Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Please sign the petition (and leave your TWO CENTS WORTH on this very important House Bill, H.R. 870, I did. thinkingblue)


Attn: President Obama and the Florida leadership in Congress,

As a concerned citizen of this country, I find it beyond reason how a nation such as ours can turn its back so easily on those who find themselves in poverty or in a working poor status due to the lack of jobs. We continue to see our elected officials, who were voted in so they could speak and make laws on our behalf but instead appear to only worry about the top one percent's, (wealthy billionaires) tax burdens.

It's actually laughable! We are fast becoming the BIGGEST JOKE on the planet.

Human suffering has always been around, take Ireland's infamous POTATO FAMINE and the unthinkable misery, starvation and cruelity brought on by wars or oligarchies but we are a new nation, united by those who escaped tyranny so that human beings could live in a land of laws that care and protect all the people not just the few.

The main purpose of our country's leaders should always be to try and eradicate the malevolence perpetrated by man upon man.

Come on, do the job we elected you to do and stop using all your energies to throw the wool over our eyes in order to make the wealthy approve of you and keep contributing to your reelections.

Pass H.R. 870 into law NOW!

CLICK HERE TO Tell the President and Congress to create jobs now.

Amplify’d from
This year's State of the Union address
was only the second since 1948 by a Democratic president that did
not mention poverty or the poor. And the President and Congress
haven't promoted a bold jobs program.
It's also illegal, say experts.
They point out that the federal
government is required by law to create jobs.
Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act
Federal Reserve Act
international law require it
A bill now in the House, H.R.
would fund job creation

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