Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Mar 08, 2006

Bunny Long, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Mar 10, 2006

Amy A. Duerksen, 19, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 11, 2006

Kristen K. Marino (Figueroa), 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Mar 12, 2006

Corey A. Dan, 22, Army Sergeant, Mar 13, 2006

Bryan A. Lewis, 32, Army Staff Sergeant, Mar 13, 2006

Marco A. Silva, 27, Army Staff Sergeant, Mar 13, 2006

Angelo A. Zawaydeh, 19, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 15, 2006

Carlos M. Gonzalez, 22, Army Specialist, Mar 16, 2006

Amanda N. Pinson, 21, Army Sergeant, Mar 16, 2006

Nyle Yates III, 22, Army Corporal, Mar 16, 2006

Ricardo Barraza, 24, Army Staff Sergeant, Mar 18, 2006

Dale G. Brehm, 23, Army Sergeant, Mar 18, 2006

Antoine J. McKinzie, 25, Army Specialist, Mar 21, 2006

Brock A. Beery, 30, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant, Mar 23, 2006

Randy D. McCaulley, 44, Army National Guard Sergeant 1st Class, Mar 23, 2006

Frederick A. Carlson, 25, Army National Guard Specialist, Mar 25, 2006

Michael D. Rowe, 23, Army Sergeant, Mar 28, 2006

Sean D. Tharp, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 28, 2006

Robert Hernandez, 47, Army Reserve Staff Sergeant, Mar 28, 2006

Walter M. Moss Jr., 37, Air Force Technical Sergeant, Mar 30, 2006

Joseph J. Duenas, 23, Army Private 1st Class, Mar 30, 2006

Jacob Walter Beisel, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, Mar 31, 2006

Darrell P. Clay, 34, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 01, 2006

Israel Devora Garcia, 23, Army Sergeant, Apr 01, 2006

Michael L. Hartwick, 37, Army Chief Warrant Officer (CW3), Apr 01, 2006

Timothy J. Moshier, 25, Army Captain, Apr 01, 2006

Jeremy W. Ehle, 19, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 02, 2006

Andres Aguilar Jr., 21, Marine Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

David A. Bass, 20, Marine Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Patrick J. Gallagher, 27, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Kun Y. Kim, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Eric A. McIntosh, 29, Marine Staff Sergeant, Apr 02, 2006

Eric A. Palmisano, 27, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Scott J. Procopio, 20, Marine Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Felipe D. Sandoval-Flores, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Brian R. St. Germain, 22, Marine Corporal, Apr 02, 2006

Abraham G. Twitchell, 28, Marine Staff Sergeant, Apr 02, 2006

Marcques J. Nettles, 22, Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class, Apr 02, 2006

Geovani Padilla Aleman, 20, Navy Hospitalman, Apr 02, 2006

Ty J. Johnson, 28, Army Specialist, Apr 04, 2006

Dustin J. Harris, 21, Army Specialist, Apr 06, 2006

Daniel L. Sesker, 22, Army National Guard Specialist, Apr 06, 2006

Chase A. Edwards, 19, Marine Private 1st Class, Apr 06, 2006

Bryan N. Taylor, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 06, 2006

Richard P. Waller, 22, Marine Corporal, Apr 07, 2006

Shawn R. Creighton, 21, Army Specialist, Apr 08, 2006

Jody W. Missildine, 19, Army Private, Apr 08, 2006

Philip John Martini, 24, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 08, 2006

Juana NavarroArellano, 24, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 08, 2006

David S. Collins, 24, Army Specialist, Apr 09, 2006

Joseph I. Love-Fowler, 22, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 09, 2006

Gregory S. Rogers, 42, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Apr 09, 2006

James W. "Will" Gardner, 22, Army Specialist, Apr 10, 2006

Randall L. Lamberson, 36, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Apr 10, 2006

Joseph A. Blanco, 25, Army Corporal, Apr 11, 2006

James F. Costello III, 27, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 11, 2006

Kenneth D. Hess, 26, Army Specialist, Apr 11, 2006

George R. Roehl Jr., 21, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 11, 2006

Scott M. Bandhold, 37, Army Specialist, Apr 12, 2006

Roland E. Calderon-Ascencio, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 12, 2006

Marcus S. Glimpse, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 12, 2006

Andrew K. Waits, 23, Army Specialist, Apr 13, 2006

Salem Bachar, 20, Marine Corporal, Apr 13, 2006

Stephen Joseph Perez, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 13, 2006

Darin T. Settle, 23, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 14, 2006

Mark W. Melcher, 34, Army National Guard Specialist, Apr 15, 2006

Derrick J. Cothran, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 15, 2006

