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HANG DISSENTERS they would if they could.




BEWARE OF THE AMERICAN Criminal Justice and Penal Systems...

Even before Bush and his regime of malefaction, I've feared the "system"... In metaphorical terms it is a Goliath "Freak Of Nature" who lurks in damp dark
recesses, ready to pounce upon any defenseless prey that may come along (the victim does not have to be guilty of anything...) and unless you are loaded with dough...

But the fear I'm talking about is the everyday, run of the mill, plain old accusational finger that may get pointed your way, and say, "YOU'RE A THIEF or YOU'RE A MURDERER" ...

But now, since the psychotic bunch of double-dealers in conservative clothing, have taken over our Government and our Lives... we now have to be worried about violations against the political establishment in power just as in totalitarian regimes... as yet (I hope) they haven't been able to completely shut our dissenting mouths THE HELL UP, but they sure are trying...

A poor woman from Ohio got caught up in their evildoings on citizenry... (and it took two goon cops to start it... I hope they're proud of themselves, just as cocksure as when they occasionally use citizens, as COP PUNCHING BAGS! Anyone remember Rodney King?)

Police brutality is a term used to describe the excessive use of physical force,assault, verbal attacks, and threats by police officers. Widespread, systematic police brutality exists in many countries, even those which prosecute it. Brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which include; false arrest, intimidation, racial profiling, political repression, surveillance abuse, sexual abuse, and police corruption.

Use of force and authority by police to some groups can be - or be perceived to be - disproportionate. Differences in race, religion, politics, and socioeconomic status between police and the citizenry can contribute to the creation of a relationship in which a significant number of police officers view the population (or a particular subset thereof) as generally deserving punishment while these portions of the population view the police as oppressors.

Pictures of a few police punching bags


Please read the story below on the fate of Carol Fisher and the following update. In my opinion, they want to make examples out of dissenters to discourage any one of us from speaking out...

I hope the day will soon arrive when we will see Bush&Criminals tried for their war atrocities and the barbarities they have committed on our constitution... thinkingblue
Stalinism in Ohio


May 9: Judge Timothy McGinty forcibly incarcerated Carol Fisher in the psych unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, where she now sits for an indefinite period of time.

In a hastily called hearing yesterday, Judge McGinty made a highly unusual and outrageous decision to force Carol to undergo a state psychological exam as part of her pre-sentencing investigation. From the very start of Carol's case, the judge has openly said that she must have mental problems for resisting an unlawful and brutal encounter with Cleveland Heights police. He went even further in yesterday's hearing, saying that her opposition to the Bush regime makes her "delusional."
The small courtroom on the 21st floor of the Justice Center was ringed with 5 armed court bailiffs. McGinty started off the hearing by making Carol stand up and had one of her attorneys read her t-shirt, which said:

"Wanted for Illegally Crossing Borders: The Bush Regime "If you are going to insist that crossing borders illegally is a crime which cannot be tolerated, how about George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice (and yes, Colin Powell) and the rest of that gang, with their highly illegal, and violent, 'crossing of the border'-into Iraq, among other places?!"

McGinty then said this was proof of her delusion! He also kept saying Carol "wants" to go to jail, and that she has a "martyr complex." When Carol tried to explain why she wouldn't take this test, the judge's only response was, "I do not negotiate with felons."

Does Carol really want to go to jail? No! But she is not willing to comply with a vindictive court ordered test to "prove" her sanity. And more than that, she is taking a stand for everyone who is angry and fearful of a government that, under the rubric of "national security and the war on terror," willfully and unapologetically tramples on the most basic rights of privacy. Think about this in light of the NSA spying scandal, and now Bush wants to install the head of the notorious NSA to be CIA chief! As Carol said before she went to jail, "I'd be crazy to go along with this shit! That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn--or be forced--to accept."

Just look at this whole case: a woman posts a "Bush Step Down" poster on a telephone pole, being brutalized by the police in the process, and now not only faces 3 years in prison but also a mandatory psych exam. As Terry Gilbert, one of Carol's attorneys said, "This is Gulag stuff--saying that people who are dissidents are crazy." He further added that in his 33 years of practicing law, he has never seen anything like this.

Is this the kind of country you want to live in?

On the phone this morning, Carol Fisher stated that, in addition to sending her to the psych unit, McGinty has also put her on "suicide watch"! They have taken away her eyeglasses. And if she refuses the psych exam, she will be forcibly sent to North Coast Mental Institute for a 20 day evaluation.

Legal challenges are continuing, including seeking a writ of habeas corpus.

When the transcripts are available to the public, they will show how outrageous this hearing was.

*Donate to Carol's legal defense. It costs a lot of money to get transcripts, file appeals, etc. Make checks payable to "Carol Fisher Defense Fund" and mail to NION/WCW PO Box 609034 Cleveland, OH 44109.

