Saturday, January 30, 2010

President Obama Takes "Talking Points" From The GOP

An Open Discussion Across the Aisle
I was mesmerized, when I saw Obama, taking questions (or better put Republican "Talking Points" or "Factoids") from the GOP. Anyone who is still on the fence about whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats that will fix our country and bring it out of the mess it’s in; they should jump off to the Left side now, upon viewing. The Republicans have had a strangle hold on our nation for years and what have they done? NOTHING! Wait a minute, that's not quite true... They have all but destroyed it… stepping over the corpses of the people while they go on playing their insane games. What will it take? Total Obama failure I guess, because even while America is suffering these so called conservatives have turned, Corporations into People, Made sure health-care stayed in the hands of the insurance companies, Depleted any chance of paying off the National Debt and have turned their backs on our future. Any voter who is still going to vote Republican will be happy to know that the GOP will achieve its goal of destroying the only home most of us have known. Get Real, Start Thinking!

Comment On Youtube
Our country is fast going down the tubes thanks to the New Republican Party. The GOP has become full of "people" who have their own idea of REALITY. It resembles A FANTASYLAND where UP is DOWN and SAD is HAPPY and WRONG is RIGHT. They possess neither logic nor common sense. All of this would be OK if they didn't achieve POWER. But because there are so many voters who also like to stick their heads in the sand and enjoy living in this insane non-thinking Fantasyland, the GOP with the help of their unthinking servants will take us down lickety-split!


Let's keep our heads,
while we continue to watch THE


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