Thursday, February 04, 2010

Honesty Came To The "No" Spin Zone Today


Imagine, a wee little bit of honesty coming to Fox (News?). The "No" Spin Zone with its host, BallyHooey Bill-O, who wouldn’t know honesty if it ran up and hit him over the head, (which the intellectually witty Jon Stewart virtually did) welcomed Jon Stewart on February 3, 2010. Wow! The mental contrast of bright and dull, between the two, almost seems unfair to imbalanced O’Reilly. But believe it or not it was somewhat entertaining if you could overlook the childish name calling from O'Reilly. He is so use to his Romper Room Tactics that he would not be able to get through a day without them. Hats Off To Jon Stewart The Most Trusted Wit On TV! thinkingblue


Jon Stewart with Bill O'Reilly
Part 1 of 3 February 3, 2010

Jon Stewart with Bill O'Reilly
Part 2 of 3 February 3, 2010

Jon Stewart with Bill O'Reilly
Part 3 of 3 February 3, 2010

Both men have appeared on each other's show before, but it was Stewart's first time back since 2004. O'Reilly annoyed Comedy Central by calling
Stewart's audience primarily "stoned slackers"; on
Wednesday, he amended it to "stoned slackers who love

There was even a dispute over who initiated the return visit.
O'Reilly said on Fox earlier Wednesday that Stewart's
representatives had asked for him to come on the show. Comedy
Central spokesman Tony Fox said an O'Reilly producer
requested the appearance.

Fox "is the most passionate and sells the clearest
narrative of all the news networks, if ... you're still
referring to it in that manner," Stewart said.

O'Reilly pointed out that Fox is like a newspaper with news
and opinion pages, an idea Stewart poked fun at.

"Fox in and of itself doesn't say you're a news network
all day," he said. "What is it, you're news from 9
to 11, then you're opinion, then you're news again from 1 to
2:30 except for the Jewish holidays? And then on alternate
parking days you're news, but Christmas, you're not?"

Stewart was asked about a Washington Post column that
suggested he was becoming disenchanted with Obama. "I
don't take any of that seriously," he said.

But he did criticize Obama for not taking control of his agenda.

"It allows too much room for different narratives to
take hold, for instance, a narrative that might emanate from
a news organization of this ilk," he said.

Original Post: Daily Show host Jon Stewart will enter the
"No Spin Zone" tomorrow night when he sits down for
an interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. The sit down
will air over two nights, tomorrow and Thursday.

This isn't the first time the two hosts have squared off.
Most recently when O'Reilly went on the Daily Show right
after the election of President Obama. Click HERE to watch it.

Stewart most recently went after Fox News for its handling of
President Obama's Q&A session with congressional
Republicans. While other networks aired the stunning exchange
in its entirety, Fox News did not. Stewart believes that's
because Obama's answers did not square with Fox's
conservative narrative.

Please sign this very important petition "demand question
time" (of our political leaders)
HERE... We really need
more dialog from those at the top... The Republicans have got
to be made to realize they can't hide behind "NO"
any longer! thinkingblue


Let's keep our heads, while we continue to watch THE


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