Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mitt Romney's Halloween Special

Friday, October 26, 2012

War on Wombs

Attention American Women, the Tea Party's is out to regulate your Womb, the Supreme Court will see to it when 3 more conservative judges are appointed by Romney.

There has been so much insanity coming out of the GOP, you gotta GOT TO wonder if these people really are from Earth 2012. The Tea Party 2010 sweep-ins talk about a violent crime perpetrated upon another human being like it was a little league game dispute where a kid who was called out by an umpire, had in reality skidded into third base and was safe. What the hell is going on… no WTF is going on? Why aren’t these guys suffering the wrath of sane people who would normally tell them they should be put in a Looney-Bin before they hurt someone?
Calling the brutal crime of rape, a gift from God if it results in pregnancy (Richard Mourdock R-IN.) or if a depraved rape results in pregnancy it’s a Method of Conception therefore a women has nada choice over her violated body --thus, becoming a prisoner of her own body-- (Paul Ryan R-WI.). And TADA, Legitimate Rape will not make you pregnant because you will fight the attacker and therefore your body will secrete a magic fluid that will prevent it. In other words you can only get pregnant IF YOU ENJOY THE RAPE! (Todd Akin R-MO.). Good grief, I feel sick.
It is so hard for me to believe the GOP has a chance of putting a man in the white house. I feel ashamed that my wonderful country has so many delusional and low information (or outright morally sickos) who vote.
(Especially women, the target of this GOP newly organized bat-shit crazy Tea Party, who by voting for these nuts, expose their secret desire to take us all to the Land of La La.)
But this isn’t just a women’s dilemma (dilemma, is too mild a word, it’s more like monstrously offensive affront) men, will also pay a dear price for this war on wombs, think son, grandson, brother who in an act of nature’s mutual titillation an egg is fertilized and your loved one and his girlfriend realize that their brain-numbing young recklessness has resulted in an undeserved life punishment with no recourse or chance of parole because the union of two gametes had taken place giving the zygote more rights than the adults who created it, due to laws enacted by a bunch of crazy men. I feel that sickness again.
This lunacy has got to stop; we cannot allow it to continue not if we want to keep pace with sanity, not if we feel repulsion and horror over the thought of misogynist Taliban types ruling us.
I still can’t believe the polls are forecasting a tie between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The American Voter tied between insanity and sanity?? Let us all hope that there are more of us who possess SOUNDNESS of MIND and sanity will reign. thinkingblue

PS: OMG, President Romney and VP Ryan…it can’t happen, please tell me it can’t happen!

Tina Fey calls out ‘gray-faced men’ talking about rape
The comedian Tina Fey has a serious bone to pick with "grey-faced" men who would have their say on women's reproductive rights. Her comments, surfaced by BuzzFeed, have sparked interest on the Web.
In a talk at the Center for Reproductive Rights' Inaugural Gala last night, the "30 Rock" creator slammed Congressman Todd Akin's definition of "legitimate rape."
The 42-year-old performer, a special guest at the gala, lamented, "I wish we could have an honest and respectful dialogue about these complicated issues. But it seems we can't right now."
The former "Saturday Night Live" star added, "If I have to listen to one more gray-faced man with a two-dollar hair cut explain to me what rape is, I'm gonna lose my mind." In an attempt to sum up Akin's "legitimate rape" phrase, Fey gave up, saying simply, "I can't even finish this sentence without getting dumber."
In a TV interview this summer, Akin explained why he does not believe abortion should be legal in cases of rape. The congressman claimed, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."
Just this week, Indiana Sen. Richard Mourdock also came under for fire for saying that, "Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen."
President Obama responded to both of the bizarre explanations of rape during his appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," saying "I don't know how these guys come up with these ideas," adding, "Let me make a very simple proposition. Rape is rape. It is a crime."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Supreme Court Judges Separate the GOP Tea Party from the Taliban

The GOP Tea Party and the Taliban have one overwhelming desire to control the masses and there are so many equivalents between these two factions, it makes me shiver in my boots. If Romney is elected president, in 4 years time the GOP Tea Party, with the selection of 2 conservative Supreme Court Judges, will have the power to marginalize half of the American population. WOMEN BEWARE, this is no joke. Please watch Joe Biden talk about the seriousness of a GOP Tea Party win, in the video below. thinkingblue

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tagg You're It!

