Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Republican GOP Tea Party's War On Women (continued)

Excerpt From This Link: The more Republican candidates pitch for social conservative votes, the more we see the misogyny of America's religious right
CRUMBLINGS FROM THE HEARTLANDRick Santorum... has cast America as fighting a spiritual struggle against secularism and Satan.
Republicans and their Tea Party shock troops say they want to "take America back". Progressives think they mean back to the 1950s, back to when men were men, women were ladies, and black folks only got into the White House by the back door. But Republicans are thinking big: they actually want to take us back to the Middle Ages, back to the "good old days" of sexual repression, regulation (ON SOCIAL ISSUES) and punishment.
Forget the economy: this election is becoming a referendum on women's bodies, since it's women (according to the Republicans' Book of Holy Misogyny) who like to have sex without wanting to get pregnant, and, if they do get pregnant, might want to have an abortion; women who demand, as former Senator Rick Santorum says, a "license to do things in the sexual realm that is [sic] counter to how things are supposed to be."
You know, "sluts".
Republicans in Congress have launched a dubious investigation of Planned Parenthood, the century-old women's health organization, and tried to take away its funding. The Senate narrowly defeated an amendment that would have allowed employers to deny insurance coverage for anything the employer found morally or religiously objectionable: contraception, certainly, but perhaps also lung cancer treatment ("you should have stopped smoking"), HIV/Aids testing ("homosexuality is an abomination"), and pre-natal care for single women ("nice girls get themselves a husband before they get themselves a baby").
When I stumbled across this article I thought GOOD SUPERNATURAL GUY, this is a remarkable dissertation of what the GOP Tea Party is all about in plain English AND it came from the objectivity of another country, The United Kingdom, (Leave it to the Brits to call it like it is). This WAR ON WOMEN (and it's not SO CALLED it IS) made me think... (Which I do quite frequently... I don't know why, maybe because I have a few BRAIN CELLS hanging around with nothing to do) what about all the unwanted little babies that the GOP Tea Party supposedly are trying to SAVE... (All the unwanted pregnancies that the male-chowder-heads inside the GOP Tea Party wish to force to term, so they can become a bunch of impoverished lazy bums – as the same GOP Tea Party would ascribe to them, once born) ...what about those tiny little guys who were FORCED into existence even though no one wanted them. With a few KEY words typed in to Google, the on-line search machine gave me back ‘VOILA’ this link:
Here is a heart wrenching EXCERPT: American Child Institution History

World PovertyThe history of child welfare for neglected and dependent children in the United States traces its roots to Elizabethan Poor Laws from the 1600's and British common law that came to America via the colonists. Up until the 1800's, abandoned and neglected children were placed in workhouses, and sold into indentured servitude or industrial labor, alongside destitute adults. Poor children often also ended up in poorhouses/almshouses alongside adults. In Robert L. Geiser's book, The Illusion of Caring, (1973: Beacon Press, Boston), he says in 1795, there were 622 paupers in the New York City Almshouse and 259 of them, over 40 percent, were children under the age of nine. He goes on to write, "In 1821, in the Boston Almshouse were 78 sick persons, 77 children, 9 maniacs and idiots, and 155 unclassified inmates, mostly old and decrepit…In 1834, the Boston Almshouse (originally intended to be a workhouse for the able-bodied poor) now contained 134 sick persons, 132 children (104 of school age and 28 at nurse), and a distressing 61 persons insane or idiotic…" (p. 152). Eventually public outrage over conditions for poor children in adult work and poverty institutions removed children into specialized child institutions, which eventually gave way to a foster care revolution, ushered in by Charles Loring Brace, in the mid-1840's. The 1800's saw an economic depression, and the U.S. government began getting involved in child welfare, in addition to existing religious and private organizations devoted to the cause for differing reasons. By the mid-1900's, foster care had begun to replace institutional care for dependent children. Yet even in 2008, we are experiencing what some call a "broken foster care system," with children dying in foster care regularly, without proper state supervision. Hundreds of thousands of children have gone through American child institutions and foster care placements. The problem of what to do with abandoned, impoverished children is one as old as America herself. http://users.resist.ca/~kirstena/machallinstitutionhistory.html

HEY FOLKS, that's the America the Republican GOP Tea Party wishes to take us back to... http://i933.photobucket.com/albums/ad179/thethinkingblue/SAYWHAT.gifI just can't help but wonder, (another past-time for those pesky BRAIN CELLS with not much to do) WHO ARE OUR LEADERS? Are they the educated folk that we elect OR are THEY the unenlightened, scared to death, small minded ignorants who complain and throw hissy-fits because we have come a long way from the puritanical pathetic people of yesteryear (YOU KNOW THE ONES WHO USE TO BURN OLD LADIES AT THE STAKE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_by_burning )? thinkingblue

Why The Rightwing Have No Compassion

 Please forgive me but I must re-blog this video, it shows the GOP Tea Party misogyny and their lack of Public Morality so thoroughly with honesty. Thank you Robert Reich.

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