Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Michael Moore Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

Michael Moore Let The Cat Out Of The Bag


I don't know about you... but the words Michael Moore's conveying on the steps of the Capital in Madison, Wisconsin ring so clear to we Americans who think and are beyond the reach of the Billionaire Propaganda Machines... i.e. Fox News, American For Prosperity (Koch Brothers Think Tank), Tea Party (Also a Koch Brother creation) the many conservative/wealthy lobbies and The United Corporations of America... It's emotional and inspiring and makes you almost believe there is hope for America. But, since wealth seems to trump common sense, (I love you Michael) but I am not sure we will win this battle of so many battles the Republicans throw our way.

Again, please forgive my cynical nature and watch Mr. Moore pour his heart out over Union Busting that is just one of the many Republican plans to dismantle our Democracy and turn our Nation into a Plutocracy. thinkingblue


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