Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow and The Homeless

As we watch this horrendous snowstorm hit the Eastern Coast, the worst in decades, feelings of empathy towards those caught up in such adverse conditions, overtake us. But, we forget about one segment of the population... THE HOMELESS! For these unfortunates an insufferable blizzard can mean life or death.

I happened across this video (never shown in our mainstream corporate media) and was taken aback that I never gave a thought to those who try to survive living on the street. It’s hard enough during clement weather for these people to find the means of survival but in harsh conditions many of them either die are become very ill. Seeing the homeless should make us all chant “There but for the grace of god goes I” because in a greedy capitalistic society we are all vulnerable to such a fate. In a corporate culture people have no value other than
the purchase power they possess. If ever you lose that means, you become useless and invisible to those who hold the reigns over your destiny. Perhaps as we watch the storms flurry around us whether we are in the middle of them or an outside spectator, maybe we can take a moment to reflect about how the homeless are faring. (And get angry that there is such a plight called homelessness, a true sign that something is wrong!) thinkingblue

Click Here To See ArticleThose hardest hit in what
was worst snow storm to strike Washington DC in 30 years were
the district's homeless.

While most DC residents found warmth and comfort in their
homes in the wake of "Snowmageddon", for
Washington's six thousand homeless people the storm was a
life-threatening situation.

The US capital does have an emergency hypothermia hotline
during winter months and volunteers are taking action to help, but finding enough shelters to accommodate the large number of homeless has proved challenging.

Al Jazeera's Todd Baer reports from Washington DC.

[February 8, 2010]

US snow storm hits DC homeless

Please sign this very important petition "demand question
time" (of our political leaders)
HERE... We really need
more dialog from those at the top... The Republicans have got
to be made to realize they can't hide behind "NO"
any longer! thinkingblue


Let's keep our heads, while we continue to watch THE



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