Pablo V. Mayorga, 33, Marine Corporal, Apr 15, 2006

Justin D. Sims, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 15, 2006

Ryan G. Winslow, 19, Marine Private 1st Class, Apr 15, 2006

Clinton W. Cubert, 38, Army National Guard Master Sergeant, Apr 16, 2006

Ian P. Weikel, 31, Army Captain, Apr 18, 2006

Robert J. Settle, 25, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 19, 2006

Patrick A. Tinnell, 25, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 19, 2006

Jason C. Ramseyer, 28, Marine Staff Sergeant, Apr 20, 2006

Jacob H. Allcott, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 22, 2006

Michael E. Bouthot, 19, Army Private, Apr 22, 2006

Kyle A. Colnot, 23, Army Sergeant, Apr 22, 2006

Eric D. King, 29, Army Specialist, Apr 22, 2006

Travis C. Zimmerman, 19, Army Private, Apr 22, 2006

Eric R. Lueken, 23, Marine Corporal, Apr 22, 2006

Jason B. Daniel, 21, Army Corporal, Apr 23, 2006

Robert W. Ehney, 26, Army Sergeant, Apr 23, 2006

Shawn Thomas Lasswell Jr., 21, Army Corporal, Apr 23, 2006

Metodio A. Bandonill, 29, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 24, 2006

Aaron William Simons, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 24, 2006

Raymond L. Henry, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 25, 2006

Richard J. Herrema, 27, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Apr 25, 2006

Michael L. Ford, 19, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 26, 2006

Bobby Mendez, 38, Army 1st Sergeant, Apr 27, 2006

Mark A. Wall, 27, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 27, 2006

Matthew A. Webber, 23, Army National Guard Sergeant, Apr 27, 2006

Jose Gomez, 23, Army Sergeant, Apr 28, 2006

Bryant A. Herlem, 37, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 28, 2006

Edward G. Davis III, 31, Marine Sergeant, Apr 28, 2006

Brandon M. Hardy, 25, Marine Corporal, Apr 28, 2006

Lea R. Mills, 21, Marine Sergeant, Apr 28, 2006

Steve M. Sakoda, 29, Army Sergeant, Apr 29, 2006

Robbie Glen Light, 21, Army Corporal, May 01, 2006

Robert L. Moscillo, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, May 01, 2006

Christopher M. Eckhardt, 19, Army Private 1st Class, May 03, 2006

Benjamin T. Zieske, 20, Army Private 1st Class, May 03, 2006

Joseph E. Proctor, 38, Army National Guard Sergeant, May 03, 2006

Brian S. Letendre, 27, Marine Reserve Captain, May 03, 2006

Bryan L. Quinton, 24, Army Specialist, May 04, 2006

Gavin B. Reinke, 32, Army Staff Sergeant, May 04, 2006

Stephen R. Bixler, 20, Marine Corporal, May 04, 2006

Elisha R. Parker, 21, Marine Sergeant, May 04, 2006

Alva L. Gaylord, 25, Army Private, May 05, 2006

Carlos N. Saenz, 46, Army Sergeant, May 05, 2006

Teodoro Torres, 29, Army 1st Sergeant, May 05, 2006

Nathan J. Vacho, 29, Army Sergeant, May 05, 2006

Dale James Kelly Jr., 48, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant, May 06, 2006

David Michael Veverka, 25, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant, May 06, 2006

Leon Deraps, 19, Marine Lance Corporal, May 06, 2006

Matthew J. Fenton, 24, Marine Sergeant, May 06, 2006

Cory L. Palmer, 21, Marine Corporal, May 06, 2006

Emmanuel L. Legaspi, 38, Army Staff Sergeant, May 07, 2006

Gregory A. Wagner, 35, Army Staff Sergeant, May 08, 2006

Aaron P. Latimer, 26, Army Specialist, May 09, 2006

Alessandro Carbonaro, 28, Marine Sergeant, May 10, 2006

Armer N. Burkart, 26, Army Specialist, May 11, 2006

Eric D. Clark, 22, Army Specialist, May 11, 2006

Stephen P. Snowberger III, 18, Army Private, May 11, 2006

Jason K. Burnett, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, May 11, 2006

David J. GramesSanchez, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, May 11, 2006

Michael L. Licalzi, 24, Marine 2nd Lieutenant, May 11, 2006

Steve Vahaviolos, 21, Marine Corporal, May 11, 2006

Brandon L. Teeters, 21, Army Specialist, May 12, 2006

Adam C. Conboy, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, May 12, 2006

Ron Gebur, 23, Army National Guard Specialist, May 13, 2006

Richard Z. James, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, May 13, 2006

