Monday, November 03, 2014

No Politicking In Space

The explosion of the Antares rocket, that was on its way to the ISS to deliver needed supplies to the astronauts working there, 205 miles up, was a devastating reality blow to space exploration and should wake us to the fact that we are, to some degree, trapped here on planet Earth by physics. Setbacks are inevitable because the laws of physics are intense but this can't stop us from forging ahead until one day we break free from this Earthly cocoon and can exist elsewhere amongst the stars.
Our world with all its, warring, conquering, politicking, pilfering and whatever else the human narcissistic animal can conceive to satisfy its coveted nature, turns life into a never-ending confusion from which there seems, no escape.
The analysis and understanding of the universe might be our only hope to become an altruistic species with a strong rapport for one another because we will realize that we're all in this together, living on one vulnerable planet, with nowhere else to go.
There I go again…
pondering that which will never occur.

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