Saturday, June 16, 2012

“The Uniform Was Misused!”
Excerpt: The photo that caused the initial uproar featured two military moms breastfeeding their babies while wearing their Air National Guard uniforms. While many people were supportive of the women's right to breastfeed whenever necessary, others felt that the picture was disrespectful to the military.
We live in a culture of dipshit. No one should see a picture of a human female naturally breastfeeding her offspring as disrespectful to anything or anybody. Nursing a baby is Nature and intrinsic to every mammal that walks upon Planet Earth. Why is it when you see a cat or a dog or a cow feeding their young it seems beautiful or cute, yet when a human mother is seen nursing her young, it brings about feelings of disgust and aversion? I blame it on capitalism and the use of sex in marketing. Firing this woman for taking part in a photograph of women naturally feeding their infants, in military uniforms, is another notch on the belt of those who view women as inferior and in need of subjugation through laws that diminish their freedoms. I’ll bet Schryver Medical is a GOP contributor.
More Excerpts: Scott -- who served in the Army from 2000 to 2006, including a tour in Iraq, and whose husband is still in the military -- was surprised by the outrage. "I'm an X-ray tech and I breastfeed in my uniform all the time," she told Yahoo! Shine in an interview on May 30, the day the controversy ignited. "Granted they're scrubs. But people do it all the time in their uniforms. If you have a hungry baby, why would you take the time to change completely?"

The two members of the Air National Guard who appeared in the controversial photo, Terran Echegoyen-McCabe and Christina Luna have been reprimanded because the photo "violated a policy that forbids military members from using the uniform to further a cause, promote a product or imply an endorsement," the Air Force Times reported.

"The uniform was misused. That's against regulations," Captain Keith Kosik, a spokesman for the Washington National Guard, told the Air Force Times. "I want to be very, very clear about this. Our issue is not, nor has it ever been, about breastfeeding. It has to do with honoring the uniform and making sure it's not misused. I can't wear my uniform to a political rally, to try to sell you something or push an ideology. That was our point of contention."
“The Uniform Was Misused!” tell that to a hungry baby, will ya! thinkingblue

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