John W. Engeman, 45, Army Chief Warrant Officer 4, May 14, 2006

Jamie D. Weeks, 47, Army Chief Warrant Officer 5, May 14, 2006

Robert H. West, 37, Army Master Sergeant, May 14, 2006

Matthew W. Worrel, 34, Army Major, May 14, 2006

Shane Mahaffee, 36, Army Reserve Captain, May 14, 2006

Jose S. Marin-Dominguez Jr., 22, Marine Lance Corporal, May 14, 2006

Hatak Yuka Keyu M. Yearby, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, May 14, 2006

Grant Allen Dampier, 25, Army Private 1st Class, May 15, 2006

Marion Flint Jr., 29, Army Staff Sergeant, May 15, 2006

Santiago M. Halsel, 32, Army Staff Sergeant, May 16, 2006

Lee Hamilton Deal, 23, Navy Petty Officer Third Class, May 17, 2006

Lonnie Calvin Allen Jr., 26, Army Sergeant, May 18, 2006

Nicholas Cournoyer, 25, Army Private 1st Class, May 18, 2006

Daniel E. Holland, 43, Army Lieutenant Colonel, May 18, 2006

Robert Seidel III, 23, Army Lieutenant, May 18, 2006

William B. Fulks, 23, Marine Corporal, May 18, 2006

Benito A. Ramirez, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, May 21, 2006

David Christoff Jr., 25, Marine Sergeant, May 22, 2006

William J. Leusink, 21, Marine Lance Corporal, May 22, 2006

Michael L. Hermanson, 21, Army National Guard Specialist, May 23, 2006

Steven Freund, 20, Marine Private, May 23, 2006

Robert G. Posivio III, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, May 23, 2006

Robert E. Blair, 22, Army Specialist, May 25, 2006

Douglas A. DiCenzo, 30, Army Captain, May 25, 2006

Caleb A. Lufkin, 24, Army Private 1st Class, May 25, 2006

Adam Lucas, 20, Marine Lance Corporal, May 26, 2006

I wish with all my heart and soul that this was the end of the list of names of the fallen in Iraq forever, but as GWB lives and breaths he, as while as all of us know the list will go on and on until the madness can be stopped.


An Iraq vet’s story for Memorial Day
By Garett Reppenhagen
Progressive Media Project

Memorial Day is a painful reminder of our failed mission in Iraq. Like every soldier in today’s armed forces, I chose to serve my country. I knew I’d most likely see combat, and I accepted that possibility as part of my duty to my country.I was proud of my service as a peacekeeper in Kosovo, and honored to have served beside so many courageous men and women in Iraq.

During my time in Iraq, I saw the effects of war firsthand — the ravaged buildings,
the lives horribly cut short and the haunted look of trauma that lingers in people’s eyes. I saw the fear, the sadness, the abject tragedy that even now I can’t find words for. What I saw in Iraq will haunt me for the rest of my life.

My experiences there changed my view of this war. Before I was deployed, I — like many other Americans — thought that military intervention was the only way to protect America’s security. But after I spent some time in Iraq, I came to question
our reason for being there. I came to realize that this war is not making America a safer place.

If anything, it’s made us less safe than before.

And as the conflict slides into civil war, the safety of the men, women and children of Iraq falls deeper into jeopardy. The Bush administration now forecasts a U.S. military presence in Iraq through 2008.

Meanwhile, it’s become increasingly apparent to many Americans that, in Iraq, a military solution is no solution at all. According to a March 2006 Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans view the war in Iraq as a mistake.

The past three years of war in Iraq have cost us too much — in resources and, most tragically, in human lives. More than 2,440 U.S. soldiers have been killed to date, among them a number of my friends. In addition, countless thousands of Iraqi civilians have also lost their lives in this conflict.

As the death toll rises each day, I wonder how much more we can afford. How high must these numbers go before we decide that staying the course is far too expensive?

I don’t pretend to speak for all veterans, or for all U.S. soldiers. But as someone
who served in Iraq, I believe that it’s now my duty to bear witness. As Americans, we have a duty to voice our dissent, to stand up in protest when we disagree with our government’s actions.

And despite what some may say, the fact that America is at war does not diminish this responsibility. If anything, war enhances the need for engaging in debate.

Dissent is what makes democracy live and breathe. It’s what keeps our democracy from being more than just another slogan.

On this Memorial Day, I dissent.

Garett Reppenhagen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and a former
member of the U.S. Army’s First Infantry Division.



As you honor the memory of those who died in battle, you must also
ask for what reason were these brave men and women killed? For what
noble purpose do thousands of our young people live crippled lives?

