Saturday, June 02, 2012

Boehner Reneges Cuts To Defense

He wants to cut more from poverty programs instead.
The Tea Party Republicans are stunningly cruel and are a brutally covetous lot. They are only motivated by greed and it's amazing no one (especially their base) has tried to oust them from the political arena. I am totally ashamed that they represent ME in any capacity what so ever! It's all about making the rich, richer because they know that wealth begets enormous power. Of course they don't care about the working poor, in their eyes the needy only represent a possible slave labor force and if they could shred the safety nets any reasonable government would supply their less fortunate citizens, the more peons they will have to work at piddling wages; Long working hours, with compenstion so low that misery and hopelessness becomes the only way of life, for those who have little to nothing. These callous few (GOP/TP) feel NO SHAME benefiting from the poor’s misery. It’s time we end their exploitation of the many, it’s time to end their demands that only the rich deserve rewards. We The People have got to put a stop to their scourge upon OUR America! They have made it crystal clear that this nation, OUR NATION does not matter to them, it’s power they want and only power is important.  Please sign the petition. thinkingblue
Colbert Spoofs Romney's iPhone App Typo, (VIDEO)

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