Tagg Romney was so upset with President Obama that he wanted to bolt from his seat and take a swing at 'em. Why was he upset? Because President Obama alluded that Poppy Mitt was lying. Poppy Mitt really WAS lying but that’s immaterial to Little Taggie Boy. It appears Bullies spawn Bullies! thinkingblue

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Springsteen to Join Obama, Taking Care Our (Democracy) Doesn't Fall to Tea Party Fascism

Hmmm, let me think now, who does the GOP Tea Party have to inspire their base that's equal to Bruce The-Working-Man Springsteen?
Oh, that's right, it's Hank Williams Jr.! It's fitting that an entertaining Bigot would be the inspiration for Tea Party Bigotry. thinkingblue

October 17, 2012
A message from Bruce

Dear Friends:

The election is coming up on all of us and we all have strong feelings about it. I’ve been getting asked a lot about where I stand, so for those who are interested, here goes.

This presidential election is different than the last one because President Obama has a four year record to run on. Last time around, he carried with him a tremendous amount of hope and expectations. Unfortunately, due to the economic chaos the previous administration left him with, and the extraordinary intensity of the opposition, it turned into a really rough ride. But through grit, determination, and focus, the President has been able to do a great many things that many of us deeply support.

Domestically, that record includes working to increase and expand employment for all, protecting our all important social safety net, passing guaranteed health care for most of our citizens, with important new protections for all of the insured, rescuing the auto industry and so many of the American jobs that go with it, protecting and enhancing the rights of women, and bringing us closer to full acceptance of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

In foreign affairs, that record includes following through on the removal of troops from the misguided and deceptive war in Iraq, and vigorously pursuing our real foreign enemies, especially the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Right now the opposition’s resort to voter suppression in so many states is not receiving as much attention as it deserves. I believe that all of us, of whatever views, should be opposing these anti-voter, anti-citizen efforts.

Right now, for the President to be effective in his next term he needs our increased support and he needs support in the Congress, where some sterling candidates, such as current Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, challenger Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, and so many others, are fighting to make their constructive voices heard.

Right now, there is an ever increasing division of wealth in this country, with the benefits going more and more to the 1 percent. For me, President Obama is our best choice to begin to reverse this harmful development.

Right now, there is a fight going on to help make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama is our best choice to get us and keep us moving in the right direction.

Right now, we need a President who has a vision that includes all of our citizens, not just some, whether they are our devastated poor, our pressured middle class, and yes, the wealthy too; whether they are male or female, black, white, brown, or yellow, straight or gay, civilian or military.

Right now, there is a choice going on in America, and I’m happy that we live in a country where we all participate in that process. For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together. We’re still living through very hard times but justice, equality and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in. They are more often a slow march, inch by inch, day after long day. I believe President Obama feels these days in his bones and has the strength to live them with us and to lead us to a country “…where no one crowds you and no one goes it alone.”

That’s why I plan to be in Ohio and Iowa supporting the re-election of President Obama to lead our country for the next four years.

Bruce Springsteen
Album version

I been knocking on the door that holds the throne
I been looking for the map that leads me home
I been stumbling on good hearts turned to stone
The road of good intentions has gone dry as a bone
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag's flown
We take care of our own

From Chicago to New Orleans, from the muscle to the bone
From the shotgun shack to the Superdome
There ain't no help, the cavalry stayed home
There ain't no one hearing the bugle blowin'
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag's flown
We take care of our own

Where're the eyes, the eyes with the will to see
Where're the hearts that run over with mercy
Where's the love that has not forsaken me
Where's the work that set my hands, my soul free
Where's the spirit that'll reign, reign over me
Where's the promise from sea to the shining sea
Where's the promise from sea to the shining sea
Wherever this flag is flown
Wherever this flag is flown
Wherever this flag is flown