Dead because of a lie. Dead because selfish people in government wanted a war
and lied to get one, aided by selfish people in the media WHO TOOK MONEY
FROM GEORGE BUSH TO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The government and the media traded the blood of these young Americans for their personal gain. Look at their faces. How can you not be angry?
click here to go to website

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A NAKED QUOTE on this sad memorial weekend


Today's post will be a 2001, unbelievable disrobing quote from THE NOW NAKED PRESIDENT bush'S LIPS on this sad memorial day weekend. thinkingblue

The spook society
"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you have to concentrate on,"
George W said with a laugh at Washington's Gridiron dinner in 2001. If only we'd known then that behind George's snickers, the Bushites were serious. Employing a combination of deceit, defiance, arrogance, flag-waving and secrecy, they have fooled a majority of Congress and the media into accepting the overlay of a "spook society" on our "Land of the Free." The far-reaching extent of their efforts are only now becoming clear.

PS: I wonder how the ones he so effortlessly fooled ALL OF THE TIME feel today?


More Shame

Earthside Comments: This is such a sad, tragic development.
But never lose sight of the fact that this would never have happened ...

if George W. Bush and his cronies had not lied the United States into the unprovoked attack on Iraq.
Bush has been the absolute worst "commander-in-chief" -- ever. His orders have put U.S. troops in an impossible, unethical, immoral and illegal situation. Remember the adage coined by Harry Truman for the president: The buck stops here. This report, when it is finally released, will be more evidence of Bush's and Cheney's and Rumsfeld's and Rice's participation and/or acquiescence in war crimes.
From BradBlog of March 22, 2006: News reports containing some of the


Memorial Day - What Is This Special Day?

By Fernando Suarez del Solar
t r u t h o u t Op-Ed

Sunday 28 May 2006

According to tradition, it is a day to remember those who have fallen in US wars. The stated goals of those wars were peace, freedom, democracy, and justice. But what has really happened? In spite of all of the wars that have taken thousands of our soldiers and millions of innocents, especially children, the world is still at war, and people everywhere suffer under unjust political systems where there is no freedom.

Why has all of this blood been spilled? To show us that war is not the way to the noble ideals for which many have died. Today in Iraq, more than 2300 young men and women from the US have died, as have thousands of innocent Iraqis. How many more must die?

On this day, I invite you to reflect on how to honor those lost souls by working through non-violence for real peace and justice.

How ironic that thousands of Latino and Latina soldiers and marines have died in the name of the stars and stripes, and today the government represented by that flag offends Latinos in the United States by militarizing the border and passing discriminatory laws. Are we to ignore the contributions made by immigrants to this great nation?

On any of the many war monuments to past wars we can find hundreds if not thousands of Latino names. Each served with pride and each was praised by politicians at the time. But what is happening now? Not only are they dishonored, but abusive and immoral proposals for immigration reform insult their relatives and families.

On this day, to recall the thousands of lost lives is to remind ourselves that wars only produce more hate, more destruction, more injustice, more grieving families, and more rage. This cycle must be stopped by acts of peace. No more names of the dead on monuments, no more holidays to honor the fallen, no more wars that incite the hatred of other peoples and religions. We ought to abolish Memorial Day.

Until then, let us use this day of remembrance and sadness to begin a new culture that respects human rights and all life. Let us tell Bush and those who will come after him that wars are not a path to peace. In honor of our fallen soldiers, let us raise our voice as one to say "Enough!"

Memorial Day - a day of mourning, tears, and reflection.

The author, Fernando Suarez del Solar, is the father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez del Solar, killed in action in Iraq by a US cluster bomb. Fernando Suarez del Solar is the director and founder of the Guerrero Azteca Peace Project.




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Friday, May 26, 2006


Bush's Imperial Presidency
Rated 5 in Politics on May 27, 2006 at 10:28:58 GMT.

A fellow from a town just outside of Austin wrote a four-sentence letter to the editor of our local daily that astonished me: "I want the government to please, please listen in on my phone calls. I have nothing to hide. It is also welcome to check my emails and give me a national identification card, which I will be proud to show when asked by people in authority. What's with all you people who need so much privacy?"

Well, gee where to start? How about with the founders? Many of the colonists who rose in support of the rebellion of '76 did so because their government kept snooping on them and invading their privacy. Especially offensive was the widespread use of "writs of assistance," which were sweeping warrants authorizing government agents to enter and search people's homes and businesses -- including those of people who had nothing to hide. The founders had a strong sense of the old English maxim "A man's house is his castle." They hated the government's "knock at the door," the forced intrusion into their private spheres, the arrogant abrogation of their personal liberty. So they fought a war to stop it. Once free of that government, they created a new one based on laws to protect liberty -- and this time they were determined to put a short, tight leash on government's inherently abusive search powers. Hence, the Fourth Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO WATCH THE QUINN REPORT -NOTHING TO HIDE. PRIVACY MATTERS to all Americans--including conservatives who think they have Nothing to Hide.


CLICK PICTURE TO GO TO BLOGGERHEADSIf anyone watched the Blair, Bush news conference the other night, I'll bet you are still feeling a bit queasy...


