Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Humanitarian Healthcare Workers Treated Worse Than The Virus Itself

Ebola Humanitarian Healthcare Workers Treated Worse Than The Virus Itself

When, NJ Gov. Chris Christie and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sat side by side during a televised news conference, agreeing (with politicking egg all over their faces) how they must enact a mandatory quarantine on healthcare workers returning to NY or NJ after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, I thought in plain language… What The Hell, Are They Doing?  Anyone in possession of some intellect would see right through this pathetic, pulled out of nowhere, plan to squelch mass fear and at the same time gather up some brownie points that might get them a slew of easy votes come next election… Hey, I pondered, if this doesn't backfire with an ear shattering KABOOM, there’s absolutely NO justice in this world.  Well it appears the first KABOOM has happened… I wonder how many goodwill humanitarians, (who give aid to the unfortunate Ebola patients) these two cretins will stop… Fear of contracting or dying from Ebola didn’t hold these heroes back from treating the sick but regarding them as criminals, upon their return, just might. Facebook just asked how I felt…
These two comments reveal how insensitive so many Americans are... Kaci Hickox, a brave woman who dedicates her life to help others, then is viewed, as a criminal for doing so, is quite bizarre. The reason the NJ and NY governors enacted such an emergency plan, (that was nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment towards those who care about their fellow human being) was purely political due to constituents’ (like those who commented) fear that their cocooned lives might somehow be affected by a viral outbreak happening far away and to someone else. Because of this anxiety, any empathy they might have had vanishes and they forget that we are all in this together. I can understand precautions but to regard an altruistic humanitarian as diseased and therefore villainous, for any reason, is loathsome and outside the bounds of morality! thinkingblue

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rick Scott's Death Penalty... Just Another Annoying Law That Interferes With His Politicking

Scott delayed an execution for, POLITICAL PURPOSES, prolonging the suffering of another human being who knew he was about to be put to death... It can't get much worse than that in a democracy. I believe Rick Scott to be one, merciless, indifferent, unfeeling and perhaps even demented dullard that has ever come down the pike and without a doubt, should not have anything to say WHATSOEVER over what we-the-people of Florida may have to live under, via laws enacted. thinkingblue 
Video here:
EXCERPT: Death penalty
A heated moment came when Crist accused Scott of delaying an execution so that his attorney general could attend a political fundraiser.
"She asked me to delay it because it didn't work on the dates that she thought it was going to be on," Scott said in response. "She apologized."
In September 2013, Pam Bondi apologized for delaying the planned execution of Marshall Lee Gore, a notorious rapist and murderer, because it conflicted with a fundraiser.
Scott denied at the time that he knew the reason for the delay.
"Did you know it was for a political fundraiser?" Crist pressed.
"What would you like her to do?" Scott asked.
Crist went on to blast Scott for not answering questions.Charlie Crist: "He (Scott) doesn't like to answer questions... Pleads The Fifth..."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Human Beings, A Virus With Shoes

After coming across this unbelievably astonishing news item today, Lab Worker On Cruise Tests Negative For Ebola, I contend that, without a doubt, the human race with all its magnificence is nothing more than a bunch of scared little rabbits. Let me rephrase, The Human Race with all its magnificence can turn into a bunch of scared little rabbits. It’s really rather simple, with the use of religious, political and capitalist indoctrination; By the likes of Religion (creating a false fear of a brutal, supernatural being), Right-wing Ideology (Fox News and all its negative extremities),The Corporate Personhood (with its bombardment of advertised gimmickry and nostrum you can't live without) and Anyone or whatever that will gain power and riches by scaring the bejesus out of common folk who live, in part, a cloistered life of narcissistic fantasy.
And, it’s disgusting, to those who can recognize this to be the truth. The Ebola scare is perfect proof of how apparent this unfortunate reality is, especially here in America. We Americans are running around like headless chickens, at the thought of contracting a disease that was once, not a threat, as long as it stayed in Africa where it killed thousands of humans that we could not identify with or feel any empathy toward. But now, that is has hitchhiked across the ocean, landing on America's soil we are frightened to death of our individual extinction. Instead of fear, we ought to be feeling unmitigated shame at what we’ve become.
Bill Hicks, said it best: “People suck, and that's my contention… I'm tired of this backslapping "Aren't humanity neat?" bullshit. We're a virus with shoes, okay?
That's all we are.”
PS: To be fair, not all people fall into the selfish and un-thinking category of the above ignoramuses who have had the nerve to call themselves humane... This video on NBC's Nightly News Broadcast gives a glimpse into humanity's goodness. thinkingblue
Nightly News: New Jersey native Katie Meyler left her home to care for Liberian orphans in a country where she says people aren't only dying from Ebola, but also from hopelessness. Published October 18th 2014,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Before You Watch Fox News, Arm Yourself With Ebola Facts