We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag's flown
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag's flown
We take care of our own

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Move Over Big Bird Mitt Just Gave Birth To A New Bouncing Baby Meme

Move Over Big Bird Mitt Just Gave Birth To A New Bouncing Baby Meme
Binders Full of Women

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Two Serious Reasons To Vote For Obama

World War 3 and An Unenlightened, Repressive Supreme Court

Number one reason to vote for Obama: A Romney administration would culminate in war. It wouldn’t take much to spark an all out cataclysmic event where many human beings will suffer and die. That is the nature of Romney, who is aware that all his riches will keep he and his family safe somewhere during war, while the rest of us endure the abject misery of world conflict. A Romney win would be a Jackpot for the neocons (who have been waiting patiently in the shadows after their last total failure, to try, try again.) just like 9/11 was a win for them in abstract. (Read: Neocons ‘pushed’ mindless Bush into ‘idiotic war’ — Chris Matthews
Romney represents to the neoconservative ideology, a puppet, just like George W. Bush did. They can and will bend him shape him to fulfill their dream of whipping the world nations, who they believe to be adolescent and infantile in their governing and a threat to the world, into shape or bring them into adulthood, which they believe their credo or ideology to be. Too simple for you, just remember it was the PNAC who penned the words "A NEW PEARL HARBOR":
The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was an American think tank based in Washington, D.C. that lasted from 1997 to 2006. It was co-founded as a non-profit educational organization by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. The PNAC's stated goal was "to promote American global leadership." Fundamental to the PNAC were the view that "American leadership is both good for America and good for the world" and support for "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity." The PNAC exerted influence on high-level U.S. government officials in the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush and affected the Bush Administration's development of military and foreign policies, especially involving national security and the Iraq War.
"New Pearl Harbor"

Section V of Rebuilding America's Defenses, entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force", includes the sentence: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor".

Though not arguing that Bush administration PNAC members were complicit in those attacks, other social critics such as commentator Manuel Valenzuela and journalist Mark Danner, investigative journalist John Pilger, in New Statesman, and former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle Bernard Weiner, in CounterPunch, all argue that PNAC members used the events of 9/11 as the "Pearl Harbor" that they needed––that is, as an "opportunity" to "capitalize on" (in Pilger's words), in order to enact long-desired plans.
Inexperienced in realities of war

Former US Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin and UK Labour MP and Father of the House of Commons, Tam Dalyell, criticized PNAC members for promoting policies which support an idealized version of war, even though only a handful of PNAC members have served in the military or, if they served, never seen combat.

As quoted in Paul Reynolds' BBC News report, David Rothkopf stated:

Their [The Project for the New American Century's] signal enterprise was the invasion of Iraq and their failure to produce results is clear. Precisely the opposite has happened. The US use of force has been seen as doing wrong and as inflaming a region that has been less than susceptible to democracy. Their plan has fallen on hard times. There were flaws in the conception and horrendously bad execution. The neo-cons have been undone by their own ideas and the incompetence of the Bush administration.
More Here:
Number two reason, the fate of the Supreme Court. I have been reiterating to all who may come within earshot of my opinion on this subject for some time now, the importance of an Obama win because of the selection of Supreme Court Judges.  It’s not about Obama it’s about Life and how we will get to live it in the future if Romney were to win. AGAIN, THINK ABJECT MISERY, not only by war, but by restriction on freedoms. Especially women because it’s their body that has become the conservative 'soup de jour' since the Tea Party took control of common sense but it will also affect men, concerning family planning and the enslavement of free will. Romney, without a doubt will select the most rigid (religiosity) minds to don our supreme court, allowing this court to become our moral (one-sided) compass, on how we will be forced to live our lives. Bye, bye separation of Church and State!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I have been spending much of my time researching my ancestry-line and with a browse that went back to the early 1800’s, through all the different unions and begets there was one life common denominator for the women of the past: a marriage almost always resulted in the wife being pregnant most of her adult life.  There were no thoughts, public or private about contraception, no choices for a woman concerning her body. A pregnancy was a sentence, an incarceration to a woman of antiquity she could do nothing but endure. Infant mortality was also high, so was the rate of maternal deaths:
Q: Why do so many women still die in pregnancy or childbirth?
A: Every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth – that means 529 000 women a year. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, around 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease – approximately 10 million women each year. More Here:
The startling absolutes of a Romney/Ryan win:
  1. World War III (Due to Neocons taking back control of USA foreign policies)
  2. A Religiosity Supreme Court ready and anxious to take women back to the age of darkness.
Think about it, IT'S NO JOKE! thinkingblue

