Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why I ♥ Jon Stewart & why the GOP/TP hate him so.

Jon Stewart one of the BEST OF THE BEST personalities that we Liberals can claim as our own. This clip on 'THE POORS' as Jon puts it shows how Fox (you call that news?) demonizes the POOR and tries to make their audiences believe that it is the POOR that is bringing down America with all their GREED. Say What??? Leave it to Fox "News" to turn common sense into a CONVOLUTED MANIFESTATION OF THOUGHT!

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I You Jon Stewart!

This Jon Stewart video is....
UNBELIEVABLE to the HIGHEST degree. Jon Stewart can find HUMOR in
almost EVERYTHING... even poverty... so this clip will have some in it but mostly that is guaranteed to make you ...!

Watch it (many fox news clips) and weep
and chuckle too but you will probably get a bit...


I you Jon Stewart! thinkingblue


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