Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homosexuality, Reality and Facebook

Today on facebook, someone posted this picture
that sure created a commosion among those who rather accept (scripture) than think. A few examples of Facebook non-thinkers:
FIRST FACEBOOK MEMBER: Hogwash! There is no such thing as a "gay gene" It's a choice. Just like Adam and Eve CHOSE to disobey God and bring sin into the world, these people CHOOSE to be gay. God is pretty clear in His Word as to how He views homosexuality, greed, lust, etc, etc, etc.
SECOND FACEBOOK MEMBER: I don't think I have ever seen any real evidence that shows people are born gay. As far as I know it is a choice but there can well be conditions in their environment that helped them reach that place. E.g. a mother dressing her son in girls clothes even when he goes to school because she wanted a girl. E.g. A father making fun of his son for playing with GI Joes telling him over and over again that he is playing with dolls. I believe a person can be treated in such a way that he or she becomes gay but I have never seen any evidence to prove it is a gene or something that makes them gay.
FIRST FACEBOOK MEMBER: I think you have mistaken me for a hater. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just don't agree with the caption in the picture and if you read what God says in His Word, He doesn't either. You don't know me so don't "pre-judge" me either. You don't know who my friends are. The Bible is pretty clear what God calls sin and this is one which He clearly calls out. HE did not make someone gay, it's a choice. Just like someone chooses to lie, or steal, or hate--it's a sin and God does not MAKE someone gay. Problem with our society is we have become complacent to sin and our morality is going south at an ever increasing rate.
THIRD FACEBOOK MEMBER: sexuality is a spiritual choice....that is a human decision,...being born as a human being, made in the image of God is a God made murder a fetus is a sin against choose to be homosexual is a choice made under the influence of the evil one called Satan....I have homosexual friends that I pray for and love them as a person....I hate the sin that they have chosen....not the person....temptation is in all decisions of right or wrong...The BIBLE is a Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth....I call it God's Word....Love the Sinner....Hate the Sin.
THINKINGBLUE FACEBOOK MEMBER: You know, the pathetic ones, who hide behind scripture, KNOW NOT OF WHAT THEY DO (or say)... Where have I heard THAT before? The delusional "principles" (better known as dogma) in religion has delayed science for many hundreds of years if not thousands (A KNOWN FACT) and the brains of those who soak it up, STILL TO THIS DAY, wish they could stop it (SCIENCE) in its tracks and take us back to a time when Human Beings were mainly in the dark and because they did not or could not THINK, they were unmercifully cruel. (Like the days when the holy ones --scared of their own shadow-- use to burn old ladies at the stake because someone had seen a mole or wort growing upon their poor wrinkled up faces and finked on them.) Come on, get real... THINKING is FUN! Here’s a video for those who are not afraid to think or have no fear of being tuned into a pillar of salt if they do...

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