Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Humanitarian Healthcare Workers Treated Worse Than The Virus Itself

Ebola Humanitarian Healthcare Workers Treated Worse Than The Virus Itself

When, NJ Gov. Chris Christie and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sat side by side during a televised news conference, agreeing (with politicking egg all over their faces) how they must enact a mandatory quarantine on healthcare workers returning to NY or NJ after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, I thought in plain language… What The Hell, Are They Doing?  Anyone in possession of some intellect would see right through this pathetic, pulled out of nowhere, plan to squelch mass fear and at the same time gather up some brownie points that might get them a slew of easy votes come next election… Hey, I pondered, if this doesn't backfire with an ear shattering KABOOM, there’s absolutely NO justice in this world.  Well it appears the first KABOOM has happened… I wonder how many goodwill humanitarians, (who give aid to the unfortunate Ebola patients) these two cretins will stop… Fear of contracting or dying from Ebola didn’t hold these heroes back from treating the sick but regarding them as criminals, upon their return, just might. Facebook just asked how I felt…
These two comments reveal how insensitive so many Americans are... Kaci Hickox, a brave woman who dedicates her life to help others, then is viewed, as a criminal for doing so, is quite bizarre. The reason the NJ and NY governors enacted such an emergency plan, (that was nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment towards those who care about their fellow human being) was purely political due to constituents’ (like those who commented) fear that their cocooned lives might somehow be affected by a viral outbreak happening far away and to someone else. Because of this anxiety, any empathy they might have had vanishes and they forget that we are all in this together. I can understand precautions but to regard an altruistic humanitarian as diseased and therefore villainous, for any reason, is loathsome and outside the bounds of morality! thinkingblue

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