Monday, January 24, 2011

Republican Approval Plummets

Republican Approval Plummets

Whad'ya Know? There are more thinkers out there than previously thought
(my previously). What an encouraging bit of news this is. When I see Boehner and his sycophants using talking points from their rehearsed playbooks, I can’t help it but my mind feels like screaming “ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL? ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS UNDOING THE ONLY HEALTHCARE BILL THAT THE USA HAS MANAGED TO PASS IN NEARLY A CENTURY OF FALSE STARTS AND UNKEPT CAMPAIGN PROMISES! IT’S SO OBVIOUS!”

Perhaps there’s a new phenomenon happening in America… Finally for the first time in many, many years the proletariat are grouping together and realizing that it’s all about what is best for We-The-People (starting with jobs) and not about making the medical insurance industry richer (which is what the Republican Corporatehood of the USA presses for). Hey maybe now John Boehner will finally have something real to cry about.



Proof is in the Polling: Republican Approval Plummets As They Ignore The Economy

The polls tell the tale.
Republican approval ratings are plummeting as the American
people see them ignoring the economy and wasting time with
political stunts that have zero chance of passing. NBC's
First Read summed it up: "The House GOP's first
impression isn't on jobs".

As Republicans choose to spend the first days of the new
Congress trying to re-open the donut hole and take away tax
breaks from small businesses, two polls in the last 48 hours
show that they are severely out of step with the American

* CBS News poll: "House Republicans may be focused on
fulfilling their campaign promise to work to overturn the
health care reform law, but a new CBS News/New York Times
survey finds that a plurality of Americans prefer they focus
instead on creating jobs. The poll finds 43 percent of
Americans believe the most important thing for the new
Congress to focus on is job creation - compared to just 18
percent who say the top priority should be health care...The
Republican Party is seen favorably by 40 percent of Americans
and unfavorably by 49 percent."

* NBC News poll: "Only 25% say the Republicans in
Congress will bring the right kind of change (versus 42% who
said that about the Dems in Jan. 2007, and 37% who said that
about the GOP in Jan. 1995)... And then there's this: The
GOP's fav/unfav has gone from a net positive in December
(38%-37%) to a net negative now (34%-40%). 'I think this has
been a pretty short Republican honeymoon,' McInturff says.
Hart adds, 'I think the president has the benefit of the
doubt, and the Republicans -- based on this data -- have the
burden of proof.'"

Not exactly an auspicious start for Republicans. We hope they
will take the hint, drop the political charade, and start
working with the other side of the aisle to create jobs and
build a prosperous middle class.

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