Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egypt,Out Of Unthinkable Cruelty, Comes Courage

Egypt,Out Of Unthinkable Cruelty, Comes Courage

The unthinkable tragedy (and courage) that is unfolding in Egypt should not go into the black-hole of history too quickly. There are many websites, videos, web blogs, social networks and news media’s reporting on this unbelievable story of raw, unabashed human resilience to oppression, abject cruelty and despotism but that is not enough. Each and every one of us needs to, in any way possible, cry out our support for the people of Egypt. They represent all of us humans who for too long have been maltreated by the few who hold power over us.

In numbers there’s a power but despots always had the means to reduce that potentially united force to an individual status using fear of reprisal, religious rhetoric, torture and whatever Genghis Kahn/Hitleresque tactics they can conjure up.

Divide and separate is the modus operandi these depots used and it always worked. But now with technology breathing down their necks, there seems to be a new aberration in their cozy paradise of cold-bloodedness. Now ordinary people, the backbone of any nation, can communicate with one another in spite of the Thou Shalt Nots Or Else, rules and laws the power-hungry have shackled them with.

They now possess a means to transport their persecutions to the world exposing the despots’ monstrous inhuman control, bringing out the empathy all humans have for one another. We all want the same thing: PURSUIT OF LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. (nus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno)"One for all, all for one".

Below is my feeble attempt to keep this movement of monumental human optimism alive, stirring and growing. thinkingblue

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