Friday, March 12, 2010

US Doctors Over Testing, Over Treating & Under Sympathetic

USA Doctors

Over Testing, Over Treating & Under Sympathetic


Another study proving Doctors are over testing and over prescribing. NO SHIT!

These studies pop up now and then but nothing happens to change the nefarious doctoring methods here in the good ole US of A. Maybe for a short period but then it’s business as usual.

I remember a time when pediatricians’ handed out prescriptions for antibiotics to every child with a case of the sniffles. As a young mother I was led to believe that if I didn’t give my child this “miracle” drug they would surely die. My kids had this potion pumping through their veins at least 2 or 3 times a year. Then, sometime later, it was found that this over treating was causing the antibiotics not to be so ANTI anymore and bacterials were turning into HULKS, so it stopped! Nice, after I raised my kids on the stuff! I’m so cynical now, that I BELIEVE ‘NUTTIN HONEY’!

BTW, to you teabaggers bellowing "HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE!". What healthcare? Oh, you mean the one that uses your body as a guinea pig to increase “THEIR” wealth? thinkingblue

Experts say US doctors overtesting, overtreating

By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner,

CHICAGO – Too much cancer screening, too many heart
tests, too many cesarean sections. A spate of recent reports
suggest that too many Americans — maybe even President
Barack Obama — are being overtreated.

Is it doctors practicing defensive medicine? Or are patients
so accustomed to a culture of medical technology that they
insist on extensive tests and treatments?

A combination of both is at work, but now new evidence and
guidelines are recommending a step back and more thorough
doctor-patient conversations about risks and benefits.

As a medical journal editorial said this week about Obama's
recent checkup, Americans including the commander in chief
need to realize that "more care is not necessarily
better care."

Obama's exam included prostate cancer screening and a virtual
colonoscopy. The PSA test for prostate cancer is not
routinely recommended for any age and colon screening is not
routinely recommended for patients younger than 50. Obama is


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Let's keep our heads,
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