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There is so much rhetoric (false and true) going around these days after the Arizona assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords’ life. Such a tragedy and all everyone seems to be doing is accusing or defending. I have a facebook page where someone posted the story with a statement that Fox News, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck should share some of the blame because they promote HATE, FEAR and REVENGE. Jumping jehosaphats did he ruffle some feathers.

Below is the posting:

“Fox news should be held responsible for the violence they
have promoted. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ was shot in
the head at a town hall meeting she conducted today in Arizona.
Glenn Beck from Fox always talking about arming yourself and
prepare to fight your own government. Sarah Palin putting a
target on her during the recent campaign saying "It's time
to reload."

Sounds like a logical opinion with all the hateful rhetoric we have had to endure during the last two years since Obama was elected to the highest office in the land.

The Republicans cannot stand the fact that a Democrat took power away from them and what is more stuck in their crawl is the fact that he happens to be black. They try to paint him as a liberal (which he is not), they try to say he is not an American (which he is), they try with all their might to accuse him of being a Socialist (which of course he isn’t but it would do well for all us working class if he leaned just a little bit toward socialism instead of towards Corporate Control) They (the Republicans) do this to get all the hardcore bigots aroused so they might help them gain back their power (Sad for all of us that it works so easily) Below is a little bit of enlightenment on Socialism and what the Opposite looks like:


Is the USA Becoming a Socialist Country? What is the Opposite of
Socialism? by Vince Robertson

I continue to hear accusations that President Barack Obama is
making our great country a socialist country. I would like to
explore this debate. Many times over the past 6 months I've heard
the argument that Big Government is the precursor to socialism
and ultimately communism. This is certainly un-American! Those
making the argument typically take the position that if socialism
and communism are on one end of the spectrum, then we who love
God and country should run as fast and as far as we can to the
other end of the spectrum. In my crude, text-graphic format, this
is what the spectrum looks like:


Communism Socialism ----------------------Run!!!

Let me be clear, I am not making the case for communism nor for
socialism, but I believe that clear thinking individuals need to
understand the complete argument.The facts are that there are
opposites of communism and socialism, and I propose to you that
the opposites are class oppression and slavery. Class oppression,
or classism, is defined as mistreatment on the basis of
socioeconomic class. Slavery is blatant abuse and oppression to
the benefit of the master. Understanding this, the spectrum is
more accurately represented as:


Communism Socialism --------------Classism------Slavery

When this is understood, the question is no longer how far do we
as Americans want to get away from Communism, but rather where is
the proper balance? I believe this is the heart of the
intelligent debate.

(intelligent being the operative word)



Anyway, TV has offered up many different slants on this tragedy in Arizona and I
being one who would rather hear rationality than misrepresentation (mendacity on Fox News) gathered my information from those (with truth on their side) who delivered A VOICE OF REASON. Here are a few that I have uploaded to my youtube channel for a bit of TV's look into the causes of this catastrophe
brought on by society's failures. thinkingblue

First up is Democracy Now’s Look At This Human Tragedy:

Now for Ed Schultz's VOICE OF REASON.

And Finally Keith Olbermann's VOICE OF REASON With His Special Comment.

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