Friday, July 01, 2011


I had originally blogged this on July 1, 2011; at that time I felt confident that Chuck Schumer had given Keith Olbermann an accurate fact when he said "I don't believe they are... the cuts to Medicare benefits are not on the table...". This morning I ran across this article: .....'Obama puts Medicare, Social Security cuts on the table' Sorry Mr. Schumer it looks like President Olbama is still trying to cut a deal with the Republicans. WHEN WILL HE LEARN THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WILL NOT AGREE TO ANY BIPARTISANSHIP DEAL??? We who THINK, know what the R's are up to... Medicare is collateral damage to these madmen/women as long as their asses are protected... It's TO HELL with the rest of us. thinkingblue


It has been an ongoing amazement to me that no one speaks the obvious about this selfish {GOP} political party’s devious plans of ME-FIRST/YOU-NEVER.

THANK YOU dear Chuck Schumer for being one of the bravest and honest persons of power to at long last, let the LION out of the nickel candy bag so that all may finally realize what it is we, WHO THINK are up against. thinkingblue

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To view the Thom Hartman steaming video that was unclippable here.

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last someone has spoken out against the obvious Republican plan to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to defeat President Obama in 2012 whether it take down our country or not. They like to play the 50’s game of chicken to see which jalopy will turn away from the pending ‘head-on’ first. They know that reasonable people will probably always turn away from a collision that can be averted. Thus they repeat this game over and over again because they know reasonable people would predictably claim IT’S JUST NOT WORTH THE HORRENDOUS CONSEQUENCE so let them have their own way!
Please watch the video below at time marker 2:44 to hear Thom Hartmann's explanation of THE RON PAUL LIBERTARIAN BELIEF SYSTEM. An idea
that has never ever worked ANYWHERE!