It was so thick with stinky, gamy,
thieves' argot, and lavishly loaded with nonsensical 'crappa doo-doo, that when Bush sputtered "Mr. Prime Minister, can I buy you dinner? " I thought "phew, it's over at last, now I can start recovering from the nausea I felt upon listening to these two bullheaded oafs' gobbledygook they had just spread over our national ears.

Yeah, that's what I thought... until the morally unprincipled scallywag, Chris Mathews of MSNBC's HARDBALL, (talk about a spit sputterer) appeared on my TV screen and GOOD GRIEF ALMIGHTY, he made the nauseating blather from the WAR DUO seem like eloquent dissertation. If you can possibly stomach it here is the video: CHRIS MATTHEWS LIKENS BUSH'S SORRYASS APOLOGIES TO LINCOLN. HUH? thinkingblue

May 25, 2006 · The following is a Federal News Service transcript of Thursday's news conference with President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Hear NPR Coverage of the News Conference


"I wish us into bizzaroland and you two are still together."---Cordelia from THE WISH-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Youtube)

Watching Tweety and Noron fawn all over their beloved King George after the Press Conference was mind numbing. I'm not going to write up a transcript, but all you need to know is that Tweety was moved enough to use the name "Lincoln" to describe Bush.

Olbermann had to be squirming in his chair.

Bush Apologizes
Bush Apologizes

With Bush's poll numbers in the sewer, it's not surprising that he took a track of contrition tonight. Abu Ghraib was a top down decision that led to our people torturing prisoners. He's sorry. Which consultant came up with these answers? How many of us in the blogosphere have been saying this for a long time to only be rebuked by his followers?

AP: Bush said he regretted his cowboy rhetoric after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks such as his "wanted dead or alive" description of Osama bin Laden and his taunting "bring 'em on" challenge to Iraqi insurgents. "In certain parts of the
world, it was misinterpreted." He also cited the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at the U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. "We've been paying for that for a long time," Bush said

Peter Daou as usual nails it.

"A jaw-dropping moment occurred in Bush and Blair's presser: Bush said he regretted saying "bring it on" and "wanted dead or alive." He admitted he should have been more sophisticated in his use of language. The significance of this shouldn't go unnoticed. Bush has now admitted what the progressive blog community has said all along: Bush's tough talk was wrongheaded and cost on"

Michael Reagan, July 4, 2003 :

The Democrats were aghast. Imagine, a U.S. President had talked tough.

When Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-Mo) – who'd like to be president himself - accused the president of using "phony, macho rhetoric," it reminded me of the weak-kneed Democrats who trembled with fear after my father Ronald Reagan acted "macho" when he told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. If those squeamish liberals had been running things the wall would still be there and the Cold War would still be going on, and we'd probably be losing it. (h/t Terry)





On Hardball, Matthews obsessed over Clintons' marriage
During the 5 p.m. ET hour of the May 25 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, host Chris Matthews asked at least 16 questions about the state of the marriage between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and former President Bill Clinton.

In solo interviews with NBC News Washington bureau chief Tim Russert and Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, as well as during a panel discussion with Cook Political Report editor and publisher Charlie Cook and Newsweek chief political correspondent Howard Fineman, Matthews repeatedly referenced a May 23 New York Times article and a May 25 column by Washington Post columnist David Broder -- both of which focused on the state of the Clintons' marriage. As Media Matters for America previously noted, the author of the Times story fueled Republican attacks on Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) during the 2004 presidential campaign, by engaging in similar speculation about Kerry's marriage. As Media Matters also pointed out, prior to his May 25 column, Broder had criticized journalists' focus on the private lives of politicians, lamenting that the American public was "choking on a surfeit of smut."


PS: Please read the below email message sent to me today by my cyber friend Maddi... She really knows how to express her opinion on the preposterous load of worthless nonsense the republicans have been HITTING US OVER THE HEAD WITH for FAR, FAR TOO LONG. The below essay from William Rivers Pitt puts it this way, in so many words, ... GET A LOAD OF WHAT THE "KARL ROVERS" ARE UP TO NOW!

YOUR LAUGH FOR THE DAY! Oh, Oh -- are they running scared. The "obscure" John Conyers is pushing impeachment according to the "OBSCURE" Howard Fineman. I know, it's hard for Howard to believe just how OBSCURE he is -- but he really, really is, Mr. McGillicutty! But, it's OK for him to think he has THE answers -- no matter how obscure they are!

And comes Elizabeth Dole, holding out her Tin Lizzie Cup for Donations to counter the Conyers-the-Giant's every move. Sit down Liz! You and Bob get on down to the rest home -- and take one!

Rove, et al are really saying: VOTE FOR US -- OR -- LOOK OUT -- WE'LL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Please don't throw us in the briar patch!