Thursday, October 11, 2012

$$ The Mitt Romney Style $$

"If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style."
~~Quentin Crisp~~
I came across this video posted on facebook by one of its members... I don't know about you but it blew me away, with its downright candor. (The Gangnam Style beat also helped the message, a message of honesty, in short supply when it comes to old Mitt.) The quote by the flamboyant, Quentin Crisp, speak volumes about the "Romney Style" but I believe, in Romney's case the Antonyms for the word style are a better match for him:
Style - Antonyms: offensiveness, ugliness
Let us all hope that Mitt Romney's failure will be his alone and will not include the USA! thinkingblue

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Hey Mitt, Can You Handle More Truth?

Can You View This Video and Still Believe that Educational Broadcasting is for the BIG BIRDS?
Do you still feel a satisfaction at firing Big Bird?
Never mind, we all know the answers!

Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003)
Initially educated to be a minister, Rogers was displeased with the way television addressed children and made an effort to change this when he began to write for and perform on local Pittsburgh-area shows dedicated to youth. The Public Broadcasting Service developed his own nationally-aired show in 1968 and, over the course of three decades on television, he became an indelible American icon of children's entertainment and education, as well as a symbol of compassion, patience, and morality. He was also known for his advocacy of various public causes. His testimony before a lower court in favor of time shifting was cited in a U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Betamax case, and he gave now-famous testimony to a U.S. Senate committee, advocating government funding for children's television.

Rogers received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, some forty honorary degrees, and a Peabody Award. He was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, was recognized by two Congressional resolutions, and was ranked No. 35 among TV Guide's Fifty Greatest TV Stars of All Time. Several buildings and artworks in Pennsylvania are dedicated to his memory, and the Smithsonian Institution displays one of his trademark sweaters as a "Treasure of American History".

Public Enemy # One

Do not apprehend, may be dangerous, contact Romney/Ryan if you've happened upon yellow feathers.

Information is critical - GET THE FACTS NOW

Hey Mitt, Here's A Dose Of Truth, Can You Handle It?

Please pass this around.
October 9, 2012 video views - 1,153,317 - and counting.

Published on Oct 5, 2012 by WhyObamaNow
An animated short about the big choice in 2012's presidential election, by Simpsons / Family Guy animator Lucas Gray. Get registered and ready at

A Few Political Images From This Site:
Republican Ambiguity
A True Red Republican
Romney Has Managed To Insult
Mitt Romney's First Revelation of His Truth
Romney and Feathers
Mitt's Out Of Touch - You Don't Say.
Mind Control Through Lack of Education
The Republican Jesus
Images from this site:

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New Rules - Save America From What? And Are We Really Free?

