Friday, May 25, 2012

GOP Tea Party Knows They Are Gonna Lose In 2012.

So they cheat, plunder and steal, every chance they get.
Again, on Facebook, someone had posted this blog from Daily Kos: BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos it was dated August 27, 2011, so it isn't so BREAKING but that didn't diminish it's informative content. Internet bloggers (especially from the right-wing) are adamant on being the first to report something that they often get it entirely wrong, so date isn't important. The email starts out with an...
innocent enough but wait until you
I have to admit I do not like the Republican Party and I can't understand why anyone who isn't either wealthy or religiously indoctrinated could ever believe in such a deceitful organization, but my opinion doesn't matter. What does matter is that the corrupt people who are at the top of this whitecolor ruffian syndicate must be exposed. The below video was my small contribution of yanking off yet another scab to reveal the despicable innards of the GOP/TP. When I say small it's an understatement. I posted this video October 2011 and to date it's gotten 93 views. Please help me out on this and pass it around, our freedom may depend upon it. thinkingblue

Have you ever noticed how the GOP TEA PARTY'S nasty comments (against liberals and democrats) are EVERYWHERE on the Internet? They spread their hate like they butter their bread. Well, Thom Hartmann has discovered what it's all about, GUERILLA WARFARE. Unfortunately, Hartmann's video had been deleted from youtube (most likely due to Tea Party requests) but I found this film that is the real McCoy, about what the GOP and its TEA PARTY are up to, and it ain't nice. What else can you expect from these dishonorable, corrupt people who want to win at any cost?
It's NOT millions of individual Tea Partiers commenting on Liberal Links, it's only a handful spreading their GOP/TP hatred via comments upon millions of Liberal websites. Honesty and integrity is not in their vocabulary, try to imagine an honest Karl Rove.  They don't possess scruples, so they try to cheat their way into the winning circle. They are an abominable lot and if they manage to win we are all in for another BIG FALL. Probably worse than the one we took in the 8 years of George W Bush. 
Some of the rhetoric posted on, anything they (GOP/TP) deem as liberal, is so childlike it's amazing that anyone could hoodwinked by it. I put a video on thethinkingblue youtube channel, highlighting these unscrupulous maneuvers... The GOP has no integrity; they are unbelievably unprincipled. The strangest thing about all this is, they seem to be very proud of it. The nastier the better is their motto.

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