Sunday, May 28, 2006

A NAKED QUOTE on this sad memorial weekend


Today's post will be a 2001, unbelievable disrobing quote from THE NOW NAKED PRESIDENT bush'S LIPS on this sad memorial day weekend. thinkingblue

The spook society
"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you have to concentrate on,"
George W said with a laugh at Washington's Gridiron dinner in 2001. If only we'd known then that behind George's snickers, the Bushites were serious. Employing a combination of deceit, defiance, arrogance, flag-waving and secrecy, they have fooled a majority of Congress and the media into accepting the overlay of a "spook society" on our "Land of the Free." The far-reaching extent of their efforts are only now becoming clear.

PS: I wonder how the ones he so effortlessly fooled ALL OF THE TIME feel today?


More Shame

Earthside Comments: This is such a sad, tragic development.
But never lose sight of the fact that this would never have happened ...

if George W. Bush and his cronies had not lied the United States into the unprovoked attack on Iraq.
Bush has been the absolute worst "commander-in-chief" -- ever. His orders have put U.S. troops in an impossible, unethical, immoral and illegal situation. Remember the adage coined by Harry Truman for the president: The buck stops here. This report, when it is finally released, will be more evidence of Bush's and Cheney's and Rumsfeld's and Rice's participation and/or acquiescence in war crimes.
From BradBlog of March 22, 2006: News reports containing some of the


Memorial Day - What Is This Special Day?

By Fernando Suarez del Solar
t r u t h o u t Op-Ed

Sunday 28 May 2006

According to tradition, it is a day to remember those who have fallen in US wars. The stated goals of those wars were peace, freedom, democracy, and justice. But what has really happened? In spite of all of the wars that have taken thousands of our soldiers and millions of innocents, especially children, the world is still at war, and people everywhere suffer under unjust political systems where there is no freedom.

Why has all of this blood been spilled? To show us that war is not the way to the noble ideals for which many have died. Today in Iraq, more than 2300 young men and women from the US have died, as have thousands of innocent Iraqis. How many more must die?

On this day, I invite you to reflect on how to honor those lost souls by working through non-violence for real peace and justice.

How ironic that thousands of Latino and Latina soldiers and marines have died in the name of the stars and stripes, and today the government represented by that flag offends Latinos in the United States by militarizing the border and passing discriminatory laws. Are we to ignore the contributions made by immigrants to this great nation?

On any of the many war monuments to past wars we can find hundreds if not thousands of Latino names. Each served with pride and each was praised by politicians at the time. But what is happening now? Not only are they dishonored, but abusive and immoral proposals for immigration reform insult their relatives and families.

On this day, to recall the thousands of lost lives is to remind ourselves that wars only produce more hate, more destruction, more injustice, more grieving families, and more rage. This cycle must be stopped by acts of peace. No more names of the dead on monuments, no more holidays to honor the fallen, no more wars that incite the hatred of other peoples and religions. We ought to abolish Memorial Day.

Until then, let us use this day of remembrance and sadness to begin a new culture that respects human rights and all life. Let us tell Bush and those who will come after him that wars are not a path to peace. In honor of our fallen soldiers, let us raise our voice as one to say "Enough!"

Memorial Day - a day of mourning, tears, and reflection.

The author, Fernando Suarez del Solar, is the father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez del Solar, killed in action in Iraq by a US cluster bomb. Fernando Suarez del Solar is the director and founder of the Guerrero Azteca Peace Project.




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