Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paul Ryan Throws Grandma Off The Cliff (spoof)

This video is a spoof but it has an element of truth to it. What Paul Ryan's Budget Plan does… It takes a look at YOU & ME and sees us as leaches, bloodsuckers who suck profit away from the rich.

Yepper, that's the GOP in a nutshell.

Amplify’d from

only they could get rid of us bums, freeloaders, and scroungers
so easy as by pushing us all over a cliff, they would do it
like... yesterday. We work hard all our lives and some of us
still wind up with low or hardly any income and because of that
we are viewed, in the eyes of the filthy rich Republican... AS
WORTHLESS! It's sad but true! thinkingblue

click the link below and watch Lawrence O'Donnell speak on the
Republican's radical plan of STARVE THE BEAST and how this
disgusting plan has worked. There are way too many ignorant
voters in America and because of that America is going to fail as
the BEACON OF FREEDOM. thinkingblue

theory in real life May 18:

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