Friday, July 08, 2011

Thom Hartmann's Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Video, Deleted From Youtube

Thom Hartmann's Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Video, Deleted From Youtube

On June 22, 2011

A video featuring Thom Hartmann telling about the Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics via youtube came my way. It was so alarming that I tried to put it out there for all to see.

Today July 7th, I went back to my blogs to find the video so that I could send it to a friend and this (next picture) is what came up upon the screen when I clicked to view the video...

Apparently, someone or something had ordered this video deleted and youtube like the good little sheepal that they've become obeyed this order.

I have spent hours trying to find another source that may have also uploaded this video but did not take it down,


So I did the next best thing and found the original video (the one Hartmann's taped show had referred to) and uploaded it to youtube. I hope this one will not be ordered by the Koch Brother's Tea Party activists, to also be taken down and my account deleted... Keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

Our country has been hijacked by the Corporate Propaganda machine.

We must all attain an awareness of this and do whatever we can, using non-violence to inform others that they are drinking Corporate KOOL-AID.

Help keep America's Democracy alive by telling The Corporatehood...

NO MORE LIES! thinkingblue

Click to see youtube deleted video


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