New Rules - Save America From What?
Are We Really Free?
Are We Free?
I came across the above, thought provoking image on facebook today. It begs the question ‘Are we really free?’ We Americans are under the delusion that we live in a free country, therefore we are free. But we could never truly be free because we as a species are social animals. When it comes to Social Behavior, you must either adhere to the rules or go off and live out your life all alone in the mountains somewhere. (Although, an 'alone' lifestyle may seem appealing when it comes to getting away from the right-wing sideshow.)
 From day one, we enter existence bombarded with indoctrination, whether it is from religion, capitalism (corporate advertising), politics or a set of Social Norms. If we don’t follow the crowd without question, we are made to feel outlawed, outside looking in. People like Mitt Romney never have feelings that they may not belong. In fact, these types believe they not only belong, they run the place.  
Anyway,  back to the facebook image above, my first response to this picture was a quote from Janis Joplin's hit song called, “Me and Bobby McGee” the line "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose!", is the embodiment of the word freedom. We can only be free if we have no fear of losing something. This ‘no fear’, is almost impossible to achieve but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to attain it. Fear is a mental bondage that turns us into non-thinking followers (like the teapublicans who are not aware of it). As I searched for enlightenment from opinions shared on the Internet, I came across an individual’s thoughts that says it all. thinkingblue (Picture below)
FROM THIS SITE: "Freedom's just another word..."--meaning?
By: Sam Stone
02-16-2006, 10:38 PM
Actually, I think it's a pretty insightful statement. When you've got nothing to lose, you can do whatever you damned well please. When I was young, single, and had no career to speak of, I could pack up and move to another city, or go backpacking on a whim, or really whatever I wanted.
Now I have a mortgage, a kid, a career, and I'm not free at all. I get up every morning, go to work, do what the boss says, pick the kid up from school, etc. And if I decide to chuck the job, I'd lose the house, maybe the marriage, family... So I'm trapped.
Not that I'd trade it away, but the fact is we give up a lot of freedom when we take on the responsibility of a middle class life. We become slaves to our commitments and to the cost of losing what we've taken years to build up.
Social norms are described by sociologists as being laws that govern society’s behaviors . Although these norms are not considered to be formal laws within society, they still work to promote a great deal of social control. Social norms can be enforced formally (e.g., through sanctions) or informally (e.g., through body language and non-verbal communication cues.) If people do not follow these norms then they become labeled as deviants and this can lead to them being considered the outcast of society. What is considered “normal” is relative to the location of the culture in which the social interaction is taking place. Norms in every culture create conformity that allows for people to become socialized to the culture in which they live.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fire Big Bird? Revenge - This Time It's Personal!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Scalia and His Cobweb Thinking

"abortion, gay rights are easy cases"
When I was young (~So Much Younger Than Today~) I use to refer to OLD as cobwebby (especially hinting at cerebral activity). I believe this was because whenever I encountered something really ‘decrepit’ or older than dirt, it had certain characteristics; like a funny unique (older than dirt) odor and was accompanied by a gazillion shuddersome cobwebs. So as I merrily journeyed toward senility, I would refer to some old people (especially old men who would flirt with me) as full of cobwebs, not so much because of their physical features; it was their thinking that seemed to drip with creepy spider webs, to me.
So it was, full-of-cobwebs meant to me that these oldsters could only view the world in terms of rules and laws from a by-gone era. You know those days when superstitions dominated the consciousness of the times i.e.
“If a candle lighted as part of a ceremony blows out, it is a sign that evil spirits are nearby.”
“A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen.”
“It is bad luck to walk under a ladder.”
“To break a mirror means 7 years bad luck.”
“A white moth inside the house or trying to enter the house means death.”
(OK, I’m getting way to Halloweenie, you can read more at:
Anyway, back to Full-of-Cobwebs, some of those who identify with the Right-Wing Tea Party Movement… have so many cobwebs living within their brains cells, it’s a wonder they can live in this day of hi-tech and science. Actually they do have problems living in, The Today (which must seem very frightening to them). That is why they resort to antiquated superstitions to cope. What’s really chilling about this is the fact that some of these cobwebby folks are leaders in high places who with tons of webs in their belfries, have the power to make us all live by their archaic way of thinking.
Anthony Scalia is one such loony, TALK ABOUT POWER, he can send us all back to the dark ages with one full swipe of a pen. I came across this article this morning telling how this Supreme Court justice thinks (or thinks through an entanglement of cobwebs). Another disturbing factor, the man is proud of it! SAY WHAT? Please read the article below. Thinkingblue
PS: Here are a few quotes from another cobweb-loon who has the power to turn (OUR) life into a “Dracula” movie:
“If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole ...” VICTIMS OF LEGITIMATE RAPE DON'T GET PREGNANT! Todd Akin
“Terrorist Doctors are giving abortions to women who aren't actually pregnant…” Todd Akin
This is benign but still noteworthy: Todd Akin Says McCaskill Is Not 'Ladylike' ... (COBWEBBY epitomized!)
Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases
By MARK SHERMAN –Associated Press –

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Antonin Scalia says his method of interpreting the Constitution makes some of the most hotly disputed issues that come before the Supreme Court among the easiest to resolve.

