Friday, January 09, 2015

Free Community College For All, Not If the Republicans Have Any Say

Free Community College For All, Not If the Republicans Have Any Say
Would anyone like to wager a bet on how long it will take Republicans to nip this wonderful we-the-people idea in the bud? There is no way Republicans would pass such a bill, college and higher education should be only for the wealthy, in their book, just as it was throughout history. Only in modern times could anyone even dream of obtaining a college degree and that dream has diminished with the many years of Republican control in all or one or two of the three branches of government. It’s pathetic to say the least. Two Wars on the taxpayers dime, A-OK. Personhood status to Corporations, A-OK. Huge Tax breaks for the rich, double A-OK but free college for low to middle-income folks, not on your life. There just is not enough money for that, the Republicans warble and yet, all the while, the uninformed keep voting for them. I wonder why that is.
 Get informed, know your rights and stop Republicans from overturning our Republic so they can bring forth a Plutocracy.
We-The-People aka thinkingblue 
The Three Branches of Government Rap Style

Have you ever wondered about the three branches of our US government and the checks and balances they provide?
Well wonder no more because Flocabulary has made a fun and easy to remember rap-tune about a subject every American should know by heart. Listen and Learn, it’s good for you.

Become an Informed Voter. Don't allow anyone to propagandize you into ignorance.
Our American type Democracy can only survive if we have a balanced government. As of today, we are way out-of-balance.


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