Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wisconsin, Where Money Talks and Truth Walks

The above article tells us that there may be just an itty bitty bit of sunshine peeking through the darkness, after Wisconsin's Ignoramus Pool, leaped, bounced and hopped to the polls to merily vote for their darling boy Walker. Scott Walker, is a disaster for Wisconsin and an abysmal bleakness for America but it doesn’t seem to matter to the  Super Pac's who threw money around like there's no tomorrow to retain Walker’s gubernatorial seat (thank ‘YOU’ to the 5 Republican Judges on the SCOTUS for making this a reality) proving once again that MONEY TALKS AND TRUTH TAKES A WALK!
Wisconsin results look better for Obama than for Romney
WASHINGTON — Looking ahead to November, the Wisconsin recall election — triggered by GOP Gov. Scott Walker busting state worker unions — leaves President Barack Obama in better shape than Mitt Romney.
Wisconsin is one of 10 battleground states, and exit polls of Wisconsin voters show Obama at 54 percent to 42 percent for Romney — even though Walker survived the challenge.
It is not an inconsistent finding, given the peculiar nature of a recall election. Some 60 percent of Wisconsin voters said a recall was only appropriate when a public official was accused of some kind of official misconduct. Walker’s recall was triggered when he led the drive to grind down the collective bargaining rights of state government employees — a major policy difference, not a personal failing.
That resistance to the use of the recall tool suggests why some voters in Wisconsin were comfortable in casting a ballot for a Republican with roots in the Tea Party movement and turning around and saying in November they could vote for Democrat Obama.
No one is predicting that Obama can repeat in 2012 his 2008 blowout in the Badger State, when he beat GOP rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) by 14 points. But Obama also has history on his side — the last Republican who won Wisconsin was Ronald Reagan, in 1984.
The exit polls are upbeat for Obama; some 45 percent said he could improve the economy better than Romney and an important voter group — middle class voters said Obama could help them better.
Scott Walker's "Win" is not a "Win" for the people, it's a (bought) "Win" for the Koch Brothers and their Wealthy Corporate Ilk. It's a very sad day for our Republic. thinkingblue

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