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Religious Pedophiles - Is The Pope Above The Law?


thinkingblue says: If anyone can put a pen to the Catholic Church leaders' (especially the Pope) atrocious oath of silence, to not expose the (PEDOPHILIA) scourge, and in unequivocal language that leaves no latitude for rebuttal, John Cory can.

In this article (below) he tells
the side of the victim; the young children who had no authority to go to, no protector to save them and no voice to tell about the silent suffering they had to tolerate during the dark minutes, hours, days of torment they endured while in their early years of life… (in HELL!)

Hell is a place, that the very institute of which their parents had thrust them into, to learn how to stay out of, when their lives on Earth had ceased (
Catholic Belief System). Please read his words they will cause
you to feel the pain of the victims, not the so called excuses from the perpetrators. The sorrow of this story is intense beyond words!

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Pope Benedict XVI attends Palm
Sunday Mass at the Vatican, 03/28/10. (photo: Getty Images)

A Personal Issue, The Catholic Church Scandal
By John Cory, Reader Supported News
28 March 2010

My views on child abuse and child
molestation are harsh and unforgiving and forged by the fires
of my own childhood. I give no quarter on this issue.

I have no kind words or forgiving thoughts for the Catholic
hierarchy or their enablers, which brings me to Bill
Donohue's article on the CNN Opinion web site. You can read
what he says here but I'll give you my version:

Child abuse and molestation is bad but this stuff happened a
long time ago and times were different then and besides
everyone does it including churches, schools, businesses and
even the Jews. This is all about picking on the Catholic
Church for headlines.

Mr. Donohue - you are performing a cheap parlor trick of
turning the Catholic Church into the victim here and frankly,
it is disgusting. The victims are at the center of this
issue, not you and your Catholic ego.

This is not an attack on the Catholic Church. It is about
holding the men accountable who lead the Church. And that
includes the Pope.

In the wonderful novel "The Kite Runner" by Khaled
Hosseini, Baba tells his son Amir: "There is only one
sin and that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of
theft... When you kill a man, you steal a life. When you tell
a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth."

Men, not God, not Church, stole innocence and trust, privacy
and possession of one's body and spirit. Can there be a more
heinous crime?

While you dress your Cardinals and Pope in fine linens and
moral rectitude, the molested cover themselves in revulsion
and self-loathing believing they did something to cause this

While you parade about with burning incense and wafers of
contrition the raped and battered wander in doubt and
confusion as to how God let this happen.

While you sprinkle the Water of Oblivion and chant sacred
liturgies the true victims suffer the holy trinity of abuse,
alienation and abandonment.

How dare you cloak the Church in victimhood.

Should the deaf children thank God that they were not able to
hear their rapist's grunts and gasps of pleasure at

Should the molested thank God that they eventually became old
enough to no longer be attractive to priests? Or should they
have prayed for faster transfers?

Should the abused take comfort in the knowledge that it was
only a few "bad apples" in the Church and they were
just "unfortunate" to be among the chosen prey?

What you defend is not the Church but the silence of power,
the sin of willful ignorance and the sin of omission by those
who turned a blind eye to the torture and horror at the hands
of God's devoted servants.

What you defend is the murder of the soul.

The first day of abuse becomes an eternity of pain and
despair and night becomes a never-ending reel that assaults
the senses. The smell and feel of sin forever burned into the
brain haunting the heart and soul.

I don't know how to explain this horror in a way to make you

I can tell you that abuse smells like Old Spice and Vaseline
Hair Tonic wafting in the air with each blow. I can tell you
that abuse tastes like oatmeal on a dishrag in my mouth to
keep me from screaming. I can tell you that abuse burns like
a tub of scalding water boiling away my sins and it stings
like the slice of a knife to bleed out that evil blood inside
of me. I can tell you that the sound of abuse is an icy echo:
I'm only doing this because I love you. If you were good, you
wouldn't make me do this.

There is not a bonfire in Hell big enough for the souls of
these people to burn in as far as I am concerned. And the
statute of limitations should match the term of punishment
and damnation - eternity.

The perpetrators stole innocence and purity, trust and love,
and beautiful childhood souls like they were nothing more
than trinkets of idol pleasure.

But the greatest theft came from the Cardinals and Bishops
and authorities. They stole in silence just like a thief in
the night. They were soundless accomplices to the murder of

They stole truth from those who needed its protection most.
They stole the right to be heard and to be believed. They
stole love and hope and the sanctity of the church.

They stole God.

To defend any of this is to steal the last vestige of dignity
and honor and justice from those who deserve it most.

There is only one sin and that is theft.

Thou shalt not steal.


I found this next article while searching this subject on the
Internet. It is so good, I am printing it here in its



Pedophiles, who prefer child sexual partners within their own
family, are said to be “INCESTUOUS”. From the
Compton’s Encyclopedia: Pedophilia is the sexual abuse
of children which often involves parents, siblings, or other
family members in forbidden relationships--children are
exposed to sensations and practices that they are not quite
mature enough to understand. The types of abuse may range
from fondling to rape, and kidnap victims are often molested
before they are killed. Others may be the objects of
pedophiles (adults who prefer child partners). Sexually
abused children who try to break the pattern by running away
may be lured into street crime or exploited in child
prostitution and pornography rings. I believe publications)
make light of this horrible, tragic, deviant sexual practice.
Such attitudes are as if Pedophilia is so horrible, that it
should be “swept under the rug” or better yet, not
spoken about. Such is the power of important sexual deviants
(high in church and political circles), as to make the
subject taboo to the general public.There should always be
grave concern about Pedophiles in our Society because it
destroys the innocence of children; thereby negatively
affecting their lives and of those of many other innocent
people. I have written this paper in the hope of alerting
more people to the problem, and its ramifications. Perhaps by
opening a dialogue (blog- if you like) we may together find
ways to help stem this cancer in our society and morality.
Just who are Pedophiles?

