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Hate and Bigotry and the Right To Burn H

Hate and Bigotry and the Right To Burn Holy Books

Who has the RIGHT to cause Murder, Misery and Mayhem?

This world is full of strange and bizarre happenings, mainly due to irrational action by mankind. That said… Why would anyone deliberately provoke a hotspot region with publically burning their religious book of authoritarian writings based on fictional evolutionary histories?
What was in it for that delusional Pastor Terry Jones?

Notoriety that feeds his humongous, monstrous EGO, that’s what? People like Jones do not have scruples; they are incapable of THINKING TWICE,knowing that certain behaviors will bring about harmful reactions or responses from others. They are psychopaths’, people with antisocial personality disorders, manifesting in perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior.

CASE IN POINT: {{{ A day later, Florida pastor Terry
Jones said he did not feel responsible for the deaths. He said:
"We don't feel responsible for that. Of course, that is what
they used. Of course that is very obvious and they're actually
saying that. But of course Islam, and as we see their history, I
believe they will use any excuse and if they don't have an
excuse, they will simply use the excuse that America is in
Afghanistan, America is involved in Islamic countries and they
should get out.

Pastor Terry Jones: 'I may put Mohammed on trial'

US President Barack Obama on Saturday described as
"outrageous" the killings in Afghanistan triggered
after the burning and called the desecration of any holy text
"an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry".}}}
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Terry Jones should be arrested and tried for treason. Foreign people (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HATE US) watch what we say and do much more closely than we do. Back in World War II, we lost thousands of lives, learning again and again that “loose lips sink ships”. What this so called pastor is purveying through his actions and thoughts is HATE and BIGOTRY. He learned early on that he could make a BIG SPLASH by capitalizing on the hate we Americans have provoked by preempting 2 wars, using the terrible event of 9/11 as a weapon instead of just going after the few who caused such an atrocity upon our soil. Why must we sit ideally by and say nothing. This man should be put away for his own safety but more so for the wellbeing of our fellow human beings. It's beyond outrage! It’s beyond sad! thinkingblue

Quran protests spread to turbulent Afghan east

Rahmat Gul And Rahim Faiez, Associated Press

JALALABAD, Afghanistan – Demonstrators battled police in
southern Afghanistan's main city on Sunday and took to the
streets in the turbulent east for the first time as Western
pleas failed to halt a third day of rage over a Florida
pastor's burning of the Quran.

An officer was shot dead in a second day of clashes in the
city of Kandahar, said provincial health director Qayum
Pokhla. Two officers and 18 civilians were wounded, he said.

In Jalalabad, the largest city in the east, hundreds of
people blocked the main highway for three hours, shouting for
U.S. troops to leave, burning an effigy of President Barack
Obama and stomping on a drawing of a U.S. flag. More than
1,000 people set tires ablaze to block another highway in
eastern Parwan province for about an hour, said provincial
police chief Sher Ahmad Maladani.

The violence was set off by anger over the March 20 burning
of the Quran by a Florida church — the same church whose
pastor had threatened to do so last year on the anniversary
of the Sept. 11 attacks, triggering worldwide outrage.

The protests, which began Friday, also appear to be fueled
more broadly by the resentment that has been building for
years in Afghanistan over the operations of Western military
forces, blamed for killing and mistreating civilians, and
international contractors, seen by many as enriching
themselves and fueling corruption at the expense of ordinary

Coverage of the trial of a group of U.S. soldiers charged
with killing Afghan civilians and the publication of photos
of some posing with dead bodies added to the anger.

Thousands of demonstrators in the previously peaceful
northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif poured into the streets after
Friday's Muslim prayer services and overran a U.N. compound,
killing three U.N. staff members and four Nepalese guards.

On Saturday, hundreds of Afghans holding copies of the Quran
over their heads marched in Kandahar before attacking cars
and businesses. Security forces opened fire and nine
protesters were killed but the governor of Kandahar said
officers had only fired into the air. He said 81 were wounded
and 17 people, including seven armed men, had been arrested.

Military commander Gen. David Petraeus and the top NATO
civilian representative in Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill, said
they "hope the Afghan people understand that the actions
of a small number of individuals, who have been extremely
disrespectful to the holy Quran, are not representative of
any of the countries of the international community who are
in Afghanistan to help the Afghan people."

The Taliban said in a statement emailed to media outlets that
the U.S. and other Western countries had wrongly excused the
burning of the Quran as freedom of speech and that Afghans
"cannot accept this un-Islamic act."

"Afghan forces under the order of the foreign forces
attacked unarmed people during the protests, killing them and
arresting some, saying there were armed people among these
protesters, which was not true," the Taliban said.

The governor of Kandahar said he and the main leaders of the
protests in the southern city had reached an agreement that
would end the demonstrations in exchange for the release of
those who were arrested. He said they released 25 people but
did not provide details.

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