*Call Judge Timothy McGinty and express your outrage: 216-443-8758

*Join us at a "Speak Out!" for Carol Fisher - Saturday, May 13 at 7pm at the corner of Coventry and Euclid Heights Blvd in Cleveland Heights.

*Get your legal organization to be part of Carol's defense: make statements, file friend of the court briefs, etc.

*Have your church group, school group, organization or club join this battle by sending statements of support, donating funds, etc.

*Request radio stations play any of the following songs, dedicate it to Carol Fisher and explain what is going on with her case:

Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down"

Pearl Jam's "World Wide Suicide"

Pink's "Dear Mr. President"

Neil Young's "Let's Impeach the President"

*Write letters to the editor of: The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Go to website:

The Cleveland Free Times. Email: editor[at]freetimes[dot]com

The Sun Press. Email: sun[at]sunnews[dot]com

*Send this article to your list serves and post to blogs.

*Join the World Can't Wait- Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Contact: World Cant Wait, Cleveland 216-633-6200

PO Box 609034 Cleveland OH 44109


What you can do starting now:

Distribute the Call to drive out the Bush regime, available as a pdf, to everyone you know, and take it out to people you don't know (on the subway, at concerts, etc.). This call powerfully describes what this regime is doing and how it can be stopped, and needs to get out to the millions who are thirsty for it, and generate a national conversation.
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Activist Carol Fisher Update
by onthewingsofhelios Wednesday, May. 17, 2006 at 3:05 AM
Ohio Police State "Justice" Bad to Worse to Nightmare Carol Fisher Update

Carol Fisher was convicted of two felony assault charges and facing up to 3 years in jail.

Her sentencing date is Friday, June 2, 2006

In the meantime she was jailed and forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Her mental condition was questioned due to her shouting out that the US is becoming fascist! She is now out awaiting sentencing and planning on appealing her case. Her problems started when she upset some police by posting anti-Bush posters. Will the judge attempt to have her gulaged under a psychiatric justification like Susan Lindauer, another political activist, who is in a psychiatric jail in New York City? see
It seems the Bush Administration has a very hard time recognizing that perhaps it is the problem and not the citizens who are exercising their free speech.

Case information: Cuyahoga County Justice Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Sentencing date: Friday, June 2, 2006
Contact email for Carol Fisher:

THIS NEXT CASE IS SHOCKING beyond belief... thinkingblue

Those of you in Ohio, please remember Elsebeth Baumgartner (note spelling of first name) (see above court house link for more information on her case) She is also being persecuted by the Cuyahoga Country Justice System in Cleveland Ohio after speaking up about government crime at a city council meeting. Baumgartner faces up to 100 years in jail and could use some community support for her case as well. See wikipedia article

On Elsebeth Baumgartner case at
email contact for Baumgartner c/o


CAROL FISHER RELEASED! (awaiting sentencing)

Carol Fisher Update May 15, 2006 AUDIO (Scroll Down to this date, hour 2)

Greg was joined by Terry Gilbert, attorney for Carol Fisher, who was recently convicted of two felonies in connection with her putting up anti-Bush posters in Cleveland Heights. Fisher was recently incarcerated and forced to take a state psych evaluation. Don't miss this interview as her attorney says it's "a gulag situation" right here in America.


Carol Fisher of Cleveland faces a minimum of three years in jail if convicted after being brutalized and arrested for putting up anti-Bush posters the day before the State of the Union Address. “Bush Step Down and Take Your Whole Program with You”

Interview with Carol Fisher AUDIO
Tuesday April 4, 2006 (Scroll Down to the interview)

For more information on this latest story from the Police State of Ohio, please go to

See the “WCW in the News” section Contact email:

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT There are basically two categories of crime; crime against the state and crime against the individual. In countries with totalitarian regimes the primary concerns of law enforcement and judicial systems were transgressions against the political establishment in power. In the capitalist countries the politicians are more tolerant of political transgressions and justice is more concerned with criminal transgressions against individuals of means and private properties.

In times of peace, the quality of life one enjoys depends on how trouble-free life is. To be able to live safely in the few remaining hard-line communist countries, one has to be careful not to criticize the party and not to engage in activities (such as attendance of religious services) of which the party disapproves. Personal safety in the capitalist society depends less on acceptance of the political status-quo, than on prudent avoidance of compromising situations. To illustrate how life in the two societies differs, let us consider two friends taking an evening stroll through a city park. In the first example the park may have been, not too long ago in Moscow but is now located somewhere in Beijing. After a pleasant walk the two individuals sit down on a park bench and engage in a lively discussion. Although their personal safety is hardly in jeopardy, the fact that their talk, which is a sharp critique of the government can be overheard by passerbys may make their relaxing somewhat unhealthy. In the second example, the park is the Central Park in New York. There, a loud discussion of the ethical conduct of the last half a dozen American presidents will probably not result in any official reprisals initiated by a passerby who overhears the exchange and disagrees with it. (He may content himself with throwing an insult or two in their direction).
However, the fact that the two individuals are obviously misplaced visitors in an area of frequent crime makes them an easy target for assault and robbery.

