Friday, February 25, 2011

A Phone Conversation Which Will Live In Infamy!

Listen or read this amazing TELL ALL conversation between two Plutocrats, Fake David Koch and Scott (The Fake) Walker . And if that doesn't beat all, an article about the Wis. Assembly passing the bill that takes away union rights...

A Phone Conversation Which Will Live In Infamy!

Has The American Experiment, Ended in Dismal Failure?

I cannot understand why an everyday, hard working American who happens to follow the Republican Ideology hasn’t been sickened by what Gov. Scott Walker and his ilk are doing in
Wisconsin. Why can’t they realize it is not Democrats against Republicans or Left vs. Right it is all about Wealth and the Power it can bring.

Do they (Republican Worker) realize that they will become just as enslaved as the Democrat Worker? They will be a part of the working poor just as much as we Liberal Democrats. They will not enjoy an exemption just because they voted for the baneful insatiables who wish to take down our Democracy. The leaders in the GOP don’t recognize them beyond their vote and soon they will not even need their vote when this Nation falls to Oligarchy –( A government run by only a few, often the wealthy)

{{Some examples (of Oligarchy) include the Vaishali, the French First Republic government under the Directory, and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (only the nobility could vote). In the time of the ancient Greeks, Sparta was an oligarchy that clashed with the democratic city-state of Athens, (these two nations eventually clashed in the Peloponnesian war in which Sparta defeated Athens causing the city state to rule much of Greece for some time).}}

From this site

Come on people it’s about us vs. them. The rich taking over and making our nation a land governed by Plutocrats (A wealthy class that controls a government).

America is about to become unrecognizable as the land of opportunity. If the Founding Fathers were alive today they would CRY A RIVER; Tears of regret for all their hard work in trying to create an emancipation, a place where all human beings not just the few of means can, no WILL experience equality for all.

Oh, what pipe dreamers those guys from the past were, it now looks as though their experiment is about to end in failure. Please listen to the hubris thoughts from a (seemingly mild mannered) tyrant who can hardly hold back his joy at crushing America’s middle class, (THE PHONE CONVERSATION WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY). thinkingblue


Koch: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Koch: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker PART 2


Wis. Assembly passes bill taking away union rights

MADISON, Wis. – Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly took
the first significant action on their plan to strip collective
bargaining rights from most public workers, abruptly passing the
measure early Friday morning before sleep-deprived Democrats
realized what was happening.

The vote ended three straight days of punishing debate in the
Assembly. But the political standoff over the bill — and the
monumental protests at the state Capitol against it — appear
far from over.

The Assembly's vote sent the bill on to the Senate, but minority
Democrats in that house have fled to Illinois to prevent a vote.
No one knows when they will return from hiding. Republicans who
control the chamber sent state troopers out looking for them at
their homes on Thursday, but they turned up nothing.

"I applaud the Democrats in the Assembly for earnestly
debating this bill and urge their counterparts in the state
Senate to return to work and do the same," Assembly Speaker
Jeff Fitzgerald, R-Horicon, said in a statement issued moments
after the vote.

The plan from Republican Gov. Scott Walker contains a number of
provisions he says are designed to fill the state's $137 million
deficit and lay the groundwork for fixing a projected $3.6
billion shortfall in the upcoming 2011-13 budget.

The flashpoint is language that would require public workers to
contribute more to their pensions and health insurance and strip
them of their right to collectively bargain benefits and work

Democrats and unions see the measure as an attack on workers'
rights and an attempt to cripple union support for Democrats.
Union leaders say they would make pension and health care
concessions if they can keep their bargaining rights, but Walker
has refused to compromise.

Tens of thousands of people have jammed the Capitol since last
week to protest, pounding on drums and chanting so loudly that
police providing security have resorted to ear plugs. Hundreds
have taken to sleeping in the building overnight, dragging in air
mattresses and blankets.

With the Senate immobilized, Assembly Republicans decided to act
and convened the chamber Tuesday morning.

Democrats launched a filibuster, throwing out dozens of
amendments and delivering rambling speeches. Each time
Republicans tried to speed up the proceedings, Democrats rose
from their seats and wailed that the GOP was stifling them.

Debate had gone on for 60 hours and 15 Democrats were still
waiting to speak when the vote started around 1 a.m. Friday.
Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, opened the roll and
closed it within seconds.

Democrats looked around, bewildered. Only 13 of the 38 Democratic
members managed to vote in time.

Republicans immediately marched out of the chamber in single
file. The Democrats rushed at them, pumping their fists and
shouting "Shame!" and "Cowards!"

The Republicans walked past them without responding.

Democrats left the chamber stunned. The protesters greeted them
with a thundering chant of "Thank you!" Some Democrats
teared up. Others hugged.

"What a terrible, terrible day for Wisconsin," said
Rep. Jon Richards, D-Milwaukee. "I am incensed. I am shocked."


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