Monday, October 19, 2015

Trump Sounds His Trumpet About 911

At last, someone finally rips the GOP scab off the 911 wound that incorrectly stressed George W Bush kept us safe... I always wondered when the Republicans were milking 911 beyond reason, why no one had the guts to say... But, 911 happened on his watch... I sincerely believe there would never have been a 911 if Gore had rightfully (legitimately) taken the seat at the helm.
I don't like Donald Trump but I thank him for sounding his trump-et on this one.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm Convinced... Next Leader of the World Must Be... BERNIE SANDERS

If the video below (a Bernie Sanders introduction) doesn't convince you... please tell me where that cave you're living in, is because surely you are not living in the same reality that I am... thinkingblue

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Carson and Limbaugh, Just Murdered Common Sense

Look who believes he knows what Common Sense is...
Isn't it amazing when two windbags can use their media voice boxes to spout out, in judgment, why millions and millions of people were tortured and put to death... Of course, in their tiny warped minds it wouldn't have happened to them because they have Common Sense. The fact that Shits like Carson and Limbaugh have a following says so much about the ignorance that has gone viral in this country...

Friday, October 09, 2015

Ben Carson, Mensa, Densa No Common Sensa

It is obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells that something terrible is going on in the brain of Ben Carson.
He talks as though he's on a prescription drug that dulls the nervous system; which in turn makes our own nervous systems, VERY NERVOUS!
Today I came across a couple of opinion articles in the must reads in IMHO.
Below, Two Superb Articles Try To Answer the Question:
What Is Wrong With Ben Carson's Brain?
Below, Two Superb Articles Try To Answer the Question:
What Is Wrong With Ben Carson’s Brain?
By Bill Palmer October 6, 2015
Ben Carson said today that he’s less offended by a “body with bullet holes” than he is by gun control. Then he said President Obama should skip speaking with the families of the latest school shootings and instead speak to the families of the next school shooting. Last week he suggested gravity isn’t a real thing. He’s also claimed his own cancer was cured by magic beans. At least once a day he says something that doesn’t merely paint his views as insane, but paints him as an insane person, in a way that has little to do with politics or issues and distinguishes his from perhaps any of his republican counterparts. So what is the nation supposed to do when a leading candidate for President appears to be suffering from an actual mental illness?
If Dr. Ben Carson is such a smart guy, why hasn’t he said one smart thing yet?
I accept the premise that Dr. Ben Carson is a high IQ individual, if only because you don’t make it through medical school otherwise. We all know people of average or even below average intelligence who studied extra hard and managed to eke out a bachelor’s degree. But a medical degree is a different matter. I would have to assume that Carson has an IQ of at least 150. Which leaves me asking this question: why hasn’t he said one smart thing since his campaign began? Some will take that rhetorically, but it’s led me to question what’s really going on with him.
Ben Carson has this oddly zoned out demeanor in which it doesn’t seem like he’s really there, both in debates and interviews. I’ve met some really smart people who come across this way. It doesn’t take long to find out that it’s because they’re so busy thinking about other things in their head, you’ll never have more than half their attention no matter how hard they’re trying to give all of it to you. But what defines those individuals is that even as they tune in and out from their surroundings, they say smart things in the process. Carson has something else going on.
In his latest interview with CNN, he was asked in four or five different ways about his earlier remark that a Muslim shouldn’t be President. He didn’t seem to be able to answer the question. It wasn’t that he was trying to avoid it. Instead he kept trying to vaguely refer the interviewer back to his original statement, but couldn’t seem to remember what he himself had said. It had the vibe of ‘my opinion is whatever I said it was’ and of someone whose marching orders are coming from elsewhere. He didn’t dare restate his position in his own words, because they weren’t his own words the first time he stated them.
So what’s the deal? I have no idea. We all know by now that he’s a christian fundamentalist extremist. Is his church literally putting these extremist words in his mouth to begin with, which is why it’s so difficult for him to elaborate on his own statements after the fact? He’s not just some dummy. It was immediately clear that Sarah Palin’s incoherent word salad was a direct result of someone with an IQ of 50 desperately trying to sound smart, Ben Carson gives of a different vibe. And as much as I never agreed with anything Dick Cheney ever said, he did say smart things; he was evil, not dumb or crazy. But in contrast Ben Carson comes across as an intelligent person who has almost fully lost control of his mental faculties, as if he’s like that guy in A Beautiful Mind who’s devolved into full blown mental illness but can only hang on because he’s so smart.
Is it possible that Ben Carson is legitimately mentally ill and we’re watching a man lose his mind on national television? I wouldn’t know; he’s the doctor, not me. But how odd is it that the one guy in the race who is supposed to be the “smart” guy, the one with the medical degree, the one who is literally a brain surgeon, comes across as being so oddly braindead? For the sake of the nation, I want him off the stage soon. But my morbid curiosity wants him to hang around just long enough for us to be able to figure out what’s actually wrong with him.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

IRS Phone Scam Coming From Sapporo Japan

IRS Phone Scam, You'll Never Guess From Where.
I just got a fraud call, claiming to be the IRS... I looked up the number and found several websites written in Japanese... thinkingblue

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