Friday, May 18, 2012

What's So Strange About Mormonism?

A Religion By Any Other Name Is Still Silly.

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Today, I came across the above image on facebook and thought at first, HOW SILLY that people who believe in this Mormon faith would actually wear magic underwear to protect them from danger. Then I thought, IT'S NO CRAZIER THAN SOME OF THE OTHER suppositions that religions teach their flocks to assert as true; thus, today's blog.
The magic underwear (or undergarment) is just another fairytale belief from a supernatural and superstitious world that religions EVERYWHERE project. Mormonism, in my ‘book’ is not any stranger than the other belief systems that rely on some enchanted faith. They all tell their followers to TRUST ME AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED IN AN AFTERLIFE. Now who in the HELL can disprove that???  The sycophants of MOST religions are led to believe that they will win the lottery once their earthly existence has expired. Why and how can they possibly believe in such a ridiculous delusion?
Because it was written down on parchment or paper by some other delusional (but educated enough to know how to write) human being and these antiquated essays were gathered together through the years, put in a binder and labeled SCRIPTURE.
Well, for me, I’d rather view a sunset and feel gloriously part of the greatest mystery mankind can experience; the unfathomable, unknowable truth of existence.
So please, don't subject to ridicule another person's belief system when you, yourself believe in the same ridiculous notions of the supernatural in your own orthodoxy. thinkingblue
PS: I once knew a very religious (Catholic) person who would make endless fun of those who believed in UFO's and aliens from another planet...
EXCERPT: “Do Mormons REALLY believe all that?”
The answer is usually no – but I’ll admit: we Mormons believe some rather strange things. For example, we believe God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to a 14-year old boy in upstate New York in 1820. We believe that same boy, with the utterly unremarkable name of Joseph Smith, received engraved plates of gold from an angel and, through revelation, translated those plates, published the translation that is now The Book of Mormon, and established a church with hundreds of adherents – all before he reached the age of 25. We believe in modern prophets and in personal revelation. The practice of our religion makes us objects of ridicule as well. No coffee, tea, tobacco or alcohol? No pre-marital or extramarital sex? Mormons in good standing pay a full tithe? Once polygamy was OK but now it’s not? A previous policy preventing the blacks from receiving the Priesthood that was rescinded by revelation as recently as 1978? Proxy baptisms for our deceased ancestors and other secret (we say sacred) ceremonies inside temples? Ceremonial undergarments as a remembrance of our temple covenants? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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