Sunday, October 19, 2014

Human Beings, A Virus With Shoes

After coming across this unbelievably astonishing news item today, Lab Worker On Cruise Tests Negative For Ebola, I contend that, without a doubt, the human race with all its magnificence is nothing more than a bunch of scared little rabbits. Let me rephrase, The Human Race with all its magnificence can turn into a bunch of scared little rabbits. It’s really rather simple, with the use of religious, political and capitalist indoctrination; By the likes of Religion (creating a false fear of a brutal, supernatural being), Right-wing Ideology (Fox News and all its negative extremities),The Corporate Personhood (with its bombardment of advertised gimmickry and nostrum you can't live without) and Anyone or whatever that will gain power and riches by scaring the bejesus out of common folk who live, in part, a cloistered life of narcissistic fantasy.
And, it’s disgusting, to those who can recognize this to be the truth. The Ebola scare is perfect proof of how apparent this unfortunate reality is, especially here in America. We Americans are running around like headless chickens, at the thought of contracting a disease that was once, not a threat, as long as it stayed in Africa where it killed thousands of humans that we could not identify with or feel any empathy toward. But now, that is has hitchhiked across the ocean, landing on America's soil we are frightened to death of our individual extinction. Instead of fear, we ought to be feeling unmitigated shame at what we’ve become.
Bill Hicks, said it best: “People suck, and that's my contention… I'm tired of this backslapping "Aren't humanity neat?" bullshit. We're a virus with shoes, okay?
That's all we are.”
PS: To be fair, not all people fall into the selfish and un-thinking category of the above ignoramuses who have had the nerve to call themselves humane... This video on NBC's Nightly News Broadcast gives a glimpse into humanity's goodness. thinkingblue
Nightly News: New Jersey native Katie Meyler left her home to care for Liberian orphans in a country where she says people aren't only dying from Ebola, but also from hopelessness. Published October 18th 2014,

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