And, VOILA, FOX is weighing in with its load-a-crap! B-O-R-I-N-G!

Cheezy-Wheezy...............get a grip boys! Read all about it! maddi


Playing the Impeachment Card
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t Perspective

Thursday 25 May 2006

All in all, the framers would probably agree that it's better to impeach too often than too seldom. If presidents can't be virtuous, they should at least be nervous. - Joseph Sobran (AMEN thinkingblue)

Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan is a small and soft-spoken man. One gets the definite sense upon meeting him that here is a man who could probably have made a fortune in Hollywood, had he chosen a different direction in life, playing the role of the wise and kindly grandfather. He wound up in public service, and today - if you listen to Karl Rove and the GOP - he is easily the most terrifying man in America.

Back on May 10th, Howard Fineman wrote for MSNBC:
"Then there is the attention being paid - and it's just starting - to obscure Democratic characters such as Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. As of now, only political junkies know that Conyers, an African-American and old-school liberal from Detroit, would become chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats regain control of the House. Few know that Conyers has expressed interest in holding hearings on the impeachment of the president."

A direct-mail piece from Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) popped up several days ago. In the mailer, Dole warned that unless the faithful donate money for the midterm elections, rampaging Democrats were going to, "increase your taxes, call for endless investigations, Congressional censure and maybe even impeachment of President Bush."

A Fox News online editorial acknowledges the very real possibility of a Democratic takeover of the House, and proposes several steps the Democrats should take in such an event, in order to do right by the country. "Step one," reads the Fox editorial, "would be for the Democratic leadership to definitively put to rest any loose talk of impeaching President Bush. They should say in one and two syllable words that impeachment will not happen once they are in the majority and thus take away a potential rallying cry for the beleaguered Republicans."

This may be, when all is said and done, one of the funniest moments in time in all of American political history.

Approval ratings for the Bush administration are at historic lows, and approval ratings for the Republican Congressional majority currently languish in a root-cellar beneath those historic lows. There are 159 days until the November 7th midterm elections, and the Republican majority has
absolutely nothing to run on. The economy? They say it is strong but no one believes them, and rising gas prices don't do their arguments any favors. Immigration? This is a self-inflicted brawl that has ripped a wide rift down the middle of the Republican coalition. National security? Iraq.

On top of this big three, the White House and the Republican Congressional majority are also walking around with NSA domestic spying, the investigation into the outing of Valerie Plame, the now-axiomatic belief that Bush left New Orleans to die, and a half-dozen other millstones
hanging around their necks.

The White House can't shed these millstones, because just about all of these catastrophes came out of 1600 Pennsylvania. The Republican Congressional majority can't shed them, because they stapled themselves to this White House a long time ago, and there are no pliers in the world large enough to extricate them from that association.

The abandonment of Congressional oversight is a lot of the reason we are in such a sorry state, and that abandonment was authored by Republicans who were stupid enough and opportunistic enough to trust that Bush and his people would lead them to the promised land of a permanent majority. This won't be forgotten by November.

Beyond that, few people are going to rise in response again to the waving of the bloody shirt of September 11. The Cunningham and Abramoff scandals continue to grow, chopping down Republicans left and right. The GOP's usual electoral strengths - morality and security - are gone, and the Republican base is abandoning them. The cupboard is just about empty.

What's left? Vote for us, or else we'll be held accountable! That's just funny.
Usually, the Republican National Committee has to roll out horror stories about mandatory abortions, the planned annihilation of every Bible in the land, and the prospect of Jack and Joe's civil union eviscerating the sanctity of millions of unhappy marriages everywhere. To be sure, these themes will be played throughout the upcoming election seasons, but clearly the GOP overmind is not confident that the masses will dance to the tune.

Thus, the warning: if the Republicans lose in November, Bush will be impeached, and the Earth will immediately thereafter hurtle into the sun. This isn't just a lot of smoke and scare-tactics, however. The Republicans are genuinely worried about what will happen if the Democrats re-take the House in November. They have ample cause for concern.

Beyond the specter of John Conyers doing an impersonation of Peter Rodino should Conyers become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee - in an interesting historical quirk, Conyers sat on the Judiciary Committee when Rodino shepherded it through drafting the three articles of impeachment against Nixon, and voted "Yes" on all three articles - lie a number of other House Democrats whose rise to a chairmanship would be devastating to the White House.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) sits on the Committee on Government Reform, and will become chairman should the Democrats re-take the House in November. Waxman, in 1998, founded the Special Investigations Division within the minority offices on this committee, "to conduct investigations into issues that are important to the minority members of the Government Reform Committee and other members of Congress."

