Sunday, January 09, 2011

Divided We Fall! Did The Hate Mongers Win In Tucson?

Tucson rampage casts light on toxic political tone

Divided We Fall! Did The Hate Mongers Win In Tucson?

I wonder? Do you think all the Obama Bashers and the Palin, Beck, Limbaugh ilk are happy yet? They've succeeded so will they revel in their victory?

They say the hatred has spewed from both sides of the aisle but I haven't seen it that way. So much malevolence and bigotry has been spawned by too many leaders of the Tea Party that any sane mind has most assuredly felt as though it might (and has) erupt in some sort of violence.

Is only the Republican Tea Party at fault? The Republican leaders outside the Tea Party should also share in some of the blame. Blame because they remained silent during all the hateful rhetoric from the likes of the Palins, Becks and Limbaughs.

Do you think that with all this mayhem and extreme grief there will come a day of reckoning and those who allowed (and encouraged) such hate to spill forth will feel shame?

I think not!

Oh, maybe for a short period while it circulates the Internet and is touched upon by mainstream media but when the dust settles, their chicanery will again return and perhaps it will be even more aberrant because the bottom line is winning.


The saddest part of this equation is the fact that they have so large an audience; quite an adoring “crowd" that is so full of hate that they hunger to find a victim they can thrust all their sick revulsion upon; And right-wing talk radio, Fox news and the leaders of the Tea Party movement eagerly try to conjure up a victim to placate their flock (remember Bill O’Reilly’s excessive chant “Tiller the Baby Killer”).

No one wins though, not the suspected shooter, Jared Loughner, for sure not the instigators, not any of us who wish to live in a civilized place have won, we as a nation are all losers! America has turned on itself and divided we fall. thinkingblue

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