 Fox News is jumping for joy over the Ebola outbreak. No joke, it's as though, prayers have been answered and now their job of scaring the bejesus out of their low information audience has become that much easier... Using fear to indoctrinate people to vote against their own best interest is a Fox News trademark. That's why they're on the air, that's why their advertisers pay huge sums of money to blast their products into the living rooms of the average ill-advised Fox viewer. Fear works, always has, always will. Facts don’t matter when fear is in the air and what better tool than the possibility of a pandemic or plague lurking in the shadows. We’ve all read the history and saw documentaries on what happened during the horrible black plague epidemics... (that is, those that were historically recorded.)
~more below~
Plague of Justinian (First recorded outbreak)
This article concerns the worldwide pandemic starting in 541, with a focus on material available from European records and accounts. For detailed information on the most commonly accepted cause of the disease, see bubonic plague.
The Plague of Justinian (541–542) is the first known pandemic on record, and it also marks the first firmly recorded pattern of bubonic plague. It is comparable to the Black Death of the 14th century. In the context of the 6th century, it was nearly worldwide in scope, striking central and south Asia, North Africa and Arabia, and Europe as far north as Denmark and west to Ireland. The plague would return with each generation throughout the Mediterranean basin until about 750. The plague would have a major impact on the future course of European history. Modern historians named it after Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I, who was in power at the time.
The outbreak may have originated in Ethiopia or Egypt and moved northward until it reached the large city of Constantinople. The city imported massive amounts of grain to feed its citizens—mostly from Egypt—and grain ships may have been the original source of contagion, with the massive public granaries nurturing the rat and flea population.
The Byzantine historian Procopius records that, at its peak, the plague was killing 10,000 people in Constantinople every day...
Medical History --- Plagues and Epidemics
Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD
Since the fall of the Western Roman Empire, there have been three major bubonic plague epidemics, which afflicted large segments of the population in the continuous Eurasian landmass and North Africa. Death quickly followed the trade routes of the times. The death toll is almost incomprehensible. The Plague of Justinian (6th Century A.D.), the Black Death (14th Century A.D.), and the Bubonic Plague (1665-1666, which coincided with the Great Fire of London) caused an estimated 137 million dead in a world much more sparsely populated than it is today...     MORE HERE:
Ok, these were dreadful, extreme cataclysmic human events and they are quite intimidating to those who might stumble across the historical facts but we live in a different world today, we have science and technology on our side. Pandemics are possible but not to the intensity of those occurring in yesteryear. People did not feel in charge back then even the learned ones were under-par when it came to dealing with microbes.
So please equip yourself with the facts and stay away from Fox News because this TV channel and anything or anyone associated with it, can be as deadly as any disease that might come down the proverbial pike.thinkingblue

“I'm tired of this back-slappin' "isn't humanity neat" bullshit. We're a virus with shoes.”
~ Bill Hicks~

Bill O'Reilly Goes Off The Rails On Ebola And ISIS In Another Fearmongering Rant
Bill O'Reilly does his best to help Republicans with more fearmongering over Ebola and ISIS in yet another over the top rant this Monday night.
WARNING! This may make you puke...

The right wing needs to keep their base worked up into a frenzy and in a constant state of panic leading up to the midterm elections to be sure they're animated and afraid enough to come out and vote against the evil Democrats who supposedly don't care if you're killed by the Ebola virus, or by the ISIS terrorists they claim are crossing our southern border.