There are more than fifty investigations that have been performed and continued to be performed by Waxman's Special Investigations Division. Among these are investigations into the torture at Abu Ghraib, Cheney's notorious energy task force meetings, a variety of Halliburton payoffs, electronic voting, the administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, and the vast scandal surrounding administration abuse of Iraq intelligence and the exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

There is enough meat on that bone to keep Rep. Waxman, armed with subpoena power, busy as a beaver for the foreseeable future. It is also worth noting, when considering the formidable arsenal of information Waxman can bring to bear against the Bush White House, the legacy of Dan Burton.

Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) became notorious as chairman of Government Reform during the Clinton administration. He fired off enough subpoenas to fill an oil tanker, almost all of them inspired by
baseless and scurrilous accusations. Without actually proving much of anything, beyond the fact that subpoena power is an astonishingly large stick to hand to someone, Burton managed to keep the Clinton administration tied in knots for years.

Burton was throwing mud. Waxman will be throwing fire, if handed the opportunity. Beyond Waxman and Conyers, there will be Barney Frank chairing the House Financial Services Committee. There will be Louise Slaughter chairing the House Committee on Rules. There will be Charlie Rangel chairing the Ways and Means Committee. This list goes on, and on.

As amusing as the GOP's fear of impeachment is, the truth is that this Constitutional doomsday device is the least of their worries. Conyers does not have to impeach George W. Bush to throw a few torpedoes into the side of the Republican battleship. All he has to do, along with Waxman and the other chairs, is investigate with subpoena power. Tell the truth in public hearings with the principals under oath. Let the facts come to light in a way we have not seen for many years.

The result of this would be an even greater Democratic Congressional victory in 2008, and an incredible series of obstacles for any Republican presidential nominee to overcome. A drumbeat of truth about Iraq, Katrina, Abu Ghraib, Halliburton, Plame and all the rest of it would have every Republican who has ever uttered Bush's name in public fleeing for their lives. The long-sought permanent majority lusted after by the GOP would be transformed into a cemented minority, reminiscent of the shattered state of the Republican party in the aftermath of Watergate.

All of this only comes to pass, of course, if the Democrats re-take the House. What was considered an incredible long-shot even a few months ago has become an even-money proposition. Nothing is guaranteed by any stretch, and events may well transpire that swing the electorate back in favor of Bush and his Congressional allies. The fiasco that is electronic voting and the Help America Vote Act will stand in favor of the GOP come November, as it always has. If the Democrats want to win in November, they will have to work harder than they ever have before.

For now, it is enough to be amused by the smell of fear emanating from the GOP. This newest tactic - warning people about the potential for impeachment - begs one simple question: if they have nothing to hide, what are they afraid of? The answer, clearly, is John Conyers. He is, you'll hear soon enough, a terrifying man.

William Rivers Pitt is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of two books:

War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know
and The Greatest Sedition Is Silence.


The next link is a sad piece written in 2002, if only the "man in the street" could have collectively shouted...NO, WE WILL NOT STAND FOR YOUR CONJURED UP REASONS FOR A PREEMPTIVE WAR WITH IRAQ! Maybe, just maybe, some of our leaders would have heard this appeal and so much sorrow would have been prevented. thinkingblue
Saddam's Concessions Will Never Be Enough for the US

Unless it can engineer a war, Bush's administration is political roadkill
by Simon Tisdall


Click Here to See Amy Gooman's Interview With Greg Palast


Scarborough on FREE FALL BUSH




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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The news lately, is quite depressing but every once in the while there is a story with a glimmer of hope. Now I am not talking about the FAKE hope that Bush will try to espouse, like calling the forming of Iraq's new government a
"the formation of a unity government in Iraq marks a watershed for the greater Middle East." (GWB)

Shortly after, I saw this spouting of words and spit from boy George's lips, I tuned into PBS' News Hour With Jim Lehrer. There, right on my TV screen, were several Middle Eastern scholars begging to defer, here are the remarks from a guest journalist, Nir Rosen:

MARGARET WARNER: Nir Rosen, how does it feel to you? I mean, is this a turning point? Is this a small positive step? Where would you put it on the scale?

NIR ROSEN, Journalist:
Well, since the occupation began, we've heard of many turning points and many milestones: the creation of the governing council; the handover of sovereignty; the variation elections; the various battles.

We've turned the point. We've broken the back, but nothing has changed. In fact, things have gotten worse.

I think this is actually a rather insignificant event, because events inside the Green Zone have no effect on the reality outside in Baghdad, where militias control the street, where there's a civil war raging, an open civil war between Sunni and Shia militias.

And this new government is not going to change that. If anything, Maliki is at least as ideologically committed to Shia power and to preventing any sort of national reconciliation, despite his overt statements to the contrary.


This is what we've mostly been getting from the news... Bush putting on his rose colored glasses and painting a visual picture that will give compliment to his miserable failures in Iraq; only if you search FREESPEACH TV or sometimes
PBS you will hear the truth behind the Bush unmitigated canards. (SAME OLE,

But yesterday, it was different, I saw a bright young college graduate who dared to speak up and give her opinion to the "business as usual" republican blowhard, John McCain, (I must interject here, I am very disappointed in McCain's growing of several faces) on another TV show 'COUNT DOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN'.

Hearing her reasoning and seeing her eloquent style, I suddenly felt the piercing, whispering breeze of reality trying to penetrate through the smog of gobbledygook we've been fed for the last 5 years of "ABSOLUTE CONTROL" by these "FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME" republicans. And I must tell you, IT FELT GOOD!

So today, I researched this subject on the Internet, for information on this brave girl named Jean Sarah Rohe. Since I usually start with the crooksandliar's website my search was a "PIECE OF CAKE" that I enjoyably gormandized, ravenously to put on my puny blog. So that I could perhaps, share, partake and be a party to, spreading this little anecdote far and wide... TO BRIGHTEN ONE'S DAY!

Please click on the picture below to see this young woman on Keith Olbermann's show and click the links to the HUFFINGTON BLOG to read all about it. Enjoy, thinkingblue


Many of you are aware of Jean Sarah Rohe's graduation speech which she changed after learning that John McCain's would be following hers at The New School.
She then wrote an article on the
Huffington Post to explain her rationale behind her remarks. This led to McCain's staffer Mark Salter, to write a scathing article to answer her, in which he called her an idiot. Rohe then responded the following day saying: I'm sad to see that Mr. Salter intentionally misinterpreted my writing, presumably to hurt my feelings and frighten me into silence.

Jean joined Keith Olbermann to discuss what transpired.




Rohe: ...the fact that we were graduating, this
was our graduation, that this was our big day. It was much more of a stump
speech for Senator McCain and I felt that that was completely out of place
and, of course I had the privilege of knowing what the Senator was going to
say before he said it so I was prepared for that.



If all the world were peaceful now and forever more,

Peaceful at the surface and peaceful at the core,

All the joy within my heart would be so free to soar,

And we're living on a living planet, circling a living star.

Don't know where we're going but I know we're going far.

We can change the universe by being who we are,

And we're living on a living planet, circling a living star.




I must say, I find a few things quite amazing;

- I find the fact that McCain and Salters felt the need to attack and smear a
college student amazing.

- I find the lack of values and hypocrisy in their act amazing.


- I find Jeans poise, intelligence, and conviction amazing.

Senator McCain... Mr. Salter... you've just been smacked down by a young lady
who has far more intelligence, far more conviction to her values, and far more
grace under pressure then you both will ever have. Go pick on someone you have
a chance to bully... like some child in pre-school.

Ms. Rohe, you are truly a gem. I'd say forget about the slime balls, but,
unfortunately, in true slime fashion, they will probably try to unleash the
pundits of slime now... O'Reilly, Coulter and Limbaugh.

Take heart though... and take heed... you have a very powerful "ace" in your
hand; that you are a mere college student speaking your mind, your values, and
your convictions... and anyone who feels the need to try and run you through
the mud has no morals whatsoever. Don't be afraid to use that because they are
heartless dogs of war.

- Val, 05.22.2006



We need more Jean Sara Rohe
From the New York Times McCain Gets Cantankerous Reception at Commencement

Published: May 19, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) -- Senator John McCain of Arizona received a cantankerous reception during his appearance at the New School commencement Friday, where dozens of faculty members and students turned their backs and raised signs in protest and a distinguished student speaker pointedly mocked him as he sat silently nearby.

The historically liberal university has been roiled in controversy in recent weeks over the selection of McCain, a conservative Republican and likely 2008 presidential candidate, to deliver the commencement address.

Some 1,200 students and faculty signed petitions asking the university president, former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, to rescind the invitation. Petitioners said McCain's support for the Iraq war and opposition to gay rights and legal abortion do not keep with the prevailing views on campus.

Kerrey, a Democrat who served in the Senate with McCain and, like McCain, is a decorated Vietnam War veteran, addressed the controversy almost immediately after the 2,700
graduates and thousands of other parents and friends filed into Madison Square Garden for the ceremony.

"Sen. McCain, you have much to teach us," Kerrey said to a smattering of boos and hisses. He urged students to exercise the open-mindedness he said was at the heart of the university's progressive history.

But Kerrey's remarks were immediately overshadowed by those of Jean Sara Rohe, one of two distinguished seniors invited by the university's deans to address the graduates.

Beginning by singing a wistful folk tune calling for world peace, Rohe announced she had thrown out her prepared remarks to address the McCain controversy directly.

Read more of it at the
new york times


Scarborough on FREE FALL BUSH







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