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A Startling Reality

A Startling Reality

There is an overabundance
of gloomy news in the world these days and because of this, we
have all gotten a bit desensitized. You open news links and you
get lingering deadly effects of two US wars that go on and on
with no end in sight or even WTF the true objective of these wars
were to begin with. Then another headline will read “Drought
and Famine in Somalia Have Killed More Than 29000 Children Under
the Age of 5” with pictures of emaciated little bodies that
hardly resemble human forms. Another click advances you to
captions like: “The World Is Watching the Carnage In
Syria… Click for video” and back home we get:
“Wall Street Banks Still Gouging U.S. Citizens After
Bailouts", with no mention on how they can be stopped or if
they will ever receive punishment for their crimes of greed.

National Dept, Debt Ceilings and Fed Budgets, OH MY… were the Blue Plate Specials of the Day, media kept shoveling down our throats. (I almost heard a collective ho-hum; what else is new?) But with all the ongoing bleak headlines of disparity, depredation and blatant nasty behavior perpetrated by human beings upon humanity and life itself. There once in awhile will come a headline that fast bounces you back to sensibility and with it an enormous feeling of shame that you happen to belong to the human race. (A
startling bounce back to a reality that some of us are capable of
ignorance beyond comprehension). Today one such headline jumped
out at me:
10-Year-Old Dies Of Dehydration After His Parents Deny Him 5-Days Of Water.

Just one little boy but his death raises a question that we all should ask. WHY DID IT HAPPEN? What is the reason for such ignorance from a Mom and Dad and such apathy from those who had contact with this tortured child (FOR FIVE UNBEARABLE DAYS)?

Healthy normal parents try to protect their young not deliberately perpetrate torture upon them. It’s indescribably sad that this child had no one looking out for his welfare. It took 5 days and in all that time no one noticed his suffering. It seems that we homo sapiens still have a long, long evolutionary path yet to travel for when a
species stops nurturing and protecting its young it is most
likely doomed to extinction. It’s as simple as that!

10-Year-Old Dies Of Dehydration After His
Parents Deny Him 5-Days Of Water

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug 28, 2011 // Category: National

Police say that a Texas boy died of dehydration after his
parents denied him of drinking water as punishment after he
had accidentally wet the bed. The 10-year-old Dallas boy,
Jonathan James, died on July 25, according to police, after
his parents prohibited him from drinking water in the five
days leading up to his death. Temperatures in Dallas soared
to 100 degrees or more on each of those days, police say.

Michael Ray James, his father, and Tina Alberson, his
stepmother, were both charged on Thursday, August 25th and
were jailed for injury to a child due to serious bodily
injury. His twin brother, Joseph James, and his 12-year-old
stepbrother were not injured; the two are currently staying
with other family members.

According to Jonathan’s grandmother Sue Shotwell, her
grandson had contacted her in June and told her that he was
afraid of living with his parents during the month-long,
court-ordered custody visit.

“[Jonathan] called me and said, ‘Can I come to
your house instead? I know I’m going to be in trouble
while I’m there because I always am,’”
Shotwell said in an interview with the Dallas News on
Friday. “That’s the first time we ever heard that
from him. The boy, because of a court ordered custody
arrangement, were spending the summer with their biological
father, but they were not willing to stay with their
father,” Shotwell said.

Shotwell also revealed to FOX News that Jonathan’s
twin brother knew about the punishment, and she had told him
that he didn’t need to feel guilty because there was
nothing that he could have done. She notes that Joseph later
confessed to his grandmother that he had wished that he had
“snuck him some water.”

Police documents show that the 10-year-old collapsed and
hit his head on the floor after 5-days of going without
water. Joseph later told police that his brother was put in a
room without air conditioning and was told to stand near the
window with the scorching sun beating down on him. He also
notes that his brother had peanut butter stuck in his throat
on the day he died, but his parents still didn’t allow
him to drink any water.

After his parents had realized that the boy’s body was shutting down, they put him in a cold bathtub before they called paramedics, police said. He shortly died after he was rushed to the hospital. MORE HERE

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