Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Space Exploration Anew - Rosetta/Philae ESA Project of Nov. 2014

We are entering an exciting period in Space Exploration, seeking answers to age-old questions, our intelligent species has been asking for thousands of years. Of course, during almost all of that time, there were no true answers to be had and humankind as intelligent beings had to make up fantasy stories to satisfy our fears and curiosities. But, this will be no more!
Time magazine had a great article on the recently distributed movie, Interstellar, which describes best what our species is experiencing during these exciting times of Space Exploration Anew. 

EXCERPT: Interstellar, Where No Movie Has Gone BeforeA new movie updates the Hollywood space odyssey with a fable based on factThere is no reason at all you should care about the universe. For one thing, it doesn’t care a whit about you.
It’s huge, it’s cold, it’s soulless. It’s possessed of forces that would rip you to ribbons the second you dared to step off the tiny planetary beachhead it has permitted us. it completely defies understanding, at least for anyone who’s not fluent in the language of singularities and space-time and wormholes and all the rest.But never mind, because we believe in it all–and oh, how we love it. Big cosmology has become our secular religion, a church even atheists can join. It addresses many of the same questions religion does: Why are we here? How did it all begin? What comes next? And even if you can barely understand the answers when you get them, well, you've heard of a thing called faith, right?
Like religion, cosmology has its high priests: Einstein and Hawking–people who, like Muhammad and Jesus, don’t even need second names. It has lesser priests as well: Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson–the great communicators. It has its storytellers too, none more powerful than those in Hollywood. And no moviemaker is currently more influential than Christopher Nolan, director of the coming-soon, don't-miss, shrouded-in-secrecy "Interstellar". 

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