Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Political Cartoon that offends???

Sunday Political cartoon that offends????

This political cartoon appeared in our local newspaper in February... It really ticked off one of the residents living around these parts (their comment below)... He/she wrote this in the Rant and Rave section of this newspaper... We sure do have more than our share of coocoos... thinkingblue


"My point is concerning the cartoon that is under the Rant & Rave on Friday, Feb. 19. This cartoon is very distasteful. How the board of the Suwannee Democrat could put this in there, I have no idea. Something needs to be done, and something needs to be apologized. This cartoon is just awful. My subscription to the Democrat is in jeopardy right now and I have had it for 10 years, but somebody needs to do something about this cartoon." Click Here

WTF is he/she talking about??? I thought this cartoon was right on POINT! tb

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