Monday, May 16, 2011

The Children Speak Out!

A poignant video of peace by children.

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If children ruled the world, if before they were indoctrinated into
belief systems of intolerance and hate, I truly believe OUR
PLANET WOULD BE ONE OF PEACE. But, that will remain only a dream because intolerance and hatred keep on begetting. How thoroughly dismal this is. thinkingblue


No other options for the People?

Is fighting and killing the best method humankind can come up
with to control fighting and killing?

Who says so?

The People of Afghanistan are tired of war as a method for
'peace', and they want options.

They want nonviolent options, options to live without killing,
options to end the war.

"We wish to live without wars.

We do not want the 'Taliban' or the 'Al-Qaeda' to rule us.

We do not want the current corrupt Afghan government or
war-and-drug-lords to rule us.

We do not want neighboring and regional countries to rule us.

We do not want the US/NATO forces to rule us, far less to
over-stay permanently or kill us!"

Abdulai, and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

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