Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doctors' Favorite Phrase - YOU'RE GONNA DIE, UNLESS...!

Saying NO WAY, to a doctor is easier said then done. But you should equip yourself with the knowledge that everything a doctor tells you to do is not always in your best interest. Live and Learn.

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Doctors' Favorite Phrase - YOU'RE GONNA DIE,

For years I've believed doctors and medical
practitioners have over prescribed, over surgery-ed, over
tested and viewed patients as cash-cows, for the most part.
KA-CHING, KA-CHING. They can, because they know how to strike
fear in the hearts of us unknowing lay-people. They don't
even have to use words; it's assumed that if you don't get
this or that expensive test or procedure done... YOU'RE GONNA

Guess what THEY MAKE ME SICK!http://i933.photobucket.com/albums/ad179/thethinkingblue/smileyconfused.jpg

PS: Hey but when you really need, and I mean
need a doctor to save your life. Thank goodness, when you can
find the right one who is capable of giving you an extension
on your expiration date. Read the article below for some

One Word Can Save Your Life: No!

New research shows how some common tests and procedures
aren’t just expensive, but can do more harm than good.

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