Monday, March 01, 2010

Denounce Glenn Beck's vicious attacks - sign petition.

Please Help Tinfoil Hat Dog on facebook.


Would you please tell us

(we the fans of


"TINFOIL HAT POODLE" has been put under a FB
"publish blocked"... It doesn't make sense, there
has to be an ulterior motive involved. Perhaps, FOX NEWS has
contacted you and ordered THE BLOCK.

You see, since it does not make
sense you are giving birth to A CONSPIRACY THEORY.

(Maybe there’s some truth in this conspiracy with this headline
- Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News,
has issued another idle threat in response to what Murdoch perceives to be theft of information. Apparently, he wants News Corp. content removed from Google, because Google is not paying him to index content, and in connection with his idea
of requiring visitors to pay to access said content. Read more:

The only thing I have witnessed on
this member page was a bunch of people, (who can't stand Glenn
Beck or how Fox News pushes him and his hate mongering in all of
our faces) getting together to rant and support the idea that
Glenn Beck isn’t the only one or CREATURE that has a strong
following. Even when his sponsors have pulled out in droves...
Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Network, keeps him on the air.
Indeed, there is money to be made in promoting FEAR AND HATE. So
the Sky's The Limit and No Holds Barred!

America is fast becoming an Oligarchy (Ruled by Corporations.) and it looks as though FACEBOOK is contributing to America’s (We The People) demise.

Please unblock the publishing rights for ""

and help save

The America Republic and DEMOCRACY!


Please Write To----,

Tell them to give the page back the publishing rights to the
owner AND don't forget to include the URL from this site--


Bitsy Bob -

It has been said that I "Bob"s mom (and original image
holder) gave everyone permission to use Bitsy's picture. This was a false claim. While we do appreciate everyone's support, please do not take other people's word for Bob/Bitsy. As the owner (sorry to have to use the ...trump card here), only I can make claims, com...ments and authorizations for Bob/Bitsy, her image and its use. Thank you.... BitsyBob

I sent Bob a message... Please use my poodle's image:

Denounce Glenn Beck's Vicious Attacks

Glenn Beck told last week's annual meeting of the lunatic
right-wing fringe:

"progressivism is the cancer in America and it's eating our Constitution."

Sign the petition below to denounce Glenn Beck's vicious attacks:

It is beyond reason... that ANYONE listens to this greedy idiot.
There was a time, a cognitive time when he would have been
laughed off the stage or theater Fox News has provided him. What
happened to our country and how did it get so half-witted? It's
getting so an American will not want to be called an American
because the label will be synonymous with ignorant. This small
man is a joke and only he knows the motives behind what drives
him to look, sound and act so psychotic. $$$$! Now we all know!

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