Friday, June 17, 2011

Let The Opinions Begin. Anthony Weiner Resigns

Let The Opinions Begin. Anthony Weiner Resigns

Not everyone believed Anthony Weiner should have resigned. But
whether you agree it's best for our country if he do so or not,
you will find opinion out in Internet Land that hits the old
proverbial nail right smack on its head. Here are two of the
best... IMAO. thinkingblue

We all know the saying... Opinions are like BLANK in that
everyone has one. Well with the resignation of Anthony Weiner
this is certainly an OPINION FREE-FOR-ALL! I am only putting
forth these 2... Why? Because I like them. ;-)

First a word from Keith Olbermann: CLICK HERE

Thanks Keith, we have all missed you... Welcome back. thinkingblue

(Keith Olbermann to start his new show on Current TV April 20, 2011)

MSNBC's Ed Schultz To Anthony Weiner: Resign

And Ed Schultz After Anthony Weiner Resigns

Well done Big Ed, you are so spot-on! thinkingblue

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