Sunday, March 07, 2010

If Only We Could Laugh At Ourselves More

If Only We Could Laugh At Ourselves More

If people could laugh at themselves more they wouldn't have the inclination to hate. We’re all in this together but for some reason this thought seems dead in many minds. We all want the same things, don’t we? To love and be loved, be respected as a feeling human being, not to be judged harshly by our differences in culture, economic status, belief system, race, gender, education, body size, sexual oriantation or our age. But for some reason this empathetic human characteristic of
‘we’re all in this together’ gets put on the back-burner for a whole slew of us. Is it because it’s just remarkably too easy to hate those deemed different? And besides, it kind of gives one a scapegoat for the
‘why we don't feel so good about ourselves’.

If a group of people with opposing opinions sat in a room and watched some funny, both sides of the spectrum, humor and could laugh freely. I believe they would emerge from that room with less hostility and hate.

(Yeah Right! )

Needless to say, John Wagner’s creation, Maxine, makes me laugh myself silly. Here’s hoping the Grand Ole Gal, can also give you a haha or two.

Have a nice day...

(someplace else), thinkingblue

PS: Hey, what’s not to laugh at…
We’re all pretty damn funny so why not just experience
The Theater Of The Absurd and laugh at ourselves; maybe it
will help us advance as a species.

RNC Document Mocks Donors, Plays on 'Fear'

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The Republicans have got to be made to realize they can't hide
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Let's keep our heads,
while we continue to watch THE




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