Personal safety is also a measure of personal freedom. In the socialist dominated societies the rights of the individual are always of secondary importance when compared with rights of the collective. One may think that in such a society the personal safety of an individual would be constantly in jeopardy. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. The individual is safer there than in the capitalist world where, at least in theory, higher value is placed on his personal freedom. Paradoxes of this nature abound when one compares the two systems. As a rule, the perceptions each side harbors about itself and about the other side are but caricatures of reality.

American politicians love to condemn terrorism, in particular the terrorism directed against the wealthy. Economic terrorism directed against the poor is condoned, provided it is perpetrated by wealthy individuals or corporations. Seizures of properties and dwellings of the old, the sick and the unemployed because of nonpayment of real estate and property taxes, or more often for nonpayment of mortgages to banks and savings and loan corporations are an everyday occurrence and are just as cruel as robberies and rapes. Because they affect the poor and are the way of life under capitalism, they are not even reported in the press.

The capitalist society treats antisocial crime very much like it treats its sanitary or unemployment problems. It refuses to acknowledge their magnitudes and to this effect creates misleading statistics. MORE AT:

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You can download Ian Rhett's whole song "UNAMERICAN" here

This next article is as hypocritical as it gets ... or LOOK WHOSE CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK! thinkingblue

Internet journalist jailed for dissent

Washington has strongly condemned a seven-year jail term handed to a journalist and online dissident in Vietnam on Wednesday.
Hanoi's human rights record has been slammed by the US Cyber dissident Nguyen Vu Binh, 35, who was arrested in September 2002, was jailed on espionage charges after criticising border accords between Vietnam and China, judicial sources in Hanoi said.

"We strongly condemn this harsh sentence," said Adam Ereli, the State Department spokesman.

"We are especially concerned that the Vietnamese Government may have targeted Mr Binh because in 2002, he submitted written testimony to the US Congressional Human Rights Caucus and the Congressional Caucus on Vietnam."

Binh's treatment clearly violated international standards on human rights and freedom of expression, Ereli said, setting the stage for another human rights row with Hanoi.

"We remain concerned, in general, about Vietnam's treatment of dissent," he said. "This is, I would note, the third case that we are aware of this year that has involved an individual who posted his views on the Internet.

"The United States urges the Government of Vietnam to immediately release Mr Binh and all of those imprisoned for peacefully expressing their views, and we strongly urge the government of Vietnam to put an end to its ongoing repression of peaceful dissent."

Anti-corruption drive

Several human rights groups have said that the charges against the journalist arose from a letter he sent to the US

Congressional human rights caucus in July 2002.

Binh has been a consistent critic of Vietnam's communist regime. He left his newspaper in January 2001 after applying to form an independent opposition organization called the Liberal Democratic Party with other dissidents.

"We remain concerned, in general, about Vietnam's treatment of dissent. This is the third case that we are aware of this year that has involved an individual who posted his views on the Internet. "

Adam Ereli, US State Department

He was also behind the proposed launch of an anti-corruption organization, which was rejected by the government.

He crossed the red line by criticizing the border agreements, explicitly accusing Hanoi of ceding land to its neighbour.

Washington and Hanoi have sparred publicly several times in recent months over religious tolerance, and the issue is one of several which have soured a bid by both sides to use expanding trade ties to end the bitterness left over from the Vietnam War.

A recent State Department report found that religious freedom was widespread across communist Vietnam, and grouped the country in a worst offenders' category of totalitarian and authoritarian states which view religious groups as "enemies of the state."

In September, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a congressionally mandated rights watchdog, called on Secretary of State Colin Powell to nominate Vietnam as a "country of particular concern" on freedom of worship a move that could lead to sanctions.

Despite frequently speaking out against Vietnam's record, the US State Department has so far declined to recommend the move.


click the above picture to see video

The administration wants to put as much fear into as many journalists and their sources as they can so they won't be able to do " their jobs." With this statement by Alberto " I'm not sure where my
grandparents came from"
Gonzalez, I doubt they will feel any better, On
"This Week," Gonzales was asked by George this:

George: "Do you believe
journalists can be prosecuted for publishing classified information?"

Alberto: "There are some statues on the books which, if you read the language carefully, would seem to indicate that that is a possibility. That's a policy judgement by the Congress in passing that kind of legislation. We have an obligation to enforce those laws. We have an obligation to ensure that our national security is protected."

As reader Lynne says: "Ah, yes -- enough
creative analysis of the US Code will yield just about anything you want."

Watch those phones. Remember, what happens when a blogger breaks a story?

"The nation's top law enforcer also said the government will not hesitate to track telephone calls made by reporters as part of a criminal leak investigation, but officials would not do so routinely and randomly....
read more here


Scarborough on FREE FALL BUSH






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