Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea Party Darling Joe Walsh's 'YOUR MAMA WEARS COMBAT BOOTS!' moment

Yup, we saw it in action on the Chris Matthews Hardball show.

Tea Party Darling Rep. Joe Walsh's 'YOUR MAMA WEARS COMBAT BOOTS!' moment... WARNING: This idiot may be dangerous to your sanity! Watch this at your own discretion.

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Just in case you missed it
yesterday, there was a ridiculous appearance by a Tea Party newly
elected moron on Chris Matthews Show... doing what Tea Party
members do best ACTING LIKE A FOOL!

Watch one of the ridiculous GOPTP's in action (IF

Joe Walsh Tea Party Darling and Grover Norquist sycophant acts
like the immature nincompoop that he is! thinkingblue

Watch this pathetic little
man disrespect President Obama...

This jerk claims he doesn't have the BULLY PULPIT... HUH?

That's because he is THE BULLY! (in a very cowardice aspect)
"President Obama,
quit lying.

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