Tuesday, December 23, 2014

R's Haven't A Clue About 'Peace On Earth Goodwill Toward Humankind'

Not even the holidays will deter the spreading of hate by Republicans (and Fox News) who capitalize on the sorrow and tragedy of others. They have no notion of the words “Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward Humankind”. There is no money and power in that. Facebook wants to know how I feel:
SAD, at all the hatred those who quest for complete control over others, spread across the land.
Read more of the "R's" hateful proliferations here.
5 Outrageous Right-Wing Reactions to the Tragic NYPD Shootings
Conservative pundits and pols blamed the tragedy on everyone from protesters to the president.
Excerpt:1) Rudy Giuliania man who has repeatedly proved that there is no politically cynical low to which he will not stoop, blamed President Obama for the shootings. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” Giuliani stated, “We’ve had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police.”
He went on to bring up the right’s favorite red herring, black-on-black crime, before stating that “the people who do the most for the black community in America are the police."
He also suggested that Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Rev. Al Sharpton have all, in criticizing systemic inequalities in policing and criminal justice, created "an atmosphere of severe, strong anti-police hatred in certain communities."
2) Tucker Carlson proved his bowtie was tied a little too tightly during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” on Sunday night. Carlson initially stated that he didn’t want to “start speculating about why this happened or casting blame unfairly. Again, we know who pulled the trigger, he is ultimately responsible.”
He then went on to speculate and cast blame, saying, “[I]t’s such an emotional thing, it’s so wrong, immoral, unfair, that it’s almost hard not to point at some of the people who have been whipping race hatred in this country for the past couple of months, and saying, you know, they do bear some responsibility for this.”
The pundit and his TV “friends” went on to play a clip that made more specific which leaders Carlson was referring to: Obama, Atty. Gen. Holder and Rev. Al Sharpton.
Carlson wrapped up the segment by going after President Obama for ever having associated with Sharpton in any context, ever: “For [President Obama] to embrace Sharpton, who is just an open bigot and a criminal and a tax cheat, who’s been whipping up race hatred in New York for all these decades. For the president of the United States to embrace this guy as a personal friend, and adviser, to show up at the NAN meetings, to have him in the White House again, and again, and again, and again, to endorse his message....Boy, no wonder you’ve got craziness going on in the streets.”
3) Convicted felon and right-wing blowhard Bernard Kerik penned a piece for TIME in which he stated there’s a “war on cops” that is “as dangerous as any global enemy we face” — including “ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban” and other “radical extremists.”
Kerik’s crazy gets nuttier from there, with the crooked ex-cop suggesting that “some in the media,” Sharpton and de Blasio have been convincing people that “nearly all of America’s local and state police are out to kill minorities.”
Kerik states that “it’s a lie that has inflamed the hearts and minds of many and turned them against every cop in the nation. It’s a lie that has the potential to rip America at its seams and cause damage far worse than any attack on our country, including that on 9/11/2001. It’s a lie that has caused protests and riots all over this nation, communities to be burned to the ground, police officers to be attacked and beaten, and horribly, two New York City police officers to be assassinated.”

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