Bill O'Reilly did his best to help them along during his Talking Points Memo this Monday night, and demanded that the CDC Director Tom Frieden step down. Bill-O accused him of lying to the public about the Ebola virus, continued to demand that we ban all flights from West Africa, even though we know that won't stop everyone infected with the disease from making it into the United States. He also used the occasion where he's pretending that we can't trust the government to tell us the truth about anything to attack President Obama for his handling of ISIS as well.

This is what we get to look forward to from all of the pundits on Faux "news" until the midterms are over at the soonest, or when Republicans get control of the government again at the latest. Expect the screeching from the likes of O'Reilly and his ilk to get particularly loud over the next few weeks.

Here's a partial transcript of this Monday's ravings from Fox's blog:

Bill O’Reilly tonight called for the resignation of CDC Director Tom Frieden, who he said is not being forthcoming about the threat of Ebola.

“The Factor” host said it’s “very worrisome” that Nina Pham, a 26-year-old nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, has been diagnosed with Ebola even though she was wearing protective gear.

O’Reilly reiterated that “there is no compelling reason why West Africans should be admitted to the USA” amid this epidemic, calling it a national security issue. He said that a new NBC News poll found that 58 percent also believe there should be a ban on flights from West African countries into the U.S.

O’Reilly’s team has asked Frieden a number of times to appear on “The Factor,” but O’Reilly said he won’t because he’s afraid.

“He knows that I know he’s not being candid, that he is spinning the situation and not being forthcoming about how the disease is being spread. Frieden should resign.”

O’Reilly said that it is “stupid and irresponsible” to believe that civilian airport employees can spot Ebola that is dormant.

“It's a dumb and dangerous ruse, and Freiden is the chief propagandist,” he said.

O’Reilly said he’s just asking for common sense, which the Obama administration is rejecting. “But I will predict tonight, they will soon reverse course,” he said.

“The Factor” host also touched on reports that U.S. bombing is not stopping the advance of ISIS.

“All of us who see things clearly knew that was going to be the case. I believe President Obama also knew that was going to be the case, but would not tell the American people,” O’Reilly said.

According to O’Reilly, Obama has created the myth that somehow, a 60-nation coalition – that is basically doing nothing – will defeat ISIS.

“The BS has to stop,” he said.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Religious Hypocrisy To The Highest Sanctimonious Degree!

This article 'Bishops say gays have gifts to offer church', hit me hard, with hypocrisy TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE… Now I realize that most human beings become hypocrites from time to time (some, all the time), we can’t help it, it comes with the territory… We judge others to make ourselves feel more important or better said; because of our egos, we resort to snobbery to feel a superiority towards the average befuddled person in the street.  However, when entities (like religious institutions) that have millions or billions of awed followers, hanging on their every word for guidance, religiosity evolves into a ludicrous caricature of ‘Holier than Thou’ betrayal… The enormity of this deception would be flapping in the wind for all to see, if we lived in a perfect world but, in the reality we live in, most people are so afraid of existence (hey, it’s SCARY) they want, NO, they need to be bamboozled into believing that there is someone (some magical human being) out there who knows all the answers.
IMAO, I think this quite sad for an intelligent species.
Ps: Another question one might ask about the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church...Why a homophobic church is filled with closeted gay priests?
We all know the suffering this unanswered question has caused to the little children who are forced by their indoctrinated parents to obey priests as though they were gods.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Shame of Belonging to a Political Party of Dirty Tricks

If I belonged to a party that used dirty tricks like, passing laws to make it harder for the huddled masses to vote, (or suppress their votes altogether, therefore attempting to dismantle Democracy) in order to win… I would leave that party because it has no place in our Republic… But, that’s just me, I really don’t understand the Republican voter who thinks this double-dealing (which should be a crime) is A-OK. thinkingblue
Lewis Black Teams With ACLU To Stop Voter Suppression

Friday, October 03, 2014

Facts You Wished You Knew About Ebola But Was Afraid To Ask

We should all educate ourselves as to what this Ebola outbreak is all about...
Ignorance is not bliss!
Read More Here: