Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Do Logically Challenged People Always Vote Republican?

Why Do Logically Challenged
People Always Vote Republican?

I just Googled this question and it seems
many people out there in the land of the Internet have also
pondered this phenomenon. We, who have lived as middle class
citizens all our lives (you know we, the lucky ones, who have
managed, by the skin of our teeth, to hold on to the status the
mega-rich often refer to as, The Bourgeois.) want to know why
people in the same situation as us, turn their backs on logic and
vote for the rich people's party. Why don't these poor chumps
possess the ability TO THINK?

One answer may be as simple as
‘indoctrination’. They were raised in a bedrock of
brainwashing; by familes who cannot think outside the confines of
a narrow cardboard box, to the establishments they attend like
church, church schools and, oh maybe, their local These
people are told (by folks they consider the AUTHORITY) you must
obey our rules if you wish to be included as one of us; And being
submissive is (what they’ve been taught) the best way to
make it through a life of destitution.

If you've seen my last post Thom Hartmann's Tea
Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Video, Deleted From Youtube
there's a video I put up on youtube describing how the republican rich are throwing money at The Tea Party so that its peonage can go around, using
seminars, to teach dirty tricks that will keep the GOP in power.
In essence, it's the
Horatio Alger's Story that there's dignity in being poor: “BE PROUD WHILE YOU SUFFER” and make sure that the rich keep on
getting richer because someday you might be rich too. Don't
worry, in the meantime, we will reward you with a low paying
subservient job that is guaranteed to keep you slipping downward
into the Billionaire’s Utopian Dream of HOMELESSNESS for all.

It is a truly frustrating state of
affairs because there is no way to gain access to these closed
minds. When confronted with words from those who can critically
THINK, they run away to their habitats of safety and turn on Rush
Limbaugh or Fox News to drown out what they believe to be
insanity and listen to the soothing words of intolerance, hatred
and convoluted logic.

Below Bill Maher on his July 8th 2011
show ‘Real Time’ reflects on this same perplexing
question… Very funny but with sad overtones.


"Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is
true that most stupid people are conservative."
John Stuart Mill

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