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Is Rick Scott, Turning Florida into a Totalitarian State?

Is Rick Scott Turning Florida into a Totalitarian State?
Rick Scott, is a monster, pure and simple. He is out to eradicate all poverty by killing the poor off; All elderly who rely on social programs; by killing them off; All socialprograms that middle and lower class income groups (who will not survive without) depend upon... you guessed it, BY KILLING THEM OFF.

How did this prima donna despot become Governor of Florida? Right now he has an approval rating of 29%, the real question here is... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT COMPRISE THIS 29% GROUP? No wonder we are a divided nation!

Standing up to Rick Scott in Florida

As we speak Rick Scott is harming the state of Florida. My daughter almost was fired from her teaching job because she was up for tenure (THE ONLY REASON)... A single mother of 2 children who worked her
fingers to the bone to obtain a teaching degree while working and
raising her kids. Then a Rick Scott comes along and wantonly
tries to snatch her achievement away from her. This man is not
worthy of his position.

Rick Scott's goal in life apparently is to bring Florida to its
knees or worse. The people who voted for this selfish, arrogant
man must be horrified at what they have put into power. If
Florida is to survive as a state anyone would be proud to call
home, Rick Scott and his immoral objectives must go. Below is a
video I have put together concerning this pathetic man Florida
calls Governor. Please watch it and then help save our beautiful
state from Rick Scott,
sign petition.


Rick Scott took the Fifth SEVENTY FIVE TIMES during this Two

Hour Deposition for Medicare Fraud

MIAMI (Reuters) - Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott will
soon be hit with legal challenges over his decision to make drug
tests mandatory for all state workers, an American Civil
Liberties Union official said on Monday.

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Democracy: Just Not Here In Florida

Florida Governor Signs Historic Medicaid Bill

Gov. Rick Scott has signed two historic
Medicaid bills, placing the health care of nearly 3 million
Florida residents into the hands of for-profit companies and
hospital networks

Tallahassee, FL - Gov. Rick Scott has signed two historic
Medicaid bills, placing the health care of nearly 3 million
Florida residents into the hands of for-profit companies and hospital

Scott signed the bills Thursday.

Lawmakers say Medicaid was overwhelming the state budget and
needed to be privatized to rein in costs and improve patient care.

Critics fear the bills build on a flawed five-county experiment
where patients struggled to access specialists and doctors
complained the treatments they prescribed were frequently denied.

Sen. Joe Negron, who spearheaded the overhaul, said leaders have
learned from the pilot program's shortcomings and includes
increased oversight and more stringent penalties.

Long term care patients will be the first to enroll in the
statewide program starting in October 2013. Others will join the
following year.


Rick Scott Faces Challenge Over Decision To Make Drug Tests Mandatory For State Workers

"We're certainly moving in that direction," said Howard
Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida, when asked
about possible lawsuits challenging the policy.

"It's certainly going to be subjected to a test, a
constitutional evaluation by the courts," Simon, a veteran
civil rights advocate, told Reuters.

He was referring to an executive order that Scott, a Tea
Party-backed conservative, signed last week requiring random drug
screening for all workers on the state payroll at least once
every three months.

New job applicants would also be subject to drug tests under the
order signed by Scott, a controversial former healthcare
executive, who took office in January.

Scott issued his order on the same day a bill was filed in the
state legislature seeking to make good on his campaign pledge to
require drug tests for welfare recipients, who would be required
to pay for their own drug screening.

He said random drug testing of government workers, without
reasonable suspicion of drug abuse, has generally been limited to
employees in jobs where public safety is an issue.

"There's federal, U.S. Supreme Court standards on all of
this. I don't think the governor got very good legal advice on
this thing," Simon said.

He noted that Scott has staunchly opposed a statewide computer
database that would track prescriptions of Vicodin, Percocet and
other dangerous narcotics, on grounds that it could intrude on
privacy rights.

"That could only come from a person who is very, very
selective in their principles," Simon said.

Law enforcement officials say Florida is the largest U.S. state
without a database to keep track of painkillers, including
oxycodone, and the undisputed epicenter of America's illegal
pill-mill trade and prescription dope dealers.

(Reporting by Tom Brown; Editing by Todd Eastham)



The Rick Scott Effect:
Obama’s Approval Rating Skyrockets In Florida

May 26, 2011
By Jason Easley

A new Quinnipiac poll released today found that in one month
President Obama’s approval rating in Florida has gone from
44% to 51%.

According to the Quinnipiac University poll, President Obama has
experienced a net 16 point swing in Florida. The President went
from having a net negative approval rating of 44%-52% in April to
having a positive 51%-43% job approval rating in May.

Obama has made up most of his ground with Independents, who swung
a net 18 points in his direction. The president’s job
approval rating with the state’s Independents has gone from
39%-55% in April to 47%-45% today. Obama also gained a net 12
points in Democratic approval from 79%-16% in April to 86%-11%
today. Obama experienced a huge swing with men in the state. He
has gained a net 22 points. The president has gone from a 19
point negative split in April, 39%-58% to 47%-45% today.

By a margin of 50%-44% voters say Obama deserves a second term.
Last month, by a margin of 51%-42% voters said that he did not
deserve to be reelected.

Obviously the big change since April was the killing of Bin
Laden, but Americans have notoriously short memories and that
event took place weeks before this poll was conducted. Something
interesting happens when Gov. Rick Scott’s approval numbers
from the same poll are compared with Obama’s. As Obama was
gaining a net 18 point in the state, Gov. Scott was losing 16

Scott’s approval rating has fallen to a Palin like 29%. His
disapproval rating (54%) almost mirrors Obama’s new approval
rating (51%). Scott’s disapproval ratings with Independents
and men are each over 50%. Rick Scott came into office as an
unpopular governor, and his numbers continue to only trend

The question is has Rick Scott poisoned the well for the
Republican nominee in 2012? If Scott’s approval ratings
don’t improve, he may have made it impossible for the
Republican nominee to beat Obama in Florida. Recent polling in
Ohio revealed that as Gov. John Kasich has become the second most
unpopular governor in America, Obama has become the favorite
there too.

The best argument for voters in Florida to support Obama in 2012
may end up being Rick Scott. If Scott continues to plummet, a
state that Republicans consider crucial to defeating Obama may be
out of reach.

The lesson here is be careful what you wish for. Republicans
wanted a big victory in 2010, but their victory may be helping
Obama steam ahead towards a Sunshine State victory 2012.

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