Friday, June 24, 2011

'BOOK OF LOVE' Keith Olbermann June 23, 2011

Will life ever have a silver lining as the song "Look for a Silver Lining" suggests? I hope so but I'm not too enthusiastic about it, but as long as Keith Olbermann stays on the air, I will have a resource to help get me through this journey called LIFE (in one whole stable mental piece). thinkingblue

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As always,
(It feels so good to be able to use the word "ALWAYS"
once again concerning Keith) Keith Olbermann delivered an
emotional Special Comment last night. As I listened with tears
welling up, (along with a silent roar of laughter at Olbermann's
astonishing wit and sarcasm) I thought to myself, it's so good to
have you back on the air.

For years,
in the past I had sat in front of my TV with tears flowing down
my face during one of Keith’s dissertations about some human
topic or event concerning the strength or despair of the human
condition (Pure Theatre of the Absurd genre). These comments of
hope (or anger) helped diminish my cynicism just a little and
made me believe there was perhaps hope for us tragic human
creatures. But always these feelings of encouragement were short
lived because some other psychopathic saga (usually of a
political nature) would come down the pike, bringing with it a
puff of (GOP) gloom.

watch Keith Olbermann's special comment of June 23, 2011 but have
a tissue handy.

Then maybe
you might like to read the very (unfortunately) accurate
description from the article below BY David Schwartz.


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