Scalia calls himself a "textualist" and, as he related to a few hundred people who came to buy his new book and hear him speak in Washington the other day, that means he applies the words in the Constitution as they were understood by the people who wrote and adopted them.

So Scalia parts company with former colleagues who have come to believe capital punishment is unconstitutional. The framers of the Constitution didn't think so and neither does he.

"The death penalty? Give me a break. It's easy. Abortion? Absolutely easy. Nobody ever thought the Constitution prevented restrictions on abortion. Homosexual sodomy? Come on. For 200 years, it was criminal in every state," Scalia said at the American Enterprise Institute.

He contrasted his style of interpretation with that of a colleague who tries to be true to the values of the Constitution as he applies them to a changing world. This imaginary justice goes home for dinner and tells his wife what a wonderful day he had, Scalia said.

This imaginary justice, Scalia continued, announces that it turns out "'the Constitution means exactly what I think it ought to mean.' No kidding."

As he has said many times before, the justice said the people should turn to their elected lawmakers, not judges, to advocate for abortion rights or an end to the death penalty. Or they should try to change the Constitution, although Scalia said the Constitution makes changing it too hard by requiring 38 states to ratify an amendment for it to take effect.

"It is very difficult to adopt a constitutional amendment," Scalia said. He once calculated that less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, residing in the 13 least populous states, could stop an amendment, he said.

In a lengthy question-and-answer session, Scalia once again emphatically denied there's a rift among the court's conservative justices following Chief Justice John Roberts' vote to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law. Scalia dissented from Roberts' opinion.

"Look it, do not believe anything you read about the internal workings of the Supreme Court," he said. "It is either a lie because the press knows we won't respond — they can say whatever they like and we won't respond — or else it's based on information from someone who has violated his oath of confidentiality, that is to say, a non-reliable source. So one way or another it is not worthy of belief."

"We can disagree with one another on the law without taking it personally," he said.
More Here:

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sad Day For Big Bird and Sesame Street

And for America
I was so upset with President Obama during the October 3, 2012 presidential debate last night that I woke up this morning asking myself... "Did it really happen?" Did President Obama allow Mitt Romney to wipe the floor up with him using LIES, DISTORTIONS AND THE RIGHT-WING WORN-OUT PROPAGANDA MACHINE THAT DIDN'T AND COULDN'T CHURN OUT ONE OUNCE OF TRUTH! I wish it didn't happen but it did and I have to do something to sooth my angry soul. I can't do it with words because there are no words to convey what we witnessed last night. Words are useless when it comes to describing what is INDESCRIBABLE. So instead I searched for pictures... they, I believe, say it best. It's a sad, sad day for America. I hope beyond hope that President Obama will realize very quickly what is at stake. It's not his reputation, it's not his ego, it's not even the realization that he could be out of work very shortly... IT IS WE-THE-PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO SUFFER IF OBAMA DOESN'T GET SOME MOXIE AND START TELLING ROMNEY WHERE HE AND HIS VP CAN PUT THEIR LIES! And it ain't a nice place! thinkingblue

October 4, 2012 By mario piperni

That was definitely not the illustration I had in mind for the morning after the first presidential debate. I was thinking more along the lines of an image of Romney submerged in a pond of lies and crap, his eyes barely visible above the floating scum. But, truth be told, last night was definitely not Barack Obama’s finest hour. So, what happened? Well, a number of things.

Obama did not bring his ‘A’ game to the debate.
In front of 50 million viewers, Romney decided to cast aside the hard right element of his party after 18 months of bending over backwards for them and suddenly move to the center. The over-the-top lies and shift in policy positions appeared to throw Obama off.
Jim Lehrer sucked. That was the worst moderated debated I’ve ever witnessed and Romney, to his credit, took full advantage of the chaos and steamrolled right over Lehrer.

So is it over? Has Mitt turned around months of missteps and what can only be described as a disastrous campaign to now surge away and win this thing in November? Nope, not by a long shot. Lies, spin and little detail on policy might have sounded good for ninety minutes but Romney is now going to have to explain how it is, for example, that after 18 months of claiming he’d cut taxes on the rich, that it is no longer his policy to do so. Let him have fun with that.

All in all, it was a boring debate. I can’t imagine how a viewer not well versed on the minutiae of either candidate’s platform walked away from that debate being any better informed than they were ninety minutes prior. Even I, political junkie and all, found myself struggling to follow the candidate’s statements to their conclusions. In Obama’s case, his responses lacked crispness and clarity. In Romney’s case, there’s just so much bullshit one can take in an hour and an half before one’s eyes roll over and nausea sets in. My bowl of popcorn remained uneaten.

Romney won the debate but he also made two serious errors which can and probably will come back to bite him on the ass.

a) In front of millions of Americans, he admitted that he would turn Medicare into a voucher program for anyone under the age of 55. Oops. Last time I checked, the majority of Americans are under the age of 55. Look for Democrats to come out strong in the next few days with attack ads on that point.

b) In front of millions of Americans, Romney promised to kill funding for Big Bird, Sesame Street and the rest of the great programming on PBS. That’s not going to go well with millions of parents and people who enjoy high quality programming like Nova.

Bottom line: Romney won the debate by lying (surprise!), and for 90 minutes disregarding much of what he’s said over the last many months. But there’s no reason for anyone to panic. There are five more weeks of campaigning and two more debates as well as 18 months of Romneyisms for everyone to look at and explore. One debate is not going to change any of that.

One last point. Have you ever tried debating issues with a lying jackass who can make a statement one second and then deny he said it in the next? It’s pretty much an exercise in futility. There’s too much material to refute in a short time and one can easily get muddled in guck. Obama simply wasn’t prepared for an opponent who lacked the moral conviction to stand by his words of the last 18 months. I suspect he will in the next debate.

Breathe. Obama is still Obama this morning and Romney is still the soulless, lying dick that no one likes.

Monday, October 01, 2012

America’s Ignorance!

America’s Ignorance!
Do You Know Your America?
Do You Know Your Government?
Are You One Of The Low Information Americans?
Be brave and find out what you know and what you should be learning; all our freedoms may depend on it.
We all hold a certain belief that we know enough about America’s Constitution (its rules and laws) to get by in this life but the stark reality is, we barely scratch the surface when it comes to a knowledge about the laws, the establishments and the constitution itself, that we must live by. In plain words, most of us are ignoramuses when it comes to our rights, we seem to allow our politicians and their propaganda machines to eju-ma-cate us on the mechanics of our government (the legal workings along with the illegal disguised as legal like VOTER SUPPRESSION).  Not being an informed voter is what gets us so many selfish and ignorant leaders.  As George Carlin once stated: GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT... let’s start today by taking the garbage out, thus putting truth and justice in.
"Now, there's one thing you might have noticed I don't complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don't fall out of the sky. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It's what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain't going to do any good; you're just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it's not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here... like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There's a nice campaign slogan for somebody:
'The Public Sucks. F*ck Hope.'" ~George Carlin~ More Here:
Please take this short test and scoop up some knowledge, (it's free) get some real honest-to-goodness know-how and learn what the innards of our government looks and smells like. Maybe, if we knew more we would get less Limbaughs and Fox News.
There I go again DREAMING THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM! Thinkingblue
Why did Winston churchill say that democracy is the worst form of government?
Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.
In a speech in the House of Commons on 11 November 1947, Winston Churchill said:
No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.
" Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."
Sir Winston Churchill, Hansard, November 11, 1947