1.PEDOPHILES are men / women who have strong sexual
inclination (lust) toward boys, or girls. They believe there
is nothing wrong with their sexual inclinations, and see them
as normal, and feel misunderstood by Society (sort of like
druggies). I have come to believe they are born this way
(hardwired for children), and cannot be dissuaded or changed
by persuasion, or the love of God.

2.PEDOPHILES are young adults, adult, middle-aged and old men
(and women). They exist in all races and walks of life, poor,
rich, uneducated, highly educated - it makes no difference!
More often than not, they are very intelligent and cunning.
They truly are the moral “wolves” in society, and
have been so since time immemorial. Pedophile Clerics are
truly:“wolves in sheep’s clothing”

3. PEDOPHILES often seek jobs, or professions, that will put
them in close contact with young children (a pool of
victims), and a position of authority, to facilitate carrying
out their perverse designs and sexual fantasies. They may, or
may not act out such fantasies, but they have a
“deviant” mentality and perverse sexual fantasies

MOTHERS, because they irreversibly damage the psyche of their
victims within their own family, often for many generations
yet to come, and usually destroy family unity. AS SUCH

victims to protect their own freedom to satisfy their sexual
fantasies again. Clearly, THEY ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS KIND,
and should be identified, and removed from society as soon as

6. PEDOPHILES cannot be dissuaded or persuaded to change
their sexual inclinations by Psychiatric therapy or by
counseling intervention. Not even for the love or fear of
God! The problem is, they do not acknowledge being deviant,
or damaging to their victims - even when their victims are
babies! Pedophiles are full of fantasies in which they see
themselves as Teachers and Masters for a new generation.
Damn! Please excuse my indignation. One avenue that has been
used is chemical castration (periodic injections through
court action), or the use of Anti-Depressants such as Zoloft,
and other (SSRIs) - by counseling persuasion, since they
greatly reduce sexual urge (libido). Wish we had a drug like
it to reduce the addictive cravings of druggies.

8. PEDOPHILES are often aided and abetted by the silence of
family members and others who know of their
actions/inclinations. In most cases of incest, the mother
knows, and keeps silence. Considering the consequences of her
silence toward the family, she is equally guilty. No one who
“Knows” should be silent! A mother’s prime
directive as a parent, is to protect her children; not the
reputation of an incestuous father – that, is his


1. GIRLS WHO ARE VICTIMS OF INCEST beginning in childhood
will frequently suffer from frigidity (inability to have
pleasurable intimate sexual relations with men) resulting
from deep-seated feelings of guilt related to sex. Such women
feel they must “submit to sex in marriage; this normally
has a chilling effect on marital relations, since the husband
may misconstrue the wife’s attitude for lack of love, or
dissatisfaction with his sexual performance. Left
unrecognized, this problem often results in divorce, and
eventual breakup of the family. The victim strangely, usually
has no memory of the events, let alone the cause of her
problems (she thinks it is all natural, and every
child’s experience) until late in life; Then, she begins
to experience troubling Flashbacks about her childhood and
realizes, at first with apprehension; then with disgust, and
finally with anger, that she was abused as a child for the
sexual gratification of a grownup in her family. Frequently,
feelings of guilt and low self-esteem ensue; this can and
should be treated by counseling to help the victim
internalize the fact that she was a child victim of a
Perverse Pedophile (one who acts out his sexual fantasies),
through no fault of her own. Psychotherapy or counseling are
lengthy, expensive, and (unfortunately) infrequently

pedophile, also suffer feelings of guilt and low self-esteem
that can be highly self-destructive. Such feelings, if left
untreated, can lead to promiscuity, prostitution, drug abuse,
self-abuse, and even suicide; Victims should be treated by
counseling to help the victim internalize the fact that he or
she was a child victim of a pedophile, through no fault of
hers. The most important things a caring parent can do, is to
recognize the signs/symptoms of sexual abuse, seek treatment,
and expose the pedophile. The signs and symptoms of sexual
abuse in children need exploration, but often include:
moroseness (quietness), sadness, desires to be alone, lack of
playfulness, and distrust of adults.


implications/ramifications, deeply affects our life and
Society at large; hence the need to look for ways to combat
the problem.

2. EDUCATE PARENTS about Pedophilia and its consequences, and
how to teach their children regarding “Nasty”

3. EXPLORE WAYS to help individual victims.

4. EXPLORE WAYS to identify pedophiles during the hiring-in
process for "child vulnerable" positions such as:
teachers, school bus drivers, Boy Scout leaders, Clergy,
Summer Camp Leaders, Day Care Center Workers, etc. This could be done by "peter-meter" devices, or by observing
reaction to naked child photos/art. Employers often require
drug use tests legally, don't they? It is time for preemptive
action. Society cannot continue to allow "wolves/coyotes
in the hen house". The toll in destroyed lives is too
high! I look forward to your constructive suggestions: legal,
legislative (at different levels of government) important
hiring places, etc. to fight this worldwide scourge on

P.S. I am not looking for excuses/apologies from Pedophiles.
I know they see themselves in a special light: “Nobody
loves children the way we do”…We thank God for


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The Republicans have got to